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1 Georgina Ontario Canada Link to site
Where standing: We will gather on the property of Nature's Pathway Herbs 58 Prout Rd, amongst the herbs, spring flowers and trees. Anyone who wishes to join can call Maria 905-473-2231
The good emerging: We will, again, gather in the name of peace on the property of Nature's Pathway Herbs 58 Prout Rd, amongst the herbs, spring flowers and trees. Anyone who wishes to join can call Maria at NATURE'S PATHWAY - 905-473-2231. PLEASE COME AND stand with us for WORLD PEACE & UNITY!
2 Tucson Arizona United States
Where standing: On my patio. Our Peace Circle individuals will choose their own places. no 1 gathering place. Del Joes
3 seattle washington United States
Where standing: My husband and I will be standing on the deck in our backyard under the cherry tree and willow facing east.
The good emerging: I am in my late 50s, an empty nester after helping to bring up four amazing girls. I see a world where all children are raised knowing and understanding that their dreams will manifest through the power of their own beliefs and that anything is possible!
4 Ocean City Maryland United States
Where standing: I'll be on vacation in Ocean City, and will be standing on the beach there. You're doing a wonderful thing and I'm happy to be a part of it! - Lurainya Koerber
5 new York New York United States People for a Peaceful Tomorrow
Where standing: If it's a sunny day I'll be in Central Park at w 96th and Central park West. If it's rainy I'll be at the NW corner of 96th and Broadway. I may have a banner on the cost of war produced by AFSC whcih we used last year too. Hope my fellow New Yorkers will join me.
The good emerging: By calling to mind our collective intention, we create more opportunity for problem solving toward peaceful solutions to conflict in every aspect of our lives.
6 Dromahair Co Leitrim Ireland
Where standing: On the shores of Lough Gill in the Northwest of Ireland, overlooked by the mountain where the warrier queen Meabh is said to be buried and an area immortalised by Yeats in the poem "The Isle of Innisfree".
7 Asbury Park New Jersey United States
Where standing: I'm standing in Sunset Lake Park, on 5th Ave., until someone brings a trailer or tent to stand for children to have safe drinking water, clean air to breathe and enough food to eat.
8 Blue Hill Maine United States
Where standing: ON the village town green in front of our local Town Hall. there were 45 wome, men and children present. We spoke and sang for peadce.
The good emerging: Peace for all; funding for health care and education instead of for war.
9 Long Beach California United States
Where standing: I will stand on C-Side with my fellow Wilson Students.
11 Vaughn, Washington United States
Where standing: Tenof us stood in the wind and rain at Vaughn Civic Center. I can send a picture, but have no address. Mary Krumbein
12 Mt. Sterling Ohio United States
Where standing: I stood in a quiet area of the Deer Creek Lodge, overlooking the lake. I held hands with my son and husband as we prayed for the world's children
13 United States

The good emerging: I received this Sunday night. When can we do this again. Don't want to wait till Mother's Day. I do this on my own, but something to be said for group energy. I am a Shamanic and Lightwork healer of animals, people and the planet. Write a Totems column every other month for 8 years now for Wisdom Magazine. Trying to get people to realize the reality of interaction with the natural world. On Earth day I sent out this msg to my email group: Cie Simurro~Thunderbird Starwoman OPEN ARMS HEALING PO Box 295 Shelburne Falls MA 01370 413 625-0385 HEALING & TRAINING Totem Articles Lead us from the unreal to the Real; from darkness into Light; from death to Immortality. May all beings everywhere be happy! EARTH DAY MESSAGES Wow! Here in western Massachusetts we have had about a week of waking up to sunshine and bird song, as well as going to sleep to the mating calls of the peepers (frogs) in every makeshift pool of water. Every being in the natural world is busy making nests, getting food (they're voracious after the hard winter), growing or just shining. It is a great resurgence of life. This renewal is a great gift from our Mother. On Earth day, let us take time to think about our relationship with Her. Earth Day is a good day to grow into our power of creation. Let our prayers be a statement of fact, in the present tense, which reflects the dream we would dream, of life on Earth – if we dared to dream it. Gregg Braden says it takes only 8000 people in unified alignment with this "already-done" feeling to change our planet. Each of us is part of the Earth – in fact, a creator of Earth. So, for Earth Day, how's about giving our beloved Mama our dreams and wishes for the most beautiful Earth environment we can imagine. On the inside back cover of my book, Totems for Stewards of the Earth, Owl is looking at us asking, Why Not? He says, DARE TO DREAM THE WORLD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN. Here's mine: I see that people have discovered the secret of happiness, and how to overcome sickness by truly experiencing ourselves as being able to have the goodness we want. If you are like me, very earthy, the reality right in front of you is probably pretty compelling, and you may not quite believe you can have what you really want. Just for now (and more later if you want), try replacing feelings of hopelessness and negativity with thoughts and words of power. If we're busy contributing by this playful envisioning of "what if", there won't be much energy left over for hopeless thinking. Do it for the Mother – just for one day. Listen to our friend, singer/songwriter Don Henley: How bad do you want it? You put a hold on happiness – a day, a week, a year. You've got to bring something to this party boy, if you party here! On with my dream: I see all beings treating each other with kindness and respect and getting excited about creating greater and greater acts of compassion and love for all. I see humans being able to communicate once more, with all the kingdoms and truly becoming what we were created to be – determiners for the other kingdoms – stewards of power and all the Mother's gifts. I see each individual being cherished for their unique abilities, which are fostered from infancy and offered to the greater community so that everyone enjoys their work. Creativity is used to develop things that make life on Earth better for everyone. I see humans living in harmony with their environments and all policy and industry being ever more creative about the "greening" of the