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"Dialogue is a conversation with a center, not sides..." *

Interspirit is a point of convergence. Though our network system, we are providing support for many organizations and groups working to build understanding and relationships between diverse cultures. We combine ideas from spirituality, religion and science, within the framework of an emerging new holistic context, where the full range of human understanding is held together in a single framework. As these aspects of understanding continue to come together, we are beginning to explore the implications of universal spirituality for politics.

We work primarily with groups and organizations in mainline interfaith, in new consciousness and new thought, and in the women's movement. Behind everything we do, there is an emerging sense of wholeness, of integrity, of commonality across all borders and boundaries. We are increasingly aware that "everything is connected to everything else", and that new visions and capacities must be forged, capable of sustaining and nurturing an emerging new world of absolute interconnectivity and interdependence. Seen this way, we are truly emerging as "one human family", free to pursue our own destiny as we choose, and free to respond with cocreative respect to all those other human beings everywhere, who dream similar dreams, and are reaching for similar goals.

A new kind of revolution is in the air - a revolution in "integral" understanding. The tremendous diversity and full range of human differences - in languages, in beliefs, in psychological types and tendencies - can be held and honored within a single spectrum, in a single "field". Through Interspirit, we fully honor that diversity, while at the same time, we are building that integral spectrum, and drawing together every sort of insight and level of understanding that can contribute to the harmonious and vibrantly creative interconnectivity of all things human and divine.

Guiding Insights and Principles
  • We are all in the same boat. We are one civilization, in one world, with one atmosphere and one body of oceans. Our economies are increasingly interconnected. Our cultures are increasingly interconnected. Once-insular local communities are breaking down and dissolving under these influences. This is a massive cultural and psychological shift, occurring everywhere around the world, presenting huge challenges and opportunities. We are called to respond to the opportunities and to address and meet the challenges.

  • Diversity is a powerful and vibrant asset. When human beings from different cultures and different paradigms and differing school of thought or specializations come together, maintaining a respectful and co-creative relationship, based on listening and a sense of teamwork, a powerful creative force is released into culture. Conservatives and liberals, scientists and religionists, artists and business people, people from local tribes and cultures of every sort, are already held in a necessary bond of relationship by the simple fact that we all live together on this one small planet. When people who have been separated by these traditional boundaries begin to come together, as they will and must, they can choose to resist and turn away, or to listen and learn. When people choose to listen and learn, and to work with one another, broad new creative solutions emerge. Ideas never before conceived arise within the creative crucible of these relationships. This creative process is the energy that drives our cultural renaissance.

  • Individual human freedom is amplified by these possibilities. By entering into a broad process of mutual education and influence, every human being has an opportunity for growth and expansion, beyond whatever limitations or expectations might have been once implicit within his or her understanding. This is a liberating process of spiritual transformation that is entirely practical, involving every sort of skill and insight and ability, and vitalizing human experience. Within the crucible of this evolutionary process, there is no threat to personal human identity. As cultural and evolutionary forces drive us towards "Oneness", we are called at the same time to fully unfold and express our special unique abilities.

  • This process is revolutionary. The critical awareness of our interdependence is requiring of us that we rise to this occasion with new ideas, new methods, new principles, new systems. We must find ways to conceptualize and understand our situation that fully unfold our best capacity to respond. Holistic and integral solutions and perspectives are emerging, because they must emerge. Our contemporary crises and difficulties are demanding of us that we expand our narrow specialized perspectives, and begin to develop broadly collaborative approaches to complexly interdependent problems. No individual human being can hold all aspects of these solutions within their thinking. We must work together, sharing the load, the responsibility, and the creativity. An ethical and spiritual vision to support this collaborative approach must be forged, and emerge as central to the guidance and future of the human community.
* Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together, William Isaacs, 1999