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From The Mystic Heart
by Wayne Teasdale

The only viable religion for the Third Millennium is spirituality itself.

We need to understand, to really grasp at an elemental level that the definitive revolution is the spiritual awakening of humankind.

We are at the dawn of a new consciousness, a radically fresh approach to our life as the human family in a fragile world. The necessary shifts in consciousness require a new approach to spirituality that transcends past religious cultures of fragmentation and isolation. This revolution will be the task of the Interspiritual Age.

The real religion of humankind can be said to be spirituality itself, because mystical spirituality is the origin of all the world religions. If this is so, and I believe it is, we might also say that interspirituality—the sharing of ultimate experiences across traditions—is the religion of the third millennium. Interspirituality is the foundation that can prepare the way for a planet-wide enlightened culture, and a continuing community among the religions that is substantial, vital, and creative.” (from The Mystic Heart)

The Nine Elements of a Universal Spirituality

1. To actualize and live according to my full moral and ethical capacity

2. To live in solidarity with the cosmos and all living beings

3. To live in deep nonviolence

4. To live in humility and to remember the many teachers and guides who assisted me on my spiritual path

5. To embrace a daily spiritual practice

6. To cultivate mature self-knowledge

7. To live a life of simplicity

8. To live a life of selfless service and compassionate action

9. To be a prophetic voice as I work for justice, compassion and world transformation

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