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1 Hadley Massachusetts United States
2 San Diego California United States
Where standing: Again, I will stand for all Women and will be on my deck with candles.
The good emerging: Yoga Rocks my World! As an educator and a life time supporter of Women's Stands. I remain proud and happy to continue to support women.
Report 2016: I stood in my backyard, thinking of all the women I have known and are who are currently in my life. I have a very small gong and would brush it very gently with the naming of each woman.
3 Santa Fe New Mexico United States

Report 2016: We stood -- 7 of us, men and women, in the midst of our Mother's Day Brunch - in a home in Santa Fe. We read the Declaration and had 5 minutes of silence. I was surprised how grateful everyone was for this message and for the silence, as I was a bit reluctant to suggest it at a home other than my own. We were very mindful of the world and it's suffering -- both people and the planet.
4 Downriver Detroit Michigan United States

Report 2016: Standing with family, and extended family, and in sending the declaration to friends to stand with us as well, discussion arose regarding our belief that thoughts are powerful and intention behind thought brings even more power. This prompted us to amend the declaration as it has been presented so that we would see it as 'already done'. Not to diminish the power of the declaration before us, but to support and increase it's power this was our wish and our contribution. As above, so below...Bright Blessings to each of you and yours. DECLARATION OF STANDING We are standing for the world’s children and grandchildren, and for the seven generations to come. We (dream of) ARE in a world where all of our children have safe drinking water, clean air to breathe, and enough food to eat. A world where they have access to a basic education to develop their minds and healthcare to nurture their growing bodies. A world where they have a warm, safe and loving place to call home. A world where they don’t live in fear of violence--in their homes, in their neighborhoods, in their schools, or in their world. This is the world (of) IN which we (dream) LIVE! This is the cause for which we stand.
5 Tucson Arizona United States Link to site

The good emerging: With the idiocy of political disenfranchisement and hostile power plays all around us in the United States right now, I see the turn to spiritual intention as a superior use of loving energy to offset the ugliness that abounds. Just think of the economic power we, as mothers and motherly women have. What if we all agreed to simply stop all non-food and fuel item shopping until our governments agreed to revise their military budgets to provide food for all people the world over.....we have tremendous economic power. That I dream of us being able to unite like that is a sign of changing times.
Report 2016: Carolyn Morgan and Linda Griffith stood at the corner of Grant and Country Club. A male driver of an 18-wheeler honked his horn and gave us a thumbs-up-- a moving connection to all those passing by and a sweet affirmation that we are greater in number than we know.
6 Hanksville Utah United States

The good emerging: My whole family seems to be in a mode of "spiraling up". For the first time in forever, we're all doing really well. I have a general sense of increased appreciation! Much Love, Kelly
Report 2016: I stood alone in my backyard. I felt very connected.
7 Plymouth Michigan United States
Where standing: Kellogg Park downtown Plymouth
The good emerging: Last year in downtown Plymouth, MI, USA, people of many colors, faiths, backgrounds gathered together in this common cause.
Report 2016: Stood in Kellogg Park at center of town. Felt full of joy watching families with all ages peacefully enjoying beautiful day of freedom. At the same time I felt deep sadness and frustration, knowing so many people in so many other places of the world do not enjoy freedom, peace or joy.
8 Belgrave Ontario Canada Renewal Retreat

The good emerging: Every day I see people choosing to create inner peace, through breathing consciously the breath of Life, connecting to All that is and knowing that we are all in a state of interbeing. I am blessed to run Renewal Retreat, a space where individuals, couples, groups of all kinds gather with a primary focus of creating peace on earth from the inside out. Even if people come here in a state of confusion and inner conflict, they recognize the only way to peace in their relationships, is the inner path of awareness and loving kindness to all living beings. Blessings to you and All, Therese
Report 2016: I am facilitating a Mindfulness and Education Workshop, we will be standing together holding this vision of the world that all children deserve, all living beings deserve. Peace, Therese Therese Bowler Renewal Retreat 85185 Marnoch Line, Belgrave, Ontario N0G 1E0
9 Santa Cruz California United States

