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Interspirit Alliance

We are in the beginning stages of defining an alliance built on what we perceive to be the common ground of the world's religious and spiritual traditions.

Our initial task involves clarifying this common ground, and exploring ways to convene agreement and resonant cooperation or dialogue around its fundamentals.

There are related groups and alliances forming all around the world, serving related purposes. We can support this growing movement by identifying leaders, clarifying core ideas, adding detail, and developing special approaches. Here in this context, on, we can explore internet and database approaches that may help with problems of complexity and overload.

Initial Agenda

  • Identify related groups and interested individuals
  • Develop co-creative procedures for establishing agreement, common ground, or resonance
  • Build a holistic framework capable of holding all the aspects of this movement together in one place - developing shared vision through co-creative encounter and negotiation, and moving from there to transformative social action around specific issues

Alliance Guidelines
Draft statement

  • It may be helpful to remember that we are coming together to esablish common ground, among all the religious and spiritual traditions of this planet. In the words of Wayne Teasdale, we are endeavoring to "discover a universal spirituality in the world's religions".
  • There are many controversial issues in religion and spirituality, and those issues should be strongly discussed and debated. In general, however, in this alliance context, we are primarily concerned with establishing broad agreement around universal fundamentals, rather than taking strong advocacy positions on controversial issues.
  • Within the framework of this broad agreement, we can support vigorous discussion and debate on any subject, and encourage advocacy among our participants in a spirit of balanced respectful grace. We are inclusive, and we respect all voices. We want to see enlightened collaborative solutions to the demanding issues that divide the world community.
  • In pursuit of strong clear agreement in the context of vast global diversity, we are interested in the fundamental principles of universal spirituality, wherever they are found. It is these emerging universal principles which we see as our primary cause and advocacy.

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