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As of Friday, March 1, we have 70 events listed in 7 nations, including 15 organizations.

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Husband & I, plus son, his wife & at least 2 of his children AND 2 other grandmothers.
I will stand in Gorge/ Esquimalt Park with my family as we celebrate 5 mothers among us. 3 generations standing together with our children, both young and adult.
PORT HARDY British Columbia
I will stand in my garden at unit 28, Woodgrove Gardens with two of my intern students amidst dandelions and yellow dock and thriving winter siberian kale, asian greens, medicinal basil, a rose bush, lingonberry bush, beriberine bush, and strong sage of two species plus pots of oregano thyme calendula and parsley! And Grandfather quartzo crystals that emanate the omega frequency healing roots and earth particles toxified and forgotten! For our children and grandchildren for all of our relations And for Judith Onley who passed over last October who first sent this to me when I lived in a small town in Ontario and I stood by trees looking at its town hall! Blessings for this project!
I will be standing in my usual spot at a park called Assiniboine Park in a flower garden with mom’s spirit and I I started with mom in 2012 and mom and I have been doing it every year till 2019 when she went to the spirit world so for the last 3 threes along with this year 2022 I will stand at the very same spot with mom’s spirit Love and light, Lucie?????????
Grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building where there is a place that honours women.
St. Catharines
In making this pledge, I will be standing with my two young granddaughters, my husband, and other family members, on the land of their birth.
I will be standing with various women and girls who are members of our organization. We will also be joined by 2 of the local police officers in charge of Family Affairs.
I will be standing with a group of men and women in the most magical place on earth -- a vortex in Sedona. Our most fervent prayers will definitely be heard by the universe.
San Francisco
We did stand on the Golden Gate Bridge (yesterday) on Mother's Day as part of our annual CODEPINK Mother's Day March/Rally for Peace. There were about 2 dozen of us.
Long Beach
I am meeting a friend. May be standing in a different city, but still in Southern California.
I'll pass this on to my networks. It's a basic stand that must be held by as many of us that can stretch our lives just a little bit wider and taller for the sake of the children. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do... Blessings...
Ladera Ranch
I will stand at my home with my daughter, my five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. May peace prevail in our hearts and in our world
I will be standing in my garden. Wishing you all a reasonably pleasant day.
I will stand in my backyard with my partner. With my family and friends nestled in my heart, my cats will wander and with my dog at my feet I will hope for stability and understanding between the nations of this fragile world. I will hope that Mother Earth will forgive us. From 2016 to 2020 we lived with lies and treachery. I will hope for truth and honesty to grow once again.
Morro Bay
I will stand alone on the deck of my rental housing, facing the Pacific Ocean and visualizing a safe, happy and fulfilling world for my children and grandchildren as well as all children everywhere, now and for seven generations to come. It must be so. X
Santa Barbara
Shoreline Park
Yes! I will join you at 1 pm in the park. Thank you!
Center for Inner Peace. the congregation
stroffolino bridge South Norwa
We will stand on the Stroffolino Bridge in South Norwalk near the Maritime Aquarium for 22 minutes. Then we will stroll along Washington St for one block, take a right on Main St and gather on the steps of old city hall. We will dress in colorful spring attire to celibrate our hope for nature's ability to heal itself if we stop polluting and producing greenhouse gases at such an alarming rate. Along Washington and Main St participants are encouraged to ask people having lunch at local restaurants :What does peace mean to you? When was the last time you experienced a few moments of peace? What does the term " Peacebuilding" mean to you. Record people's responses on your phone or by taking notes (wth permission) Wilton Quaker Meeting is sponsoring this event. All are welcome.
On front lawn.
Lake Worth
I planned to be standing with my daughter in our usual place... near the Onyx globe of the Earth, etched with the continents and a circle of people holding hands around the world, in the Martin Luther King Memorial in the Plaza... but instead, I will be on a Zoom call called 'Global Communion' ... feels very appropriate as well... The continuity of our 'global stand for the children' over these years fills my heart with a certainty that all will untimately be well...
North Port Florida, front yard
As in past, in my front yard in North Port Florida in my front yard,
I will be standing at Kraft Azalea Gardens, 1365 Alabama Drive, Winter Park, FL, 32789. I will be standing with my family. All are welcome to join
1213 cherry lane Canton
My husband, daughters and 4 great nieces and nephews.
I stand alone in my home but feel the connection with wo/men around the world. May this vision manifest for our children.
I will be standing with my daughter in her backyard. I am staying with my daughter while I have medical tests done in Seattle. I actually live in Boise Idaho.
My son and I
4017 W 29th Court Davenport Iowa. I'll be standing with my sisters.
We will stand at the peace pole at the corner of Manhattan and Thurston. At 1 pm CDT
We will stand @ 2pm on the corner of Cedar & Parrish in the yard at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation. (RE will follow; service will be at 3.)
I'll be standing in my home at 1pm. Later, at 2pm, we are having guests, and I'll stand again and invite them to stand with me. May peace prevail on Earth.
I belong to a church that is not "in-person" yet. I will stand in my back yard by myself. I stand every year. Thank you for the opportunity and the blessing.
I will stand in my daughter's side yard. A new grandson is arriving sometime in May. I stand for my daughters, for my grandson, for my 8 year old granddaughter and all the future generations. I stand for peace, love and healing representing all of my ancestors who dreamed me into existence.
Hello Standing Women! I shall be standing in Newton Center at the corner of Beacon and Centre Street ( MY usual corner for the Newton weekly Peace Vigil) I may be alone, or maybe a few others may join if they are free.
