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1 View Bruce Schuman Infinite Loop Feb 18 Alliance Plenary Forum
Well, you reached me Dear Starr* -- glad to hear our dreams and visions are in-synch. Take a look at this thing on Facebook: <a href=""></a> --- On Tue, Feb 17, 2015, Starr* Saffa wrote --- Hi Bruce I just had a similar Dream this morning to one you sent in by Black Elk - and the name of it is call INFINITY. I take your email as a confirmation of work to be done on the ground re INFINITY. Can't seem to
2 View Bruce Schuman Infinite Hoop Feb 17 Alliance Plenary Forum
<a href=""></a> <a href=""> <img src="" title="Radiant circles"> </a>
3 View Bruce Schuman One Circle Nov 16 Alliance Plenary Forum
Just very softly, the tiniest intimation, I am feeling this call towards "one circle". Maybe this indigenous vision is a starting point for something like this. The statement from Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. is a powerful call from the heart of world spirit, to address the same issues Michael Ellis brings to the attention of the G20. Should this energy be coalesced all around us? My instinct is yes. Here's a message I posted yesterday, at <a href="http://theinterfaithobserver.o
4 View Bruce Schuman Protecting the Sacred - Unified Action Nov 15 Alliance Plenary Forum
<img src="" title="Protecting the sacred 1"> <b>UNIFIED SPIRITUAL ACTION REQUIRED</b> The following is a keynote address delivered by Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. of the Ihanktowan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations. He was speaking to the 3rd Annual International Indigenous Leaders Gathering focused on the theme “Protecting the Sacred.” It was held in Lillooet, British Columbia, May 30-June 5, 2011. <a href="http://theinte
5 View Bruce Schuman AVAAZ PETITION TO G20 Nov 7 Alliance Plenary Forum
Dear Michael -- I am interested in this theme, and in this petition, and thank you for pushing this theme -- but wanted to post a comment here, on an issue that comes up for me. What do we do in the context of a complex petition where we agree wholeheartedly with many of the points made, and consider them important and vital and urgent -- yet might not agree with ALL the points made in the petition? From my point of view -- this "mono-blocking" of complex political statements (bundling
6 View Bruce Schuman Integral Factors Oct 29 Alliance Plenary Forum
<img src="" title="Integral Factors"> To help clarify what is really happening, we really need a clear statement of all the simultaneous forces that are intersecting in the emergence of "the shift" -- "the great transition" -- "the great turning". From my point of view, all these things must be considered simultaneously. To take any other approach is to enshrine fragmentation, and to fall back from the so-called mission, the "great ca
7 View Bruce Schuman Interfaith Activism Oct 28 Alliance Plenary Forum
<center><i> “We must always be grounded in love, but insist that the circle of our love keep widening until nobody is left outside. We want a world where God’s peace is released into the world, and we become the channels through which this can happen.” <br> - Dr. Omid Safi, RFPUSA webinar, October 27, 2014 </i></center> <img src="" title="CLUE poster" width=350 align=right hspace=15 vspace=5> In my world, there were a couple of int
8 View Bruce Schuman Addressing the blind spot of our time Oct 20 Alliance Plenary Forum
One link from the ONTOLOG discussion is a connection to "Theory U" and the "Presencing" work of Otto Scharmer. <a href=""></a> <b>Addressing the Blind Spot of Our Time </b> <br> an executive summary of the book by Otto Scharmer: Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges <img src="" title="Presencing - Theory U">
9 View Bruce Schuman Tag Power Oct 20 Alliance Plenary Forum
So, the unfolding continues. This thing is spread across a wide array of sectors, that include the scientific (semantic ontology and computers), the political (particularly transpartisan and democracy-related), and the spiritual (how the world might be guided by wholeness). Everything else is included in there somewhere (art, relationships, justice, ecology, business, etc.) And there IS a vision coming together, with a lot of clear pieces. Generally, the idea is -- organize an outreach (li
10 View Bruce Schuman Thank you - Focalpoint vision Oct 19 Alliance Plenary Forum
Thanks to everybody who took a few minutes to show up and click some tags into our brand-new and very hopeful framework. <a href=""> <img src="" title="Focalpoint name"> </a> We've now got 386 tags (with a few repetitions) in the system, which you can view from here: <a href=""></a> There's a lot of growing to do here if th
11 View Bruce Schuman Top down / bottom up Oct 18 Alliance Plenary Forum
Working collaboratively, in a fully open way, as best we can, we are combining twin forces into a single integral vision. It seems that there IS a core vision in the world's spirituality. Maybe Karen Armstrong or many leading interfaith organizations are not quite ready to see these questions this way -- it's not quite "politically correct, it is a bit risky, and it's daring -- but the world's mystical traditions, and the perennial philosophy, and a brilliant leading scholar like Huston Smit
