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Our Work Together

Like many others, we are beginning to coalesece around an emerging grand vision that is not yet fully formed, yet is becoming increasingly artiulate as informed and passionate voices and activists come forward.

  • An emerging grand vision that is not yet fully formed, yet is increasingly clear
    • There are "big ideas" like Oneness and Integral that serve as broad abstract containers for the details and specifics
    • The big ideas are important, because they give us vision and guidance, but the details are essential to solving the critical problems we share in common (environment, economy, social well-being, etc.)
  • Containing or combining many facets and many disciplines, many cultural perspectives
    • We are doing what we can to help identify these many facets, and offer ways that they can be combined into holistic unities
    • We are building ways to negotiate this process
  • Individuals and groups attracted to "something" in this process, and want to find a contributing place within it
  • This coalescence or convergence involves negotiation and mediation and balance, as we identify what we have in common and where we differ, and find ways form alliances around our agreements, and creative approaches to our points of disagreement
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