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We had 4663 events listed in 81 nations, including 876 organizations.

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1 Nottingham England United Kingdom
Where standing: West Bridgford Park It is a green park with lots of children playing and a local council building that has weddings and social services there. It is green and baeautiful
The good emerging: I dream of peace ndlove food and warmth safety and kindness towards nd for all children
2 Lahitte Toupiere Hautes Pyrenees France
Where standing: In the courtyard, facing south to the sun and to the mountains.
3 Austin Texas United States
Where standing: In my own front yard...under the Pecan tree... neightbors and friends are invited to join me!
4 Albuquerque New Mexico United States
Where standing: Bataan Park on Lomas near Carlisle.
5 Corvallis Oregon United States
Where standing: Central Park in downtown Corvallis.
6 Ojai California United States
Where standing: My back yard, by a sweet, newly planted herb garden with a rock path representing the golden mean spiral. Call 272-8067 if you want to join me on the East End of our beautiful town. Julie
7 BRENTWOOD California United States
Where standing: I will stand in my front yard, or maybe in the park accross the street where more people can see and maybe join me.
The good emerging: I'm a mother, grandmother, soon to be a greatgrandmother and the wife of the ultimate Mr. Wonderful. My title is queen of mediocre poetry and a want to be photographer. I believe national borders are artificial and hope some day all will be abolished. I do what I can to work for peace and wish I could do more.
8 Milford Michigan United States
Where standing: This year I will agin stand at my home. I will appear to be alone, but my relatives spirits will be with me. I know many friends in different states, that will be standing and praying for our future generations. I will plan on doing this each and every year and it will be easy to remember if it is always on Mother's Day. My prayers are always for all life, everywhere and standing with everyone , no matter where we are physically, is an honor to me. Let us remeber that we are all connected. May we always pray for all of the children, grandchildren and the 7 generations to come. Peace, love and balance, Gail LaughingWolf
9 redding California United States
Where standing: I will be standing in my small backyard surrounded by my cats with the ability to see Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen.
The good emerging: I am a 56-year old wife, mother and grandmother who dreams of a world free of fear, hunger and prejuidice. I want to have a world where everyone has access to medical care and education. I want to live in a society that is healthy and happy, safe and sane.
10 Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Where standing: This year we will stand in the Pool of the Black Star in the Manitoba Legislative Building, a place for meditation, connecting earth and sky.
The good emerging: My dream is for a place much like your description, where there is enough to eat and a safe home to live in surrounded by love and caring, with freedom to choose and achieve personal dreams, and compassion for all living beings.
11 Lubbock Texas United States
Where standing: Davis Park At Orlando and 40th St. at 4:00pm near the North East corner.
The good emerging: I hope that we can learn how to live well by respecting all of God's creation, and that in doing so, the natural abundance of this creation will be expressed and celebrated in our daily living. I hope that those that feel a strong need to control instead of live with and amongst equals, will turn around and will grow into a recognition of the blessing that life is. I hope that wounds that have been incurred from the violence around the world can be healed with expressions of beauty, truth and respect. I hope that we will soon all realize our connectedness to one another and recognize our commonality, while respecting our differences in how we live. I feel that on this last Mother's day we all took a deep, cleansing simultaneouse breath, and sighed a deep sigh in a relaxed, receiving resolve to do what we need for humanity to continue living and to do so, abundantly, peacefully and delightedly with one another.
12 Modesto California United States
Where standing: i do not where to stand this year in modesto
13 Mandeville Louisiana United States
Where standing: Because I am handicapped I will stand under the trees near my porch. Earth Mother and I standing together.......
14 Seaside Oregon United States
Where standing: The beach. Seaside, Oregon
15 Cincinnati Ohio United States
Where standing: In front of the Lloyd House, 3901 Clifton Ave., near corner of Lafayette. (park on Lafayette). Bring bells. If you'd like, bring snacks and stay after for fellowship until 2:00. It would be good to have a sign... heavy traffic on this street. Letters 6" high or larger is good.
The good emerging: Same as yours! Love, Ellen
16 Worthington Ohio United States
Where standing: I will stand with my husband and two sons around our tree in our back yard and visualize peace.
17 Marblehead Massachusets United States
Where standing: Getchell's Green "Bud Orne" Park, Marblehead, MA. This is the first park on the RIGHT on Lafayette Street just after you pass the entering Marblehead sign. You can park on Birch Street. Please join us from 12:30 to 1:30.
18 Davenport Iowa United States Karla's Girls for World Peace
Where standing: The rose garden at Vanderveer Park, 215 W Central Park Davenport Iowa

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