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We had 172 events listed in 17 nations, including 42 organizations.

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1 Tucson Arizona United States

Report 2013: I stood in a park with three other women. Stories were shared, prayer requests made. We read aloud our intention, and the women's prayer. The conch was blown then we sat in silent meditation. After the meditation we sang a song of standing together, each of us contributing a verse. We also sang for justice. I felt enriched deep in my heart to stand with my sisters for the children and grandchildren.
2 Estero Florida United States
Where standing: Twelve people, three men and nine women sat in a sacred circle. We had a guided meditation by Dennis Adams and said the Mother's Day Prayer for Peace four times in Spanish and four times in English for the Four Directions. We represented many countries of the Americas. Namaste!!! Ann
The good emerging: We Are Enough to bring peace and justice.
3 Payson Utah United States
Where standing: 4 of us will stand in Payson, Utah, in Utah County
4 Boca Raton FLORIDA United States
Where standing: I Am standing in the Heart of Oneness.
The good emerging: Hello, my name is Liz Draman, I am the founder of Awaken to Love. I believe One key unlocks a thousand doors. It’s called LOVE – it is the divine spark that connects you to your most powerful potential! Helping you Remember, Reconnect and Relight this truth is my passion and purpose. My vision is a global awakening to the Love we are never separate from. The Love that holds our world together and Is the Power to instantly free us from all discord. I vote the Victory of this from my self and for every son and daughter of the Light on this planet. Happy Mother's Day!
5 Park Hill Oklahoma United States
Where standing: I will be standing by my mother's flowers that she gave me ten years ago. She had such lovely Iris's and Peonies. I am standing strong for the my grandchildren and greatgrandchildren that they will be safe and not live in fear of violence and the freedom to follow their dreams as I hope this for all children. Pam Iron
6 Indio California United States
7 San Clemente California United States Gather the Women Global Matrix
Where standing: I will be picnicing on the beach with my family.
8 petaluma california United States
Where standing: With my family in my garden
9 San Antonio Texas United States Link to site
Where standing: I will stand in the center of a powerful spiritual design built from flagstone in my backyard that is a cross design pointing the 4 directions, within a 14 foot circle, with a 6 pointed star within the circle and a 3 foot rose design in the center of it all, standing for love. I will stand on the rose for our time of joined intention. Thank you for coordinating this.
The good emerging: I hold the vision of heaven being brought to earth through each one of us. This can be done! Let us give thanks of gratitude as if it were already done. And so it is!
10 Baltimore Maryland United States
Where standing: Breathe Books in Hampden, Maryland. The organization Heal My Voice is leading a panel discussion/conversation of the power of a woman's voice to heal a story, reclaim personal power and step into greater leadership. I am visiting from Los Angeles. We are starting the event at 1pm by Standing for the World's Children and Grandchildren. This is a FREE event that is open to women, men and children.
11 Charlotte North Carolina United States Link to site
Where standing: I will stand at LakeHill apartments by the Stone Circle our group, Circle Harvesting, created last Summer Solistice. Today, at this moment just myself will stand.
The good emerging: I am Estelle Spike a regional coordinator for Gathe the Women, community leader, transpersonal therapist. Author,of The Tale of The Heart Tree now on I will be leading a Blossoming Tree celebration at our local library on May 18th. I would have more stand with me but I only opened this message on May 12th. The Stone Circle where I will stand today was created with our group Circle Harvesting we meet in circle every 3 weeks to enrich each of our lives and thus enriching our world. Much love from me you can see more about me on my website site: Thank you for allowing me to participate.
12 Northeast Philadelphia penna. United States
Where standing: we will stand at the family table. Each holding the next generations hand.
The good emerging: Let the power of the woman, the mother rise in love, truth, and integrity.
13 Topsham Maine United States
Where standing: I will stand in my yard. My family will be near me. The plants and trees and birds will surround me. My child of sixteen years will stand with me.
The good emerging: My husband and I have been together for almost 23 years. We brought a beautiful boy into the world sixteen years ago. We are both public school teachers. I have worked with thousands of children over the years and currently have about 180 children who visit my art room each week. I wish for all children they can grow up in loving homes with enough of everything that is essential.
14 Plymouth New Hampshire United States
15 Antalya Turkey Turkey Overseas adventure Linda's group
Where standing: We will stand in Myra ancient city Demre town close to Antalya city Turkey with my american group overseas adventure company We are traveling the country together and i am their tripleader
16 Provo Utah United States SGI-USA
Where standing: I stand not alone, a affiliate of BYU, on the BYU married housing regions with Walnut trees that are hundreds of years old. I am a member of the Soka Gakki International, not LDS.
The good emerging: I wish everyone could have the kind of childhood I had, so beautiful and peaceful, abundant and hopeful.
17 San Francisco California United States
Where standing: I will stand with my son and my husband.
18 Espanola New Mexico United States
Where standing: I will stand with my family where we live.
The good emerging: I am a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I want the world to be a safe place for everyone, especially the young ones from 0 to 100 years.
19 new port richey Florida United States
Where standing: I will be standing at unity church of new port richey fl friend and church members
20 Hartford Wisconsin United States http:/
Where standing: I will stop my car on my drive to Lake Michigan standing where ever I am at 1:00 in meditation and intention. I stand in action of healing, for a world that supports children with mutual respect, value, love, health and safety.
The good emerging: I am a mother, coach and school counselor who dreams of an educational system that serves children through respect...for who they are, what they already know, and the joy, love and creativity they bring to us. Instead of conditioning them as we have been, I believe we must look to the children and young people as our teachers and together in peace and harmony we can create a world of unity and freedom.

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