St. Louis
Forest Park
Kansas City
I'm not sure for how many years I've been standing, but it is several and I would not miss this beautiful moment of collective consciousness on Mother's Day. I will be standing in my daughter's backyard. Our group will include my husband, daughter, son-in-law, two granddogs, and whoever else is around celebrating the day with us.
I am standing alone because our Mothers Day group gets together in the evening. However, I am forwarding Our Vision to my family and friends so we can stand remotely.
Bring your bell, your family and friends before 1pm to Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths, 355 Bursum Road, Glenwood, NM 88039 and participate in STANDING WOMEN. At 1pm MDT on Sunday 8th May we will walk a labyrinth and ring our bells to signify the beginning of 5 minutes of silence and then ring our bells again. We have bells you can use. Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths will be open until dusk for you to walk all six labyrinths and a maze, if you wish. Admission is free or a donation towards upkeep. Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths is at 355 Bursum Road, Glenwood on the left after mile marker 3 on NM 159/Bursum Road, off Highway 180 between Glenwood and Alma. There is a labyrinth hanging at the red gate. If using Google Maps etc enter Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths or 355 Bursum Road, Glenwood, not Datil, or you will end up 35 miles away on a trail up the mountain in the Gila Wilderness! Places to buy food and gas on a Sunday: Alma Grill at 4592 Hwy 180 West, Alma. 575 539-2233. Trading Post, Main Street, Glenwood. 575 539-2321 store open 8am – 8pm, gas open 24/7. For more information about Standing Women: For information about Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths, detailed directions, places to stay and more For more information and photos call or text Cordelia Rose 575 313-1002 or email
Santa Fe
I will BE in My-Circle-Of-Trees on our land in Santa Fe, NM--as I have for all these years--Linking-in with ALL-!!!
Santa Fe
With my dog in my backyard
Glens falls
The Adirondack Friends Meeting will meet after worship to stand in silence and reflect on the ways we can deepen our quest for peace in these challenging times.
So so beautiful... thank you... Standing with you all. This came through this morning: I forget to breath. I give myself away. Because I love, sometimes too much, I neglect my sacred clay. And for some moments, I forget that God flows in each little bit of who I am and who you are and in every breath, in every Star. So holding again to the source I am, I reconnect with the force I am. I find my way into this vessel's Ray. I shine in and all around. I shine above and I shine down. I shine because I simply am. I shine because I simply can. When I shine into me, this clay, I remind others to be free today. And to walk in Oneness along their way. And to be known, to be Home and to forever pray...
Hudson Falls
In my living room. I will be alone (but not lonely!).
We are a group called Grannies for Peace and we will be standing in Washington Park in Albany NY as we have done for 20 years. This year our vigil is dedicated to the Mothers and Children of Ukraine and to the demand that our government work to negotiate an immediate ceasefire to stop the suffering, deaths and displacement of millions of people and the destruction of cities and other infrastructure. We traditionally stand on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend and will be doing that again this year on Saturday, May 7th with signs and banners in a silent vigil for one hour from 1 PM to 2 PM
Standing with my White Ash tree behind the deck. All my friends in Florida, Oklahoma, California, Georgia, South Carolina, Montana will be with me virtually. Across the pond, my friends in the Ipernity Photo site will stand. All of us stand for peace around the World.
I will be in my home, hopefully in my yard probably by myself.
Sheffield Village
at back pond in Waterford apartment development
In mywild flower garden
I will be standing in front of the Oregon Shakespeare Theater in sweet Ashland, Oregon. Sending love and gratitude to all mothers and standing for PEACE to all.
I will be standing at home for our children and children’s children unto the thousandth generation
I will be standing in the parking lot at work. I hope to encourage/inspire others at work to stand with me.
Harrisburg, PA!
Indoors or out, in tune with all of you.
I will stand with my sons at Bear Butte, outside of Sturgis, SD. Mato Paha - Bear Butte- a special, sacred site, which is located in our sacred He Sapa or Paha Sapa (Black Hills) of South Dakota.
We will be standing at the fountain in front of Richardson City Hall. There will be myself and my husband -- and hopefully others.
As I have done for many years - under my beautiful heritage pecan tree in my front yard...
I will be a Standing Mother in Wimberley, Tx
Standing by my daughter's forever home, at her Memory Tree,in honor of her and all others who have lost their lives to mental illness and addiction. She is my inspiration to continue living and to fight for a better world for the next generations.
Several venues will figure into this Mother's Day posting for me. I will be on a Zoom call early Mother's Day morning with people living in several international countries - beautiful information about the event will be read out loud on this call. Afterwards, I'll be attending a Mother's Day gathering including a few women who live in Park City, Utah, plus their assorted children. At this event I will be very present myself and probably quiet about Standing Women -- However, I will be emanating our poignant message the entire time I am there. I love the idea of women taking a stand for better lives for All children wherever they are. And at all times! Here is a Yoko Ono quote I found recently: A dream you dream alone is only a dream... a dream you dream together is a reality! What I see i the future is... More Love...
I will be standing in meditative prayer either in Roseland VA or Waynesboro VA, 1 pm with my husband
Port Townsend
All at Unity of Port Townsend will stand as one during service as we read this declaration.
I am so glad you're still standing strong. I do my part by praying daily for the Protection and Peace of the innocents. This is the biggest work we will ever do in our lifttime. Many blessings to you all...
I will be standing with my 94 year old mother, Lynne, my oldest daughter, Shoshana and her two children, Liliana (11) and Aviva (almost 7) along with my husband, Scott and son-in-law, Justin. Weather permitting, we'll be in my daughter's and son-in-law's garden among spring blossoms.
Port Townsend
Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center

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