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1 Hampshire United Kingdom

The good emerging: My dream is that children will never again witness the horror of what happened in their school in Peshawar, Pakistan on December 16th, 2014 and that adults will hesitate and recoil before they ever again inflict such suffering and horror on children. May they challenge and resist the dark commands to do evil to others.
Report 2014: I was alone and simply communed with the depths of life on that date, hoping that humanity would be taken to a higher level of consciousness.
2 Ireland Spirit Matters Community

The good emerging: Strong children and strong women mean fewer traumatised men... fewer wars, less corporate and commercial domination, less pornography, currently a financial empire bigger than arms or oil. Restoring the sacredness of live giving and bearing, of being amongst all our relations, the sacredness and magic of Earth for children, matters. Drop your cell phone, tablet or computer at least one day a week! Be with your child! Resonate with life! Live in the biosphere, not the bytesphere!
Report 2014: I stand with the world's children, particularly the one in two of girls and the one in three of boys, sexually abused before the age of fourteen. I do so as therapist in transgenerational trauma from Ireland. I do so as someone who needs to mark that men traumatised as boys, need to heal, not re-enact. I do so as someone who sees the transgenerational effects of colonisation on my own peoples where such processes where first honed, and as the partner of an Irish-American survivor of early childhood sexual abuse whose whole life has been coloured by such abuse by men. Enough. Time to heal together. Support collective trauma healing in communities rather than Big Pharma's profit and suppression. Become again indigenous to your own bodies, peoples and place. Here in Fergus, Ontario, Canada, I stand on First Nation's land and thank them for bringing me home. I stand with the trees.
3 Chocowinity North Carolina United States

Report 2014: Standing w you and for my daughters, all daughters.
4 Warsaw Mazovian Poland

The good emerging: I am a former scientist in the field of medicine, authoress of many books and scientific articles concerning upbringing children for health and sustainable development. It is my dream which I develop and write about or lecture about it.
Report 2014: I wrote a few articles about violences against children and published a book, titled "Upbringing a child. In the direction of health and harmony in the world
5 hulu langat selangor Malaysia

The good emerging: human never feel enough? yet i want to make them feel enough.single mother of 2 children at the age of 5 and 9 yrs old,@dorothy and her journey.
Report 2014: need alot of enthusiasm. to make a stand for own self, family and others.
6 Las Cruces New Mexico United States

The good emerging: I am a Mother to three grown sons. It was an honor to stand with the global community holding a healthy safe loving world in our hearts.
Report 2014: We stood at Pioneer Women's Park. 4 women and then a homeless navajo man joined us, first asking if he could join. It was perfect. The windy day took our prayers and the vision we held in our hearts planted seeds far and wide.
7 Monterey California United States

Report 2014: I have STOOD for two years prior to this one, where I was not able to due to circumstances beyond my control. Each year I send the info on to others. Thank you for doing this... I don't want to lose contact.
8 Lunsar Sierra Leone

Report 2014: Glad to receive information on Standing Women. I am one of the Standing Women. I stood. On my own. And I stand for girls to stop the practice of female genital mutilation. I suffered as a girl at age 12 so I think it is important to protect other girls.
9 London Ontario Canada

The good emerging: Standing as Women is a wonderful theme. In my life probably the most important time was when I decided to become a teacher and for more than thirty five years my goal was to help each child who stepped into my classroom to feel loved and special. It's only in the last few years that my business name has changed from "Communication Excellence" to "Amazingly You" but the latter surely does mean for me that every human, no matter what their age has the capacity to change the world, to be wonderfully, amazingly unique, to feel loved for who they are and to give love to others in their lives. Could say more and likely will. To be continued. Positively, Pauline Duncan-Thrasher, Be Amazingly YOU On and Off the Stage! Trainer & Coach, Keynote Speaker
10 Fort Collins Colorado United States

