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Spirit of the Center
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"Precisely because there exists in all beings a common centre, scattered and separable though they are in appearance, they meet together at a deeper level. The more they perfect themselves naturally and sanctify themselves in grace, the more they come together and fuse into one, within the single, unifying Centre to which they aspire: and we may call that Centre equally well the point upon which they converge, or the ambiance in which they float. All these reachings-out that draw beings together and unify them constitute the axis of all individual and collective life."
- Pierre Teilhard deChardin, Writings in Time of War

Spirit of the Center

The power and authenticity of the spiritual center is guarded by the virtues of humility, listening, and mutual respect.

In a collective context, where many voices and diverse perspectives are present, humility and respect vitalize a corrective process of cross-correlation that tends to validate ideas and new insights.

This process can be compared to "rock tumbling", when many rocks are placed in a tumbler, and the collective action tends to knock the rough edges off each of them. A similar effect can be seen in the globalization of philosophical perspectives.

Where the spirit of humility is strong, innovation and courage triumph over fear and uncertainty. Where people are friends and the spirit of trust has created safety, human beings find their true voice.

Some of us are exploring ways to understand the Spirit of the Center as the emerging new force of collective spiritual leadership.

No one personality rises to the top, or to the center. No one personality directs anything.

But the council is not without leadership.

The center itself - the Spirit of the Center - becomes the force of guidance - the force of leadership....

Each time a new person awakens to Universal Truth, the whole of humanity
rises one step. The higher humanity rises as a collective group soul,
the more important it is to make sure that every aspect is in alignment.
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