Earth. Thousands of inventions pour forth to clean up and keep the environment clean. Those who profit will be those contributing to the benefit of all. Thought forms of scarcity are a thing of the past. The plant people replace all poisonous chemicals. All weapons of destruction are relinquished. I see that finally the rest of the Universe can communicate with us because we've matured! Finally we realize everything affects everything else in the web of life. With individuals happy – needs responded to - there is peace. With individuals taking personal responsibility, there is no need for restrictive laws. When someone hurts another part of the greater community, all his or her people meet to tell that person every good thing they have ever done, until that person comes back into his or her true self. The flowers also give essences to help humans shift. For those who of their free will insist on adhering to abusing others' free will, there is a proper place in the Universe for them to take refuge in. The rest of us will party here! With proper cultivation methods, including singing to the plants and sending love and appreciation, our food is so much more nourishing and so we eat less. No one starves, and we are physically fit. We no longer need to kill animals for food. They in turn, regulate their numbers naturally, forgive mankind their cruelty, and eagerly help us in our endeavors. Humans are grateful for their example, their innate knowledge of the mysteries of Earth, the rhythms of Nature, the subtleties of energy fields and the interrelationship of all things. What is your dream for the Earth? Today I received a transmission from Mother Earth for Earth Day: Message from Mother Earth By my very nature, I am unable to do anything but foster growth. The proliferation of life is my business. This is all-pervasive, for wherever there is an energetic opening, for beauty and growth, I am there fostering, tending, loving. It is not an action or an effort. It is the "ness" of my beingness. That is why, despite all the things that have been done to me, I am still well. I still exist in perfection. I am still able, where there is possibility and pure intention, to create food, to create life, to continue the processes that have been created from the beginning. Even geologically, there are rounds within rounds, within rounds, within rounds of creation that you are not sensitive to. Begin to open my children, to the power that is yours. Let us work together. If you dare to dream, be in the fullness of my nature, for my returning gift – can you see it – you will come into your true nature. You are meant to be a creator as well. Can you see it? Can you dream it? Can you do it? Loving you all, Cie and Thunder
14 Anacortes Washington United States Peaceful Solutions - Anacortes, WA
Where standing: About 20 men and women and 1 youth from our 5 year+ peace vigil who stand every Sunday in Anacortes, Washington from noon to 1pm gathered around our 94 year old grandmother elder to join with our planetary family in kinship and love, visioning the world we want for our children and grandchildren for 7 generations to come. is becoming an annual gathering where we energetically link to share our dream and heartfelt desires for world peace, shared resources, kindness among all living creatures and spiritual upliftment for all of humanity.
15 Yucca Valley California United States
Where standing: In the park near the Community Center. From 12:20 to 12:25PM.
The good emerging: I dream of peace in all the world.
16 Toronto ON Canada
Where standing: In a stand of trees, to the north of the Parkside Drive/High Park Boulevard entrance to High Park.
The good emerging: My dream for the world: where we will all be healed; where we will be living out of the courage of our dreams rather than the scarcity of our fears; where dreaming will be an honourable activity; where no one will be laughed at for pursuing their dreams; where we will support each other in pursuing our dreams; where art will be an essential part of the fabric of life -- for North Americans.
17 Durango Colorado United States
Where standing: In our Tipi which stands in the shadow of the San Juan Mountains on the edge of the High Desert of the south West.
18 Santa Barbara California United States
Where standing: I will be standing at the Rose Garden in Santa Barbara near the mission. I have so many good thoughts for hte world and well wishes to all. I see us all converging as one universal voice and the power of that is amazing and awe inspiring. I know I will feel it just like I did last year. I would not miss this opportunity fro the world!
The good emerging: To love one another and to have compassion for each other. To love is the way the world will mend.
19 Athabasca Alberta Canada Athabasca Peace Initiative
Where standing: We will stand at the Riverfront Stage beside the Athabasca River, in the common area downtown.
The good emerging: We study and learn peace for our selves, our relationships, family, community, nation and nations.
20 La Canada Flintridge California United States
Where standing: La Canada Memorial Park on the corner of Foothill Blvd. and La Canada Blvd. It is the site of a memorial to all from LCF who fought and died in wars since 1900. It is a busy place on Sundays and seemed the right place to be to pray for peace.
The good emerging: I am a 5O+ yr old woman with no kids or husbands but a full life with friends, family and a niece and nephewS. I am a protestant minister and am always praying for peace. We need to get back to the basics taught from the ancient texts, "love God with all your heart mind and spirit, and love your neighbor as yourself." When we lose connection to each other, when we prefer to remain anonymous, and not get involved in making the world a safer and more peaceful place, we have all lost a little of our humanity. We can hate war, but we can also remember that in the midst of war, many humanitarian missions were conducted and hope was restored in the most devistating of times. We need to act in ways that retain our humanity because when we begin to lose that. we are all in big trouble. I am saddest about the horrible content on the Internet that is fed by horrible addictions. It makes our children unsafe and I would like to find a way to shut it down forever. Little kids should not be snatched off the street corners or have to be sold for someone else's perversion. A perversion grow and fed on the Internet. The Internet can connect us in new and positive ways (like this) and it can tear us apart. I pray that I can find the right way to fight this fight.

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