Report 2014: I stood in front of my home in the falling snow I felt aligned and a part of/with all the women in the world standing for those Nigerian girls and all the children of the world.... It would be lovely to look down the street and see others standing in front of their homes for the children
11 Lopez Island Washington United States

Report 2014: My youngest daughter, my husband, and I stood in our vegetable garden, holding hands, and tuning in to the birds and the wind and the beauty with our eyes closed.
12 Sarasota Florida United States

The good emerging: I dream of a world with complete freedom of speech, complete freedom of action (as long as we are harming neither ourselves, others, or our planet), safe spaces in which to learn and grow, mutual respect, mutual accountability, mutual support, transparent communication, deep listening, creativity, the right to a free education for all, an in-depth understanding of the energy of our words and how they structure our experiences, and gratitude for the lives we have been given.
Report 2014: I continue with the same pattern that has been part of my spiritual path for many years. I'm releasing my conditioned codependency, setting firm boundaries, and saying "no" to disrespect of any kind. I am no longer willing to enable bullying, manipulation, refusal to communicate honestly and transparently, lack of accountability, or lack of awareness. This has made me quite unpopular with the father of my children, my daughters-in-law, and two of my three sons. I'm no longer willing to play stupid, complacent, weak-woman games that the society in which I grew up conditioned me to play. One of my sons has accused me of needing professional help. This was right after I supported him all the way through his wife's death. I think the thought was planted in his head, either by his father or one of my daughters-in-law. Another son uninvited me from the private family gatherings for his son's graduation, preferring to invite his father's mistress. This was after I had contributed well over $10,000 to that grandson's education. I'm looking at all this and thinking, "What kind of insanity is this?" Frankly, I just don't need it in my life. It drains my energy. I did attend my grandson's graduation and sat alone in the stadium, fully able to enjoy his successes, unencumbered by all the dysfunctional family dynamics. I could only think, "What a blessing!" I'm not saying any of this has been easy. Letting go of an adulterous husband was not easy. I once loved him before he decided he wanted to have his cake and eat it, too. Letting go of my sons to their wives, their children, and their own destinies has not been easy. I once held them in my arms and nurtured them. Standing in my own power and integrity and getting bashed by men and women whose only power comes from being complacent and subservient to others is neither easy nor fun. It simply feels as if I have no other choice in order to maintain my own integrity and sanity. While all this family disintegration has been happening, I've been developing relationships all over the world with other conscious, thinking, respectful people - both men and women. I'm now a doctoral candidate for a PhD in Wisdom Studies with Wisdom University. As part of the doctoral program, I'll be traveling to Chartres, France, and Scotts Valley, CA this summer. I'm part of a virtual Conscious Evolution Coaching circle, I regularly facilitate Vistar Circles here in Venice, Florida. And I just bought a little home in Highland Lake Cove, Flat Rock, NC, a highly conscious, intentional community, where I've already made many conscious connections and will be actively working with others to put together in September either a Circle Summit (Vistar, Heart Circles, and Wisdom Circles) or alternatively, a bee sanctuary and Apitherapy workshop. And so it is.
13 Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada Council of Canadians and more

The good emerging: I am Dianne Rhodes, Mother of 4 children and 5 grandchildren and a Climate Reality Presenter as well as a warrior for Mother Earth. I am learning, talking and teaching about our ecological footprint and all that goes with that in the light of climate change. We have a daunting task in front of us, but we must be up to it if we are to maintain a livable planet, the only one that we have!
Report 2014: I stood beside the lake by my little cabin at Hitchcock Bay on Diefenbaker Lake. I thought of the last 7 generations that got me to this place and that it is my duty to do all that I can for the next 7 generations.
14 Santa Fe New Mexico United States

