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1 Mountlake Terrace Washington state United States

The good emerging: I would like to have a conversation with one of the founders of Standing Women about an expanding event that I am called to host. I would really appreciate your time and love what you have been about. Sharon Riegie Maynard 425-774-1142 Thanks to Jeanie D. for the introduction
2 Hood River Oregon United States
3 London Ontario Canada

Report 2011: I stood on the steps of the church with a few women from the congregtation. Frankly, I felt disappointed that more people (men included) didn't join us. Perhaps next year we could make a better effort to mobilize them. It could have been a lot more powerful. Ringing the church bell was pretty powerful, though. I have a vision of all the churches in the city ringing their bells at the same time on Mothers Day, and hundreds of people gathered for the same purpose - a better world.
4 Santa Barbara California United States
Where standing: I will stand at the Rose Garden at the Mission.
The good emerging: I dream of a world where people have learned to understand and trust one another -- and because of that, people have been able to address and solve the many overwhelming challenges that face us today.
Report 2011: I went the Mission at Santa Barbara and stood in the Rose Garden, visualizing the children of the world and women everywhere honoring the divine feminine.
5 Sydney NSW Australia
Where standing: I will stand in my Meditation Room with my crystals and Sacred Objects. My daughter will stand with me- we have done this for some years now and the connection of energy to you all is both powerful and beautiful.
Report 2011: I stood with my daughter in my Meditation Room.We spoke of prayers and wishes for the future.In the silence I felt the touch of other energies and a sense of connection.Thank you all you amazing women,it was ,as always a special gift on Mother's Day.Heather.
6 Dromohair County Leitrim Ireland

Report 2011: At the annual Wise Woman Weekend in Ireland. We were about 60 women that stood at the closing ceremony.
7 Ballina New South Wales Australia

The good emerging: My name is Gabrielle Journey Jones. I am a mother of a 20 month old son Jai, and my biggest wish is for a world without violence for him and all children.
Report 2011: We read the wonderful words "we are standing..." during our meditation retreat on mothers day 8 May. There were about 30 people present. We all felt it was very important to acknowledge the world for which we stand, for the benefit of our children and everyone. Thank you for emailing me about this. I'm not sure how I joined the email list, however please keep me posted on more initiatives and actions.
8 Warsaw Poland

Report 2011: We stood in Skaryszewski Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Warsaw. There were 60 of us, women and a few men, whom we invited to stand with us. Before the "standing" we did the grounding meditation and sang "OM, SHALOM, AMEN", and after there was a lot of singing and drum beating.
9 Seattle Washington United States

Report 2011: Seattle Unity stood in Denny Park. I'm sharing the photo of us.
10 Vancouver Washington. United States http://body

The good emerging: I am a semi retired RN.still involved with my hands on, non-invasive individual teachings. For many years I traveled to Europe, mostly Germany, where I taught for a Gestalt Institute. I introduced a program for Psychotherapists to explore the integration of the body into psychotherapy. My work is Body Enlightenment and I developed it from my experience of many talented teachers and several healing modalities, You can read more on my web site if you wish. body I also write some on facebook I am an experienced public speaker and teacher/trainer. I am available for opportunities to share my experiences, some quite interesting. Betty Esthelle Phone;360 882 0690
Report 2011: I am 84 years old & have been a Progressive woman who often could be found protesting negativity & destructive actions of the times. I stood outside on my little patio with Julia Howe's Original Proclamation for the first Mother's Day in 1870. As I read it aloud in my best theater voice, I pictured my own beautiful granddaughters as foreground and then all human children surrounded by a healthy MOTHER PLANET capable of providing a safe nourishing ground for a new awakening to the ONENESS of ALL LIFE and the DIVINE CONNECTION to our MOTHER EARTH. I realized Julia's plea as an ancient cry deep in all of us, men & women, to be safe, supported, and capable to explore a life of Self Realization. How war and fear and competition have invaded the education of our human family. My eyes filled with tears as I confirmed my determination to continue teaching and living my awareness that Humanity is One Spirit connected, dependent, and related to every form of life on this EARTH, our mother planet. We, as women can observe how the Earth cherishes life and learn from her true feminine energy; receptivity, patience and the power of transformation. How to collect human compost and transform it into fertilizer. We can do it!
11 Iowa United States
Where standing: Union Slough in rural Kossuth County, Iowa, United States. I stood with my mother and my sister.
12 South Fallsburg New York United States
13 Lanai City Hawaii United States
Where standing: I stand for the world's children and grandchildren, and for all the genertions behind them and those to come. I stand with you.
14 Sarasota Florida United States
Where standing: I will be with my teenage daughter on my porch.
The good emerging: I believe in beauty and harmony. I believe we need to restore the joy of living, and that to do that we must take very specific actions to bring our minds and egos into alignment with our nature and spirits. I am a former dancer,a Montessori elementary educator, and a CranioSacral Therapist utilizing Energy Medicine and intuitive work. I assist to heal body/mind/heart/spirit of childhood injury in adults, and therefore to help them heal themselves while also healing the pathways of the children dependant to them. I have spent many years experiencing and observing the effects of our culture's lost way with children, and am aligned with the changes that are bringing the return of divine male/female balance, the power of feminine wisdom (including authentic mother wisdom), and the resultant care for our offspring.
15 novato california United States
Where standing: i just remembered and now it is 1:55pm yet peace knows no boundaries or time...i will stand with my dog atop a hill in miwok park where the indians lived along with nature and all kin...i will inhale this thro my skin and exhale it out into the world of us all and pray for all mothers, mother earth and all the mothers to come...and i will pray for the men who love women and the earth and the ones who have forgotten....
16 Boulder Colorado United States
Where standing: I stood with the women & girls of Community United Church of Christ. We invited the men & boys to join us after all the women & girls stood and they did.
17 Grants Pass Oregon United States
Where standing: We will stand in a Youth Correctional Facility, approximately 80 youth with 40 invited mothers.
The good emerging: I am a mental health provider and life coach working in corrections for a better world.
18 Beaverton oregon United States
Where standing: I'm in my home.
19 Dallas Oregon United States
Where standing: I will be on the Dallas court house lawn with my mother and my two daughters.
20 San Jose del Cabo Mexico

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