12 View Bruce Schuman Holistic / Integral Vision Oct 18 Alliance Plenary Forum
Thanks for the response yesterday. Despite a few technical challenges, we had 28 people check in to our "collaborative tagging" framework on Later today, I expect to post another invitation, formatted slightly differently, maybe with greater chance of getting through spam/junk filters. The prettier the email, the more likely gmail or yahoo will see it as commercial spam. So, keep trying different approaches... ** The big challenge we are facing today -- involves
13 View Bruce Schuman Invitation to Focalpoint Oct 17 Alliance Plenary Forum
Good morning from Santa Barbara -- Thanks for being here. I am just about ready to send out a first invitation into this emerging new "collaborative tagging" framework, that runs on a domain called Focalpoint.US. This is a "high-dimensional" system, intended to support the interconnection of the full range of human diversity, in every sector of social organization. I don't know of anything else like it in the world, and for me, this project is the culmination of years of internet develop
14 View Bruce Schuman Global Vision - Local Action Oct 16 Alliance Plenary Forum
Good morning from Santa Barbara -- I got a private note asking a question about this tagging system. My friend raised an important issue, and I thought I would post my answer here. ***** GD: I'm only seeing the "think globally" part of this information infrastructure. How does your design also help us "act locally?" We need both, balanced, to have an optimized information system. Thanks so much for this. Bruce: Thanks for the note and the energy. Lots of questions around all o
15 View Bruce Schuman People who care Oct 15 Alliance Plenary Forum
I think it will help us a lot to move past all the abstract theorizing, and get into some clear-activism on specific things. It's been a busy day, and I might not get a formal invitation sent out today. But the framework is getting smoother. Here's a little optional guideline for the tag process. A little tight to squeeze it into a graphic, but maybe you can read it. "People who care" If you care about something, say what it is. Say why. Say how. And say it really briefly -- b
16 View Bruce Schuman Integral Vision - Invitation Oct 15 Alliance Plenary Forum
<img src="" title="In some ways the same, in some ways different" align=right width= 200 style="margin: 0px 0px 5px 15px;"> Thanks for being here. Last night, I imported the accounts from this Interspirit Alliance group into a new framework I have been calling "FocalPoint". It's actually located as a directory on -- but you can reach it on its own domain at <a href=""></a> The o
17 View Bruce Schuman Collaborative Tagging Oct 14 Alliance Plenary Forum
Thanks for the comments and citations, Starr*. I did watch the Eli Pariser TED video, and explored this issue. And I did a little testing on whether "different browsers" or "different users" or "different computers" get "different results" on Google. The testing wasn't all that great, but the answer more or less is "yes". But why? This is a fast-moving area, with a lot of technology moving very quickly, but I did hear Pariser say in this 2011 video that Google does give users the option to
18 View Bruce Schuman My Tags Oct 13 Alliance Plenary Forum
Ok, I'm starting to have something I'm getting excited about. This enclosed graphic (below) shows an actual working form, that I should have installed before long. Getting access to it will involve some sign-in -- but that can be quick, and accomplished with one click. Here's what I like about it: <ul> <li> This thing will accept a ton of input -- in a very simple fast format, that almost anyone can understand and requires very little thought or training. <li> You can put absolutel
19 View Bruce Schuman Collaborative Tagging Oct 13 Alliance Plenary Forum
Good morning all, thanks for the messages. Just briefly, in general -- it's probably true that discussing these things at a theoretical level in email is likely to remain confusing. What we need is a practical working application to explore, something actual and concrete to talk about in specific terms. So -- I will do what I can to get that working. Without something specific to look at, we're not going to be sure of the meaning of terms like "agreement" or "disagreement" -- or "rigid"
20 View Bruce Schuman Collaborative Tagging Oct 12 Alliance Plenary Forum
Dear Nirmalan -- Please explain your idea. Why is it true? What do you mean by "a network based on disagreement"? Why would "a network based on disagreement" be stronger than "a network based on agreement"? What do you mean by those terms? Please illustrate. Perhaps you are commenting on one end of the "similarity/difference" spectrum. <img src="" title="In some ways the same, in some ways different" align=right width=250 style="ma

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