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We had 534 events listed in 29 nations, including 145 organizations.

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1 Fort Assiniboine Alberta Canada
Where standing: I will be standing in my yard sending healing energy to Mother Earth. I will be joining the many mothers and grandmothers dreaming of clean drinking water, clean air to breathe, and enough food to eat for all.
2 San Francisco California United States
Where standing: We will stand on the Golden Gate Bridge. Our participation will be part of our monthly CodePink March for Peace, that takes place on the Golden Gate Bridge, starting at noon every second Sunday. We will begin from both sides of the bridge at noon on the eastern walkway, converge in the middle and march back to the San Francisco side for a rally and singing for peace. We are anticipating to be at the west tower at 1:00 to participate in the Standing Women action. Hope you can join us! All are encouraged to join us!
The good emerging: I dream of a world with no violence, no war. Where adults solve all of their problems in a non-violent peaceful way. Where the lives of all childen have equal value to the lives of our own. Where the concept of "War is Obsolete" comes to fruition. Peace to all, every day, in every way!
3 Ashland Oregon United States
Where standing: Entrance to Lithia Park with my daughter and others who will be there.
4 Mt. Shasta California United States
Where standing: I'll stand on our ceremonial ground were our Peace lodge stands in Mt. Shasta, California. Our group of Wise women will gather alone or with friends in their own individual setting.
The good emerging: My name is Josiane Antonette, Founder of the bernadette Foundadion dedicated to enhance balanced, conscious living by assisting individuals to understand their spiritual nature and their common connection with all life. My innermost dream is to see all human beings and all that is alive free of greed oriented exploitation. To see the children all over our precious planet loved and free of fears, able to listen to the voice of their soul to know and understand how beautiful they truly are.
5 Croton-on-Hudson New York - United States Link to site
Where standing: At the five corner intersection, Old Post Road South, Cleveland Drive, & Radnor Avenue, Croton-on-Hudson, NY
The good emerging: Our group is part of a worldwide movement of women who use non-violence, song and humor (and sometimes silence) to protest war, inequality, and environmental destruction while advocating for peace, justice and sustainability, at local through international levels.
6 East Vassalboro Maine United States
Where standing: down by the lake, probably alone, maybe a few ducks.
7 Austin Texas United States
Where standing: For the 5th year I will be in my front yard - under the boughs of my beautiful pecan tree.... I invite neighbors and friends.
8 Albany New York United States
Where standing: Grannies for Peace will be standing in our Sixth annual Tulip Festival vigil--- but on Saturday, May 7th from 11:15 am to 12:15 PM in Washington Park, near the Moses Statue. This year our theme continues to be "War Breaks Grannies' Hearts!" We will begin with a silent march led by a single drummer as we carry a coffin with the names of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya as nations where children and women are dying because of war and occupation. After we follow a route through the park from the Moses statue we'll return and stand in silent vigil for half an hour, ended with a song. Please join us in our march and our circle to end war as a way of solving conflicts.
9 Reynoldsburg Ohio United States
Where standing: Congregants of the Universalist Unitarian Church, friends, neighbors, and any one who wishes to come by will stand for five minutes at 12:15pm. Weather permitting we will form a large circle in the front yard of the church house at 1789 Lancaster Ave. Reynoldsburg OH 43068. We will meditate on peace and a clean, sustainable environment joining the collective will for the benefit of our children, grandchildren, and the seven generations beyond them.
The good emerging: Hi! I'm so glad this peace action survives. I understand it was started five years ago by a group of Ohio State University women inspired by the book The Great Silent Grandmother's Gathering. I hope the short-sited thinking and policies of greed do not poison our planet. I wish the children of today and those yet to be born can enjoy the diversity of nature and the adequate sustenance that was my birthright.
10 Ashland Oregon United States
Where standing: At the entrance to Lithia Park
11 Bellows Falls Vermont United States It may be just me...
Where standing: I will stand in "downtown" Bellows Falls...near the building that is becoming a resturant/ events center.... I have invited some friends.... I hope they come too.... Love always.... Love to all.... Karuna
The good emerging: I am 71 years old... I cook at local retreat centers... and offer many kinds of workshops. My dream is that we become more and more loving, creative, sharing, ..... in this year that has more and more challenges... and opportunities....
12 Owensboro Kentucky United States
Where standing: LEGION PARK across the street from the Country Club by the shelter. At 1 pm CDT.
13 Glenwood New Mexico United States
Where standing: Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths, Mile Marker 3.5 on Route 159 off Hway 180.
14 Lawrence Kansas United States
Where standing: One Hundred Good Women and Women's Speak will sponsor this event. We will be standing in South Park's flower garden
15 Eureka California United States

