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1 View Bruce Schuman Vision for an Alliance Nov 22 All groups Blog
Interesting thought you propose, Nirmalan. This morning, I have been thinking somewhat related thoughts -- maybe less "global" in scope (and more national - USA-related) -- but yes, the idea is -- how can we work together across boundaries to form a unified agenda led by spirit that can help us get past the tragic consequences of the USA two-party system -- which this morning, are resonating loudly in the USA media.
2 View Nirmalan Dhas Vision for an Alliance Nov 22 All groups Blog
This sound very much like a call to generate a global network that can function as a global perceptual mechanism and global strategic guidance system. Those who are able to perceive must link up so that the perceptual paradigm widens and more can come in... How does the linking up take place...this needs thought...just posting URLs on a page does not do it. A discussion group may be better...
3 View Starr* Saffa Unfolding The Cycle of Harmony and Balance Oct 19 All groups Blog
Sorry Bruce for the delay in responding to your post, which is still forthcoming 1). Weekend activities have taken priority demanding my Presence :). 2. What you wrote has caused a 'stir' and I want to present my reply in a way that you might be able to relate to, in consideration of the InterSpirit Agenda. Some times veils have to be removed in order to let the *organic flow* for new models to emerge as possibilities for a flowering civilization. 3). Although I have bits and pieces
4 View Starr* Saffa Unfolding The Cycle of Harmony and Balance Oct 18 All groups Blog
G'Day Bruce I like your comments and have some discussion regarding some of the interesting points you made, which will be in another post, as I am going out to record the chanting of Ayn (Eye of Source) etc. Looking forward to continuing the bog discussion later today. Starr*
5 View Bruce Schuman Vision for an Alliance Oct 18 All groups Blog
Test of blog comment
6 View Bruce Schuman Unfolding The Cycle of Harmony and Balance Oct 18 All groups Blog
Thanks for this blog, Starr*, and the interesting ideas. I share most or all of yuor ideas on the Divine Feminine. I was involved for years with an esoteric church led by a woman, and we did the rosary for years in modified terms that recognized the balance of the feminine and the masculine. Our Hail Mary read like this (not ending with an affirmation of sin): <blockquote> "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit o
7 View Starr* Saffa Unfolding The Cycle of Harmony and Balance Oct 18 All groups Blog
Earth is over 14 billion years old. During those 14 billion years there have been 5 major Cycles or Solar Ages. Every time the star Sirius comes close to Earth in its rotation the old Cycle ends (end of a world or system of things) and a new Cycle births. According to the Aztec Calendar the Sixth Solar Age has just begun at the end of December 2012. This new Solar Age Cycle is meant to begin the Flowering of Humanity where Humanity, by its own freewill chooses to build Harmony and Bala

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