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  Josko Sestan
Intro / Bio:Greetings,

I have allways been attuned to seeking the answers of why I was in existence, I certainly never saw myself as the body and person that was designated a upbringing originating from my biological parents, I always felt I was connected to a higher force. Conditioned by the story of Jesus I grew up maintaining the principles of the message as best I could baring temptations and mistakes.

From my spiritual connection I learned that it was not important to believe in Jesus the man but his message and that the message has a consciousness of its own.

In 2001 I experienced a highly charged spiritual awakening where for about a year and a half I maintained a out of body spiritual state, in essence I felt the answers and ongoing questions to the answers of life and engaged in explaining both. This doorway opened me to becoming concerned at the state of the World and the relationships between people. I declared I was to create a movement that would guide as many as possible towards a discussion of what we would want humanity to evolve into rather than putting up roadblocks by sticking to the self righteousness of past dogmas.

Excepting even those that would turn away for a message of unification I witnessed the message "Love for all, all for Love" this became my motto.

I join this site reading the introduction and believing at face value that this alliance may help me achieve my desired goal which is to unite all religions to bring about the prophecy to bring peace to earth so that we can become the celestial being that we are and become qualified for galactic exploration and population of other worlds created for us by our creator.

My movement is called Optimal Unity - Opt I'm All Unity


Josko Sestan

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New:Tuesday, November 12, 2013
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