The good emerging: I dream of a world of people with their feet solidly on the ground and bringing up children to do the same. To love themselves in a way they can share with others and learn to treat the earth with love for the mother it is. Children who will grow up knowing how to work toward peace, who will work toward food and shelter for all the earths creatures. Children who will see the inherent worth and value in every person and creature and every living growing part of their Mother Earth.
16 zutphen gelderland Nederland
Where standing: Hallo lieve mede standingwomans Ik sta in Zutphen BIJ de walburigiskerk de Zijde Van het beeld van Walburga vanaf 12:50 AANWEZIG OM daar 13 uur in EEN circel 5min. Staan VOOR This Mooie droom Johanny
The good emerging: De Kinderen zijn de Toekomst VOOR hunzelf en Moeder AARDE Het legt de basis fam.leven VOOR Het NU deur Alle Tijden Heen. Alle Kinderen Wensen en Dromen Het Goede Leven in Hun OOK Alle Grote Mensen Dekkers DIT soort in Zich Maak Het Opnieuw Wakker. Daar is ons Weten Kracht en schoffel te Dromen. Inmagnatie, Het is.
17 Cincinnati OHIO United States Standing Women Cincinnati
Where standing: TWO locations: Hyde Park Square by the fountain (Erie Avenue) Clifton /Burnet Woods by the fountain (Clifton and Ludlow)
18 Brookfield Wisconsin United States
Where standing: At approximately 12:30 p.m. we will stand on the edge of the road on the East property of Unitarian Universalist Church West, 13001 W North Ave., Brookfield, WI 53005. We will plant a Peace Pole, and then move to the roadside with our signs saying "Help Create Peace" and "Mother's Day for Peace." This witness for peace will take place following two worship services (9:15 and 11 a.m.) for all ages on the topic of Mothers' Day for Peace!
The good emerging: I am the Rev. Suzelle Lynch, minister of Unitarian Universalist Church West. My dream is of a world peaceful, fair, and free of war and violence -- a world free of racism and oppression, and one we live upon sustainably. These dreams are part of the mission of the church I'm honored to serve.

The good emerging: My dream is that people (men and women) of all religions, ethnicities, walks of life and ages wake up to the reality that we are all One People who live in the embrace of our vibrantly alive Earth Mother. If - one by one - we can learn to love each other, honor and celebrate our differences, and live each day with wonder and a heart full of gratitude, we can we begin to create sustainable peace on Earth. Let it begin with ME!
20 St. Petersburg FLORIDA United States Link to site

The good emerging: We stand in Silence. The silenced ones who cannot talk for themselves are: the women, the children, the mothers, the fathers, the sisters, the brothers, the aunts and nieces..., all the humans deprived of their capacity to say: "enough of this already -- enough!" Our silence provides an opportunity for the birds, the crickets, the squirrels, the lizards to express themselves, letting us hear their sounds and music of peace. Our silence lets them all show us all the peripheral beauty we are destroying everyday. Our silence lets the land resonate by herself -- making us more aware that all the noise we make as humans is covering up our deeds of destruction pursued by greed while creating great distraction. A distraction that victimises everyone. A distraction that allows us to omit the forgotten ones. We maintain silence as a loud sound addressed to all the misguided leaders of this planet.

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