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Everything is Interdependent

Birth 2012, Ashok Gangadean

In the Course of Events, as our ongoing Evolutionary Drama unfolds, it has become clear that We the People have entered an unprecedented Global Age. With the intensified encounters and growing awareness of the living realities of our diverse cultures, worldviews, religions, ideologies and diverse forms of life on a planetary scale and in the marketplace of our Global Village we are able to open ourselves as never before and listen deeply to our Other, and tap the enormous endowment of our Global Wisdom through the ages.

It is clearer now that our diverse Wisdom and Spiritual Traditions concur that the heart of our Human Reason is global, ecumenical and lights up beyond local ideologies and dogmas. It is clearer now in our evolving Global Age that this Global Light of Reason is the funding source of our diverse cultures, worldviews and forms of life, and is the original source of our diverse global self evident truths. Further, in this Global Light of Reason it is self evident that we humans co-originate from a Common Source which is the ground of our individual dignity, the sanctity of our personal space, our inalienable right to Life, Freedom and Well Being.

This Light of Reason shining through our Collective Wisdom further reveals that in our boundless sacred diversity we are nevertheless woven together in a Primal Unity which is the self evident truth of E Pluribus Unum. Thus our Personal Space and Shared Commons, our Polis, are both primary and co-constituted.

Our Planetary Wisdom further reveals that We are as we Mind, that we co-create our living realities through the conduct of our mind, our level of literacy, our mental patterns of making our selves, cultures, worlds and our experience. And in the evolutionary course of events it has become unmistakably clear that when we humans are lodged or entrenched in monocentric or egomental patterns of self making and culture making this level of literacy and development produces fragmentation, polarization, alienation, de-humanization and boundless forms of personal and cultural dysfunctions. Our Personal, Cultural and Ecological crises trace to such mental practices.

In this Light it is self evident that when we Humans mature beyond this monocentric “I--It” pattern of life to a more evolved Dialogic “I--Thou” form of life, literacy and culture making we shift from monologue to Dialogue, from ”I--It” to “I--Thou” Ethos which lifts us to our higher Human Form and opens sacred space for We the People.

Furthermore, it is now evident in the Global Light that our entrance into our evolved Global Age urgently calls on us, Individually and Collectively, to declare our Independence from all personal, inter-personal, and cultural patterns of self governance that eclipse, suppress, repress, compromise or violate our Sacred Right to Life, Dignity, Freedom and Well Being, at the Personal and Collective sanctified spaces.

Finally, the Ecumenical Light of Reason teaches that Diversity-in-Unity is sacred, and that all Persons are Equal across Gender, Ethnic, Racial, Religious, Ideological, Political, Economic and Generational lines, and, as such, are entitled to the highest degree of Life, Freedom and Well Being.

Accordingly, We the People, rising now together into our Global Age, beyond all artificial borders, leaving behind Personal and Collective dysfunctions, now acknowledge and affirm that our Democracy is Ecumenical and Global in origin, scope and power, beyond ideology, dogma and egomental patterns of life.

We hereby recognize that We Humans are and always have been intricately interwoven together in the Fabric of Life, in the Dialogic “I==Thou” Commons of Personal and Civic Space, Interdependent with each other, with all life and with Sacred Nature and Earth.

Thus, in Light of the above, and in the Presence of the Light of Global Reason, we hereby acknowledge and Declare our Sacred Interdependence and hereby resolve to do all in our power, and with highest urgency, to collaborate across all borders, to co-create mindfully, nurture and bring forth our more evolved Shared Form of Life wherein our planetary Human Family may flourish together, individually and collectively, with our Sacred Earth

Written by Ashok Gangadean, November 22, 2012
First presented 12/1/2012, Haverford College, Department of Philosophy, Haverford, Pennsylvania

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