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We had 228 events listed in 17 nations, including 52 organizations.

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1 Struga Macedonia Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Repu

The good emerging: I live in Nature and away from society for the last 6 years and every time I see how the world is going I feel like crying. I cannot change the world, but I can change myself and inspire others. I have started doing some work in my community, and even though there is still a lot of work to do, I have committed myself to bring some change.
Report 2015: I stood on my own, in the forest, and prayed...the collective pain is overwhelming and all I can do is embrace it and cover it with love to help it heal.
2 Wilder Vermont United States Partings and Endings

The good emerging: We have prevented the kidnapping of children by locating them quickly through excellent police and community communication. We are preventing sex trafficking more often. We have come to understand the target populations and are monitoring closely.
3 Memphis Tennessee United States

The good emerging: My garden, another season's promise. Friendly people I know, regardless of whether we've met. Psychic connections with people, some animals, a few plants; we're all interrelated; all beings are sentient. The fantasy Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett; realistic and humorous social satire; it's GOOD to laugh. Action alerts in various e-newsletters, mostly on legislation re health/GMOs and environment/dirty energy. The e-newsletter from Popular Resistance that reports on protests, demonstrations, underlying issues; very hopeful; no one else I know of covers the numerous protests occurring every month..
Report 2015: I stood in my home, facing a window. During the first part of the closed-eyes meditation, I invoked peace, love, friendship, safety, food, cleanliness, beauty, happiness, and more, everything that seemed good for the children (including young animals and plants) of the world. I invoked reciprocal relationships, with everyone giving and receiving friendship, nurturing, and so forth. When that peaceful presence had settled in me, I suddenly felt a great joy and sense of deep kinship with all my sisters (other standers); I was grinning all over! Then a spontaneous visualization occurred. Crowds of aware children were coming to me, reaching out for love, food, safety, and so on as a natural right. I mentally embraced them all in light. This experience was so beautiful. Thank you for having made this opportunity.
4 Santa Ynez California United States

The good emerging: As someone else said -- the spirit of collaboration is rising. This is the hope of the world...
Report 2015: We were up in the Santa Ynez mountains, in horse country. We stopped under some shady trees, and got in tune with nature and the divine feminine and we offered prayers of gratitude and invocation for the safety of mothers and children everywhere.
5 Toronto Canada
Where standing: We stood in the part on Heath Street West in Toronto. It was drizzling slightly and those of us who were there immediately felt the ‘bond’ This New Group of World Servers were connected with a common purpose. To make a stand for the children of the world. I was born in South Africa and came to Canada nearly 41 years ago; a lovely young Russian couple stood, a woman who lives in London, Ontario (Canada) and her sister was here on a visit from Quebec. We declared, we sang and we connected with an agreement to be ‘there’ next year same time, same place. Thanks for all the reminders – sorry I wasn’t able to post sooner; we had to get to Earth Quest land to tend to our planting boxes for the food share we are now involved with. My love and blessings, Tamara
6 Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Report 2015: Stood in my kitchen, with my daughter. Seeing our world where all children are safe, respected, honoured, nurtured & educated. This is the world for which we stand! Namaste!
7 Oak Harbor Washington United States

The good emerging: We have each carved out time for the good issue they are attracted to. Now it is time to carve out more time to support one or more other individuals in their issue. I march in your parade and you march in my parade. Collaboration arising, holding hands under a greater umbrella of that brings Good for the Entire Web of Life...
Report 2015: I stood with my daughters, son-in-law and granddaughters on Whidbey Island, Washington state. I invited them to take another step for our world and children by making a sign to They had great fun pondering what they would like their sign to say, creating it and creating a .jpg of it. I invite all of those who stood on May 10th to join us with your sign!
8 ojai california United States
9 Shallow Lake Ontario Canada

Report 2015: Gratitude
10 San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato Mexico

Report 2015: I was standing with a handful of women expats and Mexicans in San Miguel de Allende, in the plaza in the Center. There was a web cam, but the definition is not good enough for viewers to have read the 'declaration', but we held it for all present to see. Many people read it, as they walked by, and a couple of men gave us a 'thumbs up'. I couldn't help but notice that one of the Mexican women standing was also weeping quietly.
11 CONCORD Massachusetts United States

Report 2015: I stood looking into the woods
12 Crawfordsville Indiana United States
13 St Petersburg Florida United States
Where standing: We stood on the UNITY church campus after service......St Pete Florida
The good emerging: faith in God helping others
14 lanai city hawaii United States
Where standing: I will be in Spirit with all women everywhere as I give thanks, and pray for peace. Aloha.
15 Salmon Arm British Columbia Canada
Where standing: Standing in my sacred space at home in B.C., Canada, joining with Judith Onley in the Mother's Day Teleconference Gathering and listening to the channelled message from "US". Very grateful for this "Standing Women" Global Event, bringing us all together!
The good emerging: I hold the vision of a kind, healthy, peaceful, abundant World that works for everyone. I believe we create our reality, and that together, as we unite our hearts, we manifest into the physical this new world. It is done! As a Joy Ambassador, I open and hold space for others to discover their True Divine Nature and the joy within through song, drum, dance, and yoga. I am a Connector and appreciate so much all who are choosing Love over Fear; together we powerfully peel away the veils to reveal the Truth of Who We Are; the Ones we've been waiting for ~ here to create Heaven on Earth! Namaste, Goldie
16 Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada
Where standing: I will stand with my friend and neighbour on the beautiful farm that I recently bought in the hope of living a self-sufficient life for friends and family sharing love , faith, and wisdom.
17 Dallas Texas United States
Where standing: I will stand in Dallas, TX ... by myself ... yet surrounded, enhanced. and enlightened by the by the Divine Feminine within and without: all One!
The good emerging: Every nanno-second is a miracle of life as I enjoy my joy of being!
18 Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada

The good emerging: Peace; centering; joy!!!!!
19 Camarillo California United States
Where standing: just by myself in my back yard. I don't know of any other women
The good emerging: I feel new life arising in me, integrating my sexuality and spirituality. I am a teacher of troubled kids, but that is so challenging...not sure I can continue it. We'll see what God has for my next step.
20 London Ontario Canada
Where standing: I will stand in my home with those on Judith's call

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