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We had 299 events listed in 19 nations, including 63 organizations.

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1 Cotati California United States
Where standing: at a shopping mall
The good emerging: I am 75, and have taught and been a therapist. I wantt to protect children.
2 Mississauga/Greater Toronto Area Ontario Canada
Where standing: 150 south service road # 22 Mississauga, Ontario L5G 2R9
The good emerging: Be a Piece of Peace, we are a group of women/and, men who have been gathering for decades to do work, with The Mother Earth and, with one another to dream a new reality for a new world
3 Coombs British Columbia Canada
Where standing: We will be partaking in Earthdance in my yard in Coombs BC. on the 26th of September. This year's theme will be "Blessing the Children" as events around the world focus on causes that support children both locally and internationally. "Good parents give their children Roots and Wings." --Jonas Salk Give them roots to keep them grounded through tough times. Give them wings to soar above everything, explore new worlds and fly farther than we ever did. We will be reading out the STAND PRAYER just before we do the PEACE PRAYER at 4pm with the rest of the world. Donations over $100 will be going to the Nanaimo Child Development Center
6 Salt Lake City Utah United States
Where standing: Liberty Park might be a good place.
7 Silver Lake California United States
Where standing: I'll be in the mountains-in the sierras, hands lifted and joined with my sisters everywhere. Walk in Beauty kim
The good emerging: Hi I'm Kim Stroman, from Sacramento area in CA. Been a peacepusher since i was six. love All-tis easy for me-thus i do. Thank you Powerful Beautiful Women for the work you do. To teach our children-i have one and our grandchildren-i have five-to be kind, honest and compassionate with ourselves and others is all it's all about. kim
8 East Brady Pennsylvania United States
Where standing: We stood after monrning worship on May 10, our second Mother's Day Standing. There were women and men gathered on the porch of our First Presbyterian Church PC(USA), so that others might see us. We rang bells to begin and end our five minute Stand, and parted with hugs and promises to join again next Mother's Day. This event was sponspored and encouraged by our Presbyterian Women's circle.
9 Seattle Washington United States womenstanding
Where standing: Hello Sisters, In August of 2006 I started to stand on Sundays.......Now I walk everyday and stand somewhere here in Seattle with black combat boots and white flowers, I do this to honor those who have been killed and for the Intention of Peace. We are all engaging one another's strength and peace. Peace, Jude of womenstanding
The good emerging: I am a mother of four with eight grandchildren, a portion of my life I was honored also with being allowed to work for Hospice of Tacoma. I was one of the on-call nurses coming on duty at 5pm and going off a 8 am. Life has entered all aspects of this women..I am retired yet fully engaged...............Peace, Jude of womenstanding
10 Cookeville Tennessee United States
Where standing: We will be standing in the Memorial Garden at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Cookeville, TN. We will have to gather at 2:15PM instead of 1PM because of the Sunday mass schedule. This gathering is open to anyone from the area.
The good emerging: I am the mother of 2 healthy, intelligent, caring grown children. I don't have any grandchildren yet, but am concerned about the world that they and their children will inherit.
11 Austin Texas United States
Where standing: A small group gathered in a good friend's yard in north Austin in May 2009. We support this vision.
The good emerging: Our dream encompasses a circle that was formed in Austin on a sunny Sunday in May 2009, as our small group of men and women, who heard this global dream, stood for this vision. We felt each other, and the expansion available to each of us as we connected with each other, to the dream, and felt the web of light, the filaments of intention connecting us to the many other circles around the planet. Mahalo for this opportunity. As we move from the shared ceremony, our dreams are activating as we each find ways to feed and care for the children, create safety, end violence, and demonstrate peace.
13 La Mesa California United States
Where standing: I will be outside in our beautiful oasis patio facilitating a teleconference call with friends, clients and colleagues from many parts of Canada, United States and Mexico to share our knowing of what is possible to create harmony and peace right now in this moment by connecting our consciousness and energy and holding the vision. Thank you for organizing this wonderful event for all of us to share in. With much love and gratitude, Judith Onley
The good emerging: I have a daughter and a son, and three grandchildren with another on the way. I am a Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master and I have been traveling throughout North America devoting my life to facilitating people's connection to their Divine Essence. It is from that place deep inside us that we are able to create peace and harmony from within, that then manifests in our own lives and energetically reverberates out to our whole world. That is how we make a difference - by creating a resonate energy field that others can then just step into and align with. I also belong to a wonderful organization "Imagine The Good, who are currently producing a feature length documentary "The Heart to Lead - Women as Allies for the Greater Good". They are a group of women who have answered the call to step out of their everyday lives and change the world. That is what you are doing with Standing Women and I feel honoured and inspired to be part of your dream and to share it with others.
14 Reynoldsburg Ohio United States
Where standing: The women of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation East and friends and supporters of these women will stand in the church yard around our memorial tree to meditate on a safe and sustainable world.
15 Mount Vernon Ohio United States East Ohio United Methodists
Where standing: Along the Kokosing Gap Trail, with my spouse and daughter.
The good emerging: enough food, safe places to sleep, and a decent basic education for all - is that too much to ask?
16 Calgary Alberta Canada
Where standing: AFter speaking to children at Knox United Church about Julia Ward Howe and telling a peace fable from "A New Day: Peacemaking Stories and Activities", my husband and I walked to The Peace Grove situated on the Bow River. Here we stood in silence, then walked around a boulder in the centre of a circle of 12 elm trees. Afterward, I gave peace tattoos (from, a copy of Julia's declaration to a family there.
The good emerging: I write peace books for children and teachers and teens. I am the co-founder of Women in Black in Calgary and of The Art of Peace: A Camp for Kids. I am a member of The United Church of Canada, a liberal mainline denomination. To learn about my work for peace, please visit My dream is to keep alive the flame of hope in children.
17 Kula, Maui Hawaii United States coming
Where standing: We will be standing with the ancesters on this Holy Land that was, just some months ago, dedicated by many healers to support the intention of global healing and unity for this and all future generations.
19 San Francisco California United States
Where standing: In my home at the corner of Parnassus and Cole Street in San Francisco.
The good emerging: I dream that everyone everywhere will ask themselves daily, "How can I practice peace today?", and then do it.
20 Lubbock Texas United States
Where standing: We are standing at 4:00pm at Davis Park, 40th and Orlando today!

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