Report 2014: I DO stand for the world's children. However, I want to relate my recent experience with my daughter. Her 2 teens have been rebellious & naughty in the extreme. What resulted was a big, unconnected network of agencies which all turned the focus on my daughter. What was she doing wrong? In fact, my daughter complied with all requests, took those teens to counseling, treatment, jail, church, and any other ideas/suggestions/orders that were thrown at her. In return, those young ones have done nothing but bring their mother grief, pain, financial burden, ingratitude, and assaults to everyone in their family. The situation continues and, while it is certainly true that children in truly abusive or neglectful situations should be rescued, it is also true that today's US laws do NOTHING to protect a parent from an abusive child unless physical battery is committed. This is also an unacceptable situation in the US today. I also feel deeply that we need to stop sending our young men & women off to die in wars. They may not still be children, but they are being sent away like so much garbage that can just be thrown away and replaced with more. Let the old politicians and the corporate gurus who decide a war should be fought duke it out. How dare they decide such things and then send the children of others to fight their battles for them! When will the world learn the art of peaceful negotiation and compromise??!! Centuries of history seem to have taught us nothing. So sad. I pray for my world every day and will continue to do so.
15 New London Minnesota United States

The good emerging: If you want to know more about me... you may visit my blog: VISION STAR at .
Report 2014: Hello Sisters, I walked in and stood alone in the center of our 11 circle labyrinth. My husband assisted me in creating this labyrinth and I maintain it. It is a ceremonial circle of life and love in which we've opened to many folks over the years. On Mother's Day I felt the force of Mother Nature/ earth, the Goddess energy, the sister hoods around the world, my own daughters, son and grandchildren. It was a sense of the micro and the macrocosm on many levels over eons of time. I felt the vibrational love of all kingdoms rise up as well as our beautiful planet homelands. I also focused on the girls around the world being returned to their homes safely. In the past I have stood in women’s groups, but Mother's Day I stood alone in the ONEness with the world. I thank you for all you do and for providing this opportunity for all of us.
16 Columbia Missouri United States

Report 2014: We stood in Stephens Lake Park -- just the 8 of us who arrived together, which included my husband, me, and our two adult children, and my sister and her wife and their two adult children. We all felt a great closeness and sense of how bringing peace to the world could begin with each of us finding peace within ourselves.
17 Vancouvers, Wa. Washington State United States First Presbyterian Church

The good emerging: The broadest definition of 'children' could mean that many people will fall for any propaganda because they do not know what they believe. But children, bless them, are eager to believe and can readily identify what they are meant to be. As an elderly person, 86 years old, I've learned to listen more carefully to the inner voice which directs my thoughts and actions. I know I stand with many other older men and women who want only the best for the world's children, especially that they may not suffer hunger or loss of family, be orphaned and all alone in a wild and dangerous world.
Report 2014: In preparation for that day I sent an e mail to a woman friend in Seattle and she replied that Standing with other Women May 11 was what she and her married partner were going to do. On that day I also went to the Esther Short Park and stood quietly directing people to vote their conscience, that if they had not registered to vote yet, they should by all means do so. I gave out some registration cards to several youth.
18 Rapid City South Dakota United States

Report 2014: Fourteen hearty souls stood together in the rain and cold and sent our positive energy out into the world not only for the world's children in general but the kidnapped girls from Nigeria in particular. Another very different group was gathered nearby playing upbeat music and celebrating something. As we listened to Otis Redding sing "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" we envisioned the girls and all children someday listening to upbeat music and watching the tide roll away, wastin' time and enjoying the carefree experiences children everywhere have the right to expect.
19 Comox British Columbia Canada

Report 2014: I was at a retreat waiting to fly home, so I stood for the moment in a Labyrinth made entirely out of driftwood!
20 Garden Valley California United States Circle of Women

Report 2014: And we women stood together, held hands, and as we were about to find the silence, a wonderful man, unknown to any of us, choose to join us. Everything felt complete as we felt his male energy as a balance to ours. We stood in a little local park, afterwards planned our next gathering as women holding sacred space for our community. Thank you for providing the impetus for this gathering.

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