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1 Glenwood New Mexico United States

The good emerging: My mantra for 2021 is Hope & Harmony.
Report 2020: In New Mexico mass gatherings in this Covid-19 pandemic are limited to 5 people. So I stood with a few of my masked and socially distant yoga students in my classic labyrinth which is located outdoors. We were careful not to be a super-spreader event. We gather at 12.55pm and walk into the labyrinth and ring our bells at the center. On the walk in we think about what needs to be done, on the way out we think what we could do.
2 Winnpeg MB Canada
Where standing: I will be at my daughter and son-in-law's home, standing in their back yard. I am so fortunate to be able to be with them on Mother's Day, as so many are unable to meet with their mothers. Last year, we also stood together, just the 3 of us, so this year will not seem like a small group! Thank you, in deep gratitude! Tanis
The good emerging: I do see people realizing the values of family, friendship, compassion and understanding. In these challenging months, we have the opportunity to realize what is really important.
3 Lake Worth Florida United States
Where standing: The idea of going deeply within to connect is calling to me. It is (t)here I really feel the plight of the Earth's children, my longing for their well-being, and the certainty that I join so many others who are holding and living into a more loving caring world. But at this moment of easing up on the lockdown, my daughter and I have decided to stand together at our usual place in Lake Worth... at the Plaza downtown, at the Martin Luther King Memorial, by the onyx globe of the Earth floating on water. If others join, we will stand appropriately 6' apart encircling the globe!
The good emerging: This COVID-19 Pause, with all its uncertainty and rumors, really feels as though the Earth is resting from the trauma of human behavior. Something different is being invited.
Report 2020: As my daughter Ariel arrived for our annual 'standing together,' another Mom and son came by and asked if we would take their picture. Reminding ourselves of the 'distancing' requirement, I took photos of them on my own phone (and they of us) and messaged them across the Internet to one another. In front of the onyx globe with its etching of people holding hands around the Earth, restating our vision for the children, our moment seemed intimate, yet archetypal. It was very clear that each moment of authentic relating IS the web of light we seek to create for the future.
4 Gabriola British Columbia Canada
Where standing: I will be standing in my home on Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada
The good emerging: In being a first time Grandmother soon, Gratefully, I see working with women not only strengthens the present generation, it strengthens future generations.
5 Conroe Texas United States
Where standing: I stood by myself on my backyard deck listening to the birds around me on this beautiful day while isolating from others with a poor immune system right now during this stressful time in the world. It was peaceful.
The good emerging: That the whole world is being forced into changes which I hope will be for the better. Change is always hard but changes will happen because of covid-19. I realized how much just looking at someone, actually seeing them is important to me in my life. As we, the human race, fight Mother Nature, Earth, she has decided it's time to let us know whose really in charge and she continues to lay lessons on us. My hopes are we start learning them sooner than later.
6 EVERETT Washington United States
Where standing: I will stand alone in my shelter in place at home. I will be in my garden near the front sidewalk.
The good emerging: My community members are mostly embracing the recommended precautions to protect one another from the unchecked spread of the covid virus. I am offering free face masks to my neighbors and more of them each day are feeling moved to request and accept them. People are also beginning to respond to their children's questions about masks by asking me for child-sized masks. I am very happy to make smaller sizes in child-friendly fabrics.
7 Weaverville North Carolina United States
Where standing: In my office!
The good emerging: A shift in consciousness to help us transition to a better world.
8 grass valley California United States
Where standing: A lone
The good emerging: Painter in Trust
9 Wasaga Beach ON Canada
Where standing: In my meditation room in my home, I shall stand. I shall be alone but with all of you in spirit .
The good emerging: I See families Spending more time together.
10 Seattle Washington United States
11 Hillsborough New Jersey United States
Where standing: I will be standing in the woods, next to all the new tree seedlings.
The good emerging: I still see regeneration all around, even though there are so many odds right now stacked against ecosystem health, Nature persists.
12 Burlington Ontario Canada
Where standing: On the north shore of Lake Ontario
13 Toronto Ontario Canada
Where standing: Toronto Anchor the light and the new frequencies For humanity, Mother Earth and her animals, the elements of earth, fire, air, water.
14 Croton-on-Hudson New York United States
Where standing: at home during this period!
15 yellowknife NT Canada
Where standing: Stand in my sun room in my home Alone
The good emerging: Calming
16 San José Costa Rica
Where standing: Alone.
17 Austin Texas United States
Where standing: As I do annually - under the shade of my pecan tree in my front yard!
The good emerging: As the pandemic continues to "break us open" - hopefully new awarenesses are arising - who, how we want to continue in this fragile environment.
18 Barnstable Massachusetts United States
Where standing: 240-242 Commerce Road. By the water. With my daughter.
The good emerging: Learning from the pandemic. Value of togetherness.
19 Maple Valley Washington United States
Where standing: I'll be standing with our son in the labyrinth at St. George Episcopal Church. God bless!
20 Columbia Missouri United States
Where standing: My husband and I will stand together by a tree in front of our pond. We’ve participated for about 9 years!

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