The good emerging: Seeing and hearing the Feminine Rise Up and set limits with the male!! Thank God-Goddess!
Report 2016: I kneel everyday (almost) to pray and honor all those strong courageous women and girls who have been raped to death, beaten to death, etc. I had better stop now, as I will start crying. Thank You for all you do! Hugs, Patricia Chavez
10 He Sapa, near Sturgis South Dakota United States Association for Mato Paha Preservat

The good emerging: Live with compassion and love.
Report 2016: Mitakuyepi-- my Relatives My youngest son, Dawson, and I stood at one of our most sacred spots in the heart of all that is, the Black Hills, on Mato Paha, Bear Butte. I have stood every Mother's Day, since 1980, at Bear Butte. We prayed for all mothers and families in the world. We left offerings and thanked our relatives for our lives. May Tunkashila (Grandfather) continue to bless and support all the beloved women in our lives. Mitakuye Oyasin - We are all related
11 Kouvola Oravala Village Finland NonShamans

The good emerging: Get up, stand up, walk on, swim on, crawl on. Hope for the best, care of the worst.
Report 2016: A peaceful morning time of All Mothers´ Day by the bank of Kymijoki river. Preceded with some Yoga exercise, listening to water birds having their daily routines, remembering how it was to be a child beside flowing water, sometimes calming, sometimes also dangerous. I think I realized something about the connection between all living creatures. All things must flow, you can´t stay in the past. Only the Change really is.
12 Lake Worth Florida United States
Where standing: Near the Martin Luther King Memorial in the Cultural Plaza, downtown Lake Worth. The memorial is an onyx globe floating and rotating in water, the continents circled by an unbroken chain of human beings holding hands...
The good emerging: The chaos, inequities and divisiveness in the world have never been more visible. The need for awareness, love and unity has never been more apparent. I notice myself choosing to be with it all, and yet rise to love, whenever I can, and I trust that there are many of us doing the same.
Report 2016: I stood by the Martin Luther King memorial, the globe floating on water encircled with human figures. During the silence, I noticed that the continents and the figures were upside down, so I put pressure on the globe to right itself and bring the figures into their right positions. I 'felt and saw' the globe moving, as our hearts were connected in the vision of a better world. Thank you.
13 Belpre Ohio United States

Report 2016: Stood as a family in my Mother's yard, near a tree we had planted when she first moved there. The silence felt long and yet peaceful. Reading the words felt powerful and hopeful.
14 San Luis Obispo California United States
Where standing: Members of San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace stood in front of the Government Center on Monterey Street. We held a sign to let passers by know of the Standing Women project and message.
The good emerging: In our community a new homeless shelter is being built. Many social services will be available in the same building.
15 Red Deer Alberta Canada
Where standing: I will be standing in my living room by myself, thinking of all the children in the world.
The good emerging: People are beginning to help their neighbor a lot more than ever before.
16 Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Where standing: In my garden outside alone but with many in my heart.
The good emerging: I feel blessed to live in Canada & have good running drinking water from my home tap. I hope Justin Trudeau will bring Canada back to a country where we can feel proud that every citizen has good running tap water to drink, food on the table, education, safety & health care that includes complementary medicines!
17 Pacific WA. United States
The good emerging: I see awakening hearts and minds grateful for our precious lives here and how caring for others aids us to move into amazing grace now.
18 VANCOUVER British Columbia Canada
Where standing: I'm standing in my garden alone but with many in my heart!
The good emerging: I am blessed to live in Canada & have running drinking water from my home tap. I hope Justin Trudeau will help bring Canada back to a country to feel proud of for helping each & every citizen to a chance to have food, education & safety!
19 Gardnerville Nevada United States
Where standing: The hill behind my home
The good emerging: A growing conciusness of the importance of being present
20 Tijeras New Mexico United States

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