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As of Saturday, April 13, we have 70 events listed in 7 nations, including 15 organizations.

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1 Graham North Carolina United States

Report 2022: Beneath the arms of our White Ash tree .. with my sisters in Florida, Oklahoma, Montana, California .. and anyone I have forgotten. Peggy C
2 St. Catharines Ontario Canada

The good emerging: I have spent years coming into and out of the dark night of the soul. I came to realize that the versions of life I had been fed was so far removed from who I really am that I began to unlearn almost everything I have learned and continue to allow myself to be an open vessel for receiving and expressing love. I see the suffering mirroring and strengthening this suffering throughout mankind but too I see our standing, our voices, our stories growing. My awareness has shifted so much I am changed. I wrote a children's book about this. I am holding myself accountable to offering a book that is as genuine, and as open- hearted for our children as it can be. It will be launched and finally set free across the planet in about 4 months. The child in me who got lost and then found came out help me write this book. So it was a holding onto the child version of me and letting go of the adult version of me all the while needing to be an adult to get it done and be a child to receive is truth and the transformational messages it brought. "The Magic Is In Me." Children teaching children ways to * think * dream * be * imagine * create * live * and * love * by trusting the limitless power that lives within their hearts. So sending magical quantum love to all who continue to stand in love. I and my book stand with you.
Report 2022: I stood alone in body but connected to all as one in spirit. I was and am holding a vision for the greatest and highest good for all for children across the planet and for generations to come knowing that our ancestors stand with us. I stood and stand in the awareness of love and intention and channel love into and out of every cell that makes me, me. I stand in the belief that my thoughts and feelings affect all and through this knowledge I am empowered to allow myself to feel the magic of love grow and flow from me to all.
3 Glenwood New Mexico United States
Where standing: Bring your bell, your family and friends before 1pm to Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths, 355 Bursum Road, Glenwood, NM 88039 and participate in STANDING WOMEN. At 1pm MDT on Sunday 8th May we will walk a labyrinth and ring our bells to signify the beginning of 5 minutes of silence and then ring our bells again. We have bells you can use. Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths will be open until dusk for you to walk all six labyrinths and a maze, if you wish. Admission is free or a donation towards upkeep. Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths is at 355 Bursum Road, Glenwood on the left after mile marker 3 on NM 159/Bursum Road, off Highway 180 between Glenwood and Alma. There is a labyrinth hanging at the red gate. If using Google Maps etc enter Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths or 355 Bursum Road, Glenwood, not Datil, or you will end up 35 miles away on a trail up the mountain in the Gila Wilderness! Places to buy food and gas on a Sunday: Alma Grill at 4592 Hwy 180 West, Alma. 575 539-2233. Trading Post, Main Street, Glenwood. 575 539-2321 store open 8am – 8pm, gas open 24/7. For more information about Standing Women: For information about Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths, detailed directions, places to stay and more For more information and photos call or text Cordelia Rose 575 313-1002 or email
The good emerging: We held a Fun Kite Flying Picnic on 2 April and 168 people came to enjoy safe outdoors fun with family and friends and new friends. Many smiling hopeful faces sharing some fun again.
4 Lake Worth Florida United States
Where standing: I planned to be standing with my daughter in our usual place... near the Onyx globe of the Earth, etched with the continents and a circle of people holding hands around the world, in the Martin Luther King Memorial in the Plaza... but instead, I will be on a Zoom call called 'Global Communion' ... feels very appropriate as well... The continuity of our 'global stand for the children' over these years fills my heart with a certainty that all will untimately be well...
The good emerging: While the news directs us toward the problems of the world, there is something happening to many of the individual people I know, that is beyond the problems. There is an excitement in the atmosphere as we talk about changes within ourselves... less self judgment, more loving attention to one another... currents of a better way of being a person, a more authentic way of relating and loving each other...
Report 2022: We were 9 friends in consciousness, on a regular Zoom call we title "Global Communion of Pioneering Souls"... Julie Heyman offered some background and read the Standing Women Declaration. It was energetically powerful... our bodies were experiencing the collective intention of that Declaration...
5 San Francisco California United States https://www.codepink
Where standing: We did stand on the Golden Gate Bridge (yesterday) on Mother's Day as part of our annual CODEPINK Mother's Day March/Rally for Peace. There were about 2 dozen of us.
The good emerging: There are still loved ones and friends around me that take action for the sake of a more peace & just world.
6 Pahoa Hawaii United States
Where standing: I stand alone in my home but feel the connection with wo/men around the world. May this vision manifest for our children.
7 Virtual International United States Global Communion of Pioneering Soul
8 Port Townsend Washington United States
Where standing: All at Unity of Port Townsend will stand as one during service as we read this declaration.
9 Richardson Texas United States
Where standing: We will be standing at the fountain in front of Richardson City Hall. There will be myself and my husband -- and hopefully others.
10 Livingston New Jersey United States
Where standing: I am standing alone because our Mothers Day group gets together in the evening. However, I am forwarding Our Vision to my family and friends so we can stand remotely.
The good emerging: I see my beautiful family, children and grandchildren, who care about Our Vision. I see them working towards its implementation for a more peaceful and caring world. I also see my friends who are committed to the values put forward in Our Vision.
11 Davenport Iowa United States
Where standing: 4017 W 29th Court Davenport Iowa. I'll be standing with my sisters.
12 Glens falls New york United States Adirondack friends meeting
Where standing: The Adirondack Friends Meeting will meet after worship to stand in silence and reflect on the ways we can deepen our quest for peace in these challenging times.
The good emerging: The Earth continues to provide.
13 Long Beach California United States
Where standing: I am meeting a friend. May be standing in a different city, but still in Southern California.
14 Manhattan Kansas United States
Where standing: We will stand at the peace pole at the corner of Manhattan and Thurston. At 1 pm CDT
15 Hockessin Delaware United States
Where standing: On front lawn.
16 California United States
Where standing: I'll pass this on to my networks. It's a basic stand that must be held by as many of us that can stretch our lives just a little bit wider and taller for the sake of the children. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do... Blessings...
17 New York United States
Where standing: So so beautiful... thank you... Standing with you all. This came through this morning: I forget to breath. I give myself away. Because I love, sometimes too much, I neglect my sacred clay. And for some moments, I forget that God flows in each little bit of who I am and who you are and in every breath, in every Star. So holding again to the source I am, I reconnect with the force I am. I find my way into this vessel's Ray. I shine in and all around. I shine above and I shine down. I shine because I simply am. I shine because I simply can. When I shine into me, this clay, I remind others to be free today. And to walk in Oneness along their way. And to be known, to be Home and to forever pray...
18 Colorado United States
Where standing: Yes! I will join you at 1 pm in the park. Thank you!
19 Washington United States
Where standing: I am so glad you're still standing strong. I do my part by praying daily for the Protection and Peace of the innocents. This is the biggest work we will ever do in our lifttime. Many blessings to you all...
20 Germany
Where standing: Standing with the women of Ukraine

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