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The Integral Hypothesis| Convene the Collective Voice of Spirit

Convene the Collective Voice of Spirit

Interspiritual pioneers propose to unfold and nurture a new spiritual alignment, based on universal elements shared by all the religious, spiritual, wisdom and philosophical traditions in the world....

A Simple Universal Message

  • Inclusion
  • Mutual respect
  • Virtue - kindness, love, humility, patience, fortitude, determination, tact and diplomacy
  • Listening and sacred listening
  • Personal responsbility
  • Wholeness and balance
  • Integral and holistic thinking
  • Informed mediation: embrace all points of view and gather all relevant data; work together to make informed, accurate and inspired/uplifting decisions.
  • Maintain faith and trust: in every way possible, be trustworthy, trust others
  • Light a candle rather than curse the darkness. "We are here to turn on the lights...."
And we say that when understood correctly (universally, with global cross-correlation, as seen and corrected from many perspectives), this simple message is fully consistent with all major sources of insight.

In a clear-minded way, seeing no contradiction, we are able to embrace insight from all the major streams and sectors of knowledge and spirit.

Sources and Influences

  • Common sense
  • Rationality and reason
  • Science
  • Humanism
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Spirituality
  • Emerging new paradigms and new ways to understand...
Global Shift

There is a "global shift" in process, and interspiritual pioneers are among the leading-edge forces of this shift. This shift process affects individual psychology and philosophy, and many facets of social organization.

  • Globalization: The fundamental driver of this shift process is globalization. There are many other contributing factors, but in simplest terms, the individual and diverse members of the human community - cultural and demographic groups and institutions as well as individual people - are being driven closer together through a universalization process that involves dissolving borders and boundaries, and an increasingly clear recognition that "everything is connected to everything else". We are learning to understand this intuitive and ancient principle in fine-grained highly precise ways, that are destined to influence all facets of human thinking and understanding.
  • Integral thinking: All phases and sectors of human thinking - all "departments" - can and should be interconnected. Though there are often good reasons for maintaining separation between sectors and departments, their separation into distinctly incommensurate "silos" that do not and cannot communicate is a misleading and fragmented side-effect of cultural evolution, that can and will be overcome in a balanced and accurate and "integral" way through continuing cultural evolution and better ways to understand. We are here to help envision and nurture this spiritual transformation and transition from fragmented thinking into integral thinking.
  • Inclusive influence and individual limits: We respond to and relate to and interconnect all major forces of spirituality, religion, philosophy and ethics. We see these facets of human thinking as normal and reasonable levels of human understanding, that arise in natural ways because individual human "bandwidth" is limited, and no-one can be master of all levels in detail. We recognize and honor the unique and distinct character and skills of individuals, and affirm their interconnection in constructive ways.
  • Community and social contract: The natural organic human limits that drive specialization and inherent narrowness can and should be overcome through cooperation, teamwork, trust and community - though "social contract" - and by strong and well-clarified integral methods that clearly articulate the interconnections between normal human phases of thinking and understanding.
Universal Spirit
  • There is an energy of Universal Spirit - perceived in slightly different and no less authentic ways through the varied lenses of different traditions or world views, and probably seen most clearly in the context of circle
  • We can connect to one another through this Universal Spirit
  • We can build a world-transforming movement through Universal Spirit
  • We can explain how this works, in solid academic/scientific detail, with well-documented statements and many robust references
  • We can "build bridges" in 1,000 directions - to agencies, institutitions, cultural and demographic groups, religious and spiritual bodies - through this basic framework - interconnecting them all through the simple core principles of good organization and Universal Spirit
  • We will have the energy and the fortitude and the resources to actually accomplish all of this...
Universal Circle
  • This entire framework and vision and energy can most naturally emerge through the framework and context of circle, the most ancient and simple form of communal gathering
  • When the circle is in balance and the participants are humble and attentive, Universal Spirit arises through the center of the circle. This enegy can be consciously cultivated.
  • Not only does Universal Spirit arise through the common center, it also arises through the individual caduceus/kundalini "chakras" of each participating individual in the circle.
  • It it is this common attunement that builds the force of universal communion, in the group and in the individual, at the same time, and in identical ways.
One Thousand Bridges
  • We are building a framework for integral collective activism
  • We have a central core vision of inclusion that we can explain in detail, to almost any demographic or spiritual or religious or political group, in ways that respect their unique vision and motivation, offering a pathway into a shared core of universal affirmation
  • We are building a "gigantic loom" for "weaving a world that works"
  • Our weavers will be given every tool for outreach, and will contact every group, every agency, every force for good, every person with a heart for uplifting social change and wholeness. We will contact groups from the leadership level, we will contact people from the individual level. We will radiate a steady consistent high-energy resonant/magnetic invitation into our integral forcefield.
  • We will build bridges where there is confusion or doubt
  • We will learn your language, and speak to you in your terms
  • We will honor you, and do what we can to strengthen you
  • We will help you further elements of your agenda, helping to connect you to groups and individuals anywhere who share your intention
  • We are a "United Way" - a centrally-integrated confluence of rivers of energy from everywhere, recognizing and honoring differences yet affirming unity and common ground, radiating wholeness and trust and balance and respect throughout all sectors of life and society and civilization....

Note: This is an initial draft statement that we hope to evolve through co-creative review and input from interested Alliance participants. Please enter your comments to help guide and expand our co-creative process.

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