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We had 55 events listed in 5 nations, including 11 organizations.

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1 Baku South Caucasus Azerbaijan
Where standing: I wanted to report we will stand that A.Alekberov 14 B, Baku in honor of Mother's Day. Over 10 people will be standing with us this beautiful day. (due to quarantine COVID-19) I and members of our NGOs will stand in Baku and read the prayer at 1 pm on Sunday. Thanks for doing this each year.
The good emerging: The interesting phrase "The best day in the life." I have never used it for myself, I won’t say that I consider and perceive every day as the best in life, but I don’t remember the worst days in life either. Every day is what it should be. Every day reflects what we think and what we are. It also seems to me that the person who called one of the days lived the best - buried himself alive. After all, he had decided in advance that he would no longer have the best in his life, and this is sad. After all, he had decided in advance that he would no longer have the best in his life, and this is sad. Rather, I had days in which I was happy. I have many such joyful and happy days. Moreover, they are not associated only with any one particular result. But they are precisely related to the result - achieving the goal, obtaining the desired, fulfilling the plan. At the institute, this was an independent solution to some difficult tasks that did not work out. At the first works - the joy of completing the tasks set by the leadership. ?Which I did not know how to solve before. I will probably have a lot of such a joyful day in my life. One of them is the signing of a statement on November 9 about the 44-day war. At the end of the 30-year period, the occupation ended. Azerbaijani troops liberated the historical land from the occupation of Armenia. Early in the morning in Baku, I went outside. Upon learning of the peace agreement, I did not sleep a wink all night and could not wait until morning to join in the celebrations. I brushed tears from my face, making my way through the celebratory crowd. "I was so happy looking at all those flags and I was crying." There is no limit to my happiness.
2 Richardson Texas United States
Where standing: The two of us stood on Mother's Day at the Richardson TX City Hall Fountain. Please add us to the list of participants. It was a very moving time. Thank you for all you do. Mo and Michael Oster
3 Lake Worth Beach Florida United States
Where standing: I have stood the past 11 years near the Martin Luther King Memorial in Lake Worth's Cultural Plaza. The memorial is an etched ebony globe depicting the seven continents, connected by a circle of people holding hands around the world. I'm often with my daughter, and plan to be there again this year.
The good emerging: I sense that many many people are indeed holding hands and connecting hearts around the Earth, that it become a peaceful and loving home for all its inhabitants.
Report 2021: My daughter and I stood together in silence over the ebony globe. Afterward, she said that this year was a bit different than other years, for she felt more deeply than ever before, the longing and commitment behind our stand that the Earth become a safe and supportive place for ALL her children.
4 Juneau Alaska United States http:/
Where standing: I am standing alone in Juneau, Alaska, United States. I am in the Tongass Rainforest.
The good emerging: I am thrilled that we have Kamala Harris, a woman Vice-President for the first time in American history.
5 Columbia Missouri United States
Where standing: I am late to sign-up but we did stand by the lake near our home - a group of six. Thanks you!!
The good emerging: I feel there is more truth-telling about the realities of economic and racial disparities - and the truth needs to be honestly looked at before real change can occur.
6 Santa Fe New Mexico United States
Where standing: I will be in my garden and solo today.
The good emerging: I worked as a midwife in the '80s and '90s. I built a second home on my property when I retired and rent the home where I had my midwifery office. A couple took over the lease from her brother. They were pregnant with their first baby. The husband kept telling his wife how much he loved the house. It turns out he was one of my water babies ans had all his prenatal care, postpartum care, and baby parties at the house. His mother sent him a photo of him as a baby at the house. He was so pleased to be living in the home with his own newborn. It is so wonderful to see his healthy, beautiful baby thriving in that space. Even though I haven't practiced midwifery for a long time it is wonderful to see continued good arising from the work I did.
7 Port Townsend Washington United States
Where standing: Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center of Port Townsend . . . Rev. Pam in person and everyone else via live streaming as part of our Sunday service . . . this is an annual tradition for us and Sharon Mehdi is part of our spiritual family
8 COLRAIN Massachusetts United States Colrain Huddle
Where standing: Colrain, MA town common It is at the junction of route 112 and Greenfield Road.
The good emerging: time spent this week with a first grandchild caring for her for the first time at 6 months
9 Redding California United States
Where standing: I’ll be standing in my backyard facing north. Just beyond the fence are beautiful trees. I love their majesty and gentleness as they appear to “stand guard”, protecting me. Now it’s my turn to guard them.
10 Santa Fe New Mexico United States
Where standing: Plaza in downtown Santa Fe with my partner, Robert Spitz. Others were invited, but I don't know who will come.
11 Aurora Illinois United States
Where standing: So that our kids do not fear go outside, no matter the time, no matter the skin color.
12 CHARLEMONT Massachusetts United States
Where standing: I will stand on the hill by my garden where green shoots are appearing and the promise of new life surrounds me.
The good emerging: The good that arises in my life includes children who wish to live simply in order to be kind to the earth and each other, voices that rise in harmony, and hearts that are open and loving.
13 Cleveland Ohio United States Gather the Women
Where standing: I will stand in front of my altar - inside my house on this rainy day.
The good emerging: The 'good' arising around me comes from young passionate bright people working for racial justice, for a greener future, for justice and peace - in so many spheres.
14 Rowe Massachusetts United States
Where standing: I will stand out in the middle of my labyrinth on my land that I share with my beloveds.
The good emerging: Hope for and efforts to clear the air so that all creatures can live more healthfully.
15 Charlemont Massachusetts United States Molly Scott
Where standing: 01339 I will be standing in my garden labyrinth with my partner, cat, birds, and two horses surround by living forest.
The good emerging: The green things rising, the love for and with animals, including human ones, the music that is everywhere and everything.
16 Stockholm Sweden
Where standing: I will stand on my balcony with my husband.
The good emerging: Young people being very active and engaged in protecting our planet. We that are older will follow their lead.
17 Thetford Vermont United States
Where standing: On my deck My husband
18 Rapid City South Dakota United States
Where standing: I will be standing at home on this Mother's Day. I have invited all my Facebook friends to stand with us no matter where they happen to be at 1pm.
19 Santa Fe New Mexico United States
Where standing: I will stand at the Plaza in Santa Fe. I will send to friends and see if anyone wants to stand with me. Perhaps there will be others there?
The good emerging: There seems to be a bursting forth and a moving forward into something new. A rebirthing, a change, a transition towards better. The mystery and magic unfolds...awareness creating betterment for all...inspite of the many challenges...
20 San Diego California United States
Where standing: At our home. My 94 year old Mom, our housekeeper Rosie and me.
The good emerging: Thankful, great full for every day of experience, for connection with God Presence, for complete TRUST in the divine plan, for Spirit’s unfailing mentorship! amazing! ????????????????????????

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