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  RhonnaLeigh MacKnight
Intro / Bio:I find it very troubling that so many lives are lost and so few are truly lived, due to the influence of humanity's most popular religious traditions and oppressive social systems they're used to excuse and perpetuate. The interspirit vision of bringing our world to the point where religious affiliation no longer divides humanity is compatible with mine of taking that a step further into loving so wisely and living so well that they're all rendered obsolete.

My vision for us all is similar to John Lennon's as shared in the song "Imagine", the only significant difference being that mine wastes no time and precious lives working to build more brotherhoods of men. I advocate for more inclusivity by friendship and by universalizing the languages I use (English and Portuguese, in order of fluency). