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About Us

This new Interspirit Alliance is a sudden outgrowth from many years of working in interfaith and universal spirituality. It's just beginning to emerge, and a few of us are beginning to gather. Thank you for being here. Please consider joining us.

Speaking for myself, as an interfaith activist and visionary, I have been involved with many groups and learned from them, and as a spiritual seeker I have been influenced by many teachers and visions. As a computer programmer and systems developer, I have built network systems for major interfaith and new paradigm organizations. Through the internet and in-person, I am in touch with many spiritual and religious and leading-edge organizations.

Today, probably prompted by the emerging new forces of Interspirituality - the book by Kurt Johnson and David Ord, the Dawn of Interspirituality Conference coming up at the end of September - there is some powerful and exciting new energy in the air. The fall harvest for this year of 2013 promises to be rich.

The immediate hope is - let's get the vision of high-end interconnection working tight and clean. Let's find voices and leaders and groups and passionate people, and get tuned in on their service and their vision and their heart. Let's listen, let's learn, let's gather....

Let's gather strong. Let's get strong. Let's find everybody - let's clarify the confusion. Let's listen to everybody, let's build wholeness, let's find resonance.

We can do this. Truly - the energy is in the air, the skill-set is all around us, the details have been mastered by somebody somewhere. And you - you are needed. You are precious...

Get in touch any time.

Bruce Schuman, Convenor, Founder
(805) 966-9515, Santa Barbara CA 93101 USA
International Day of Peace, September 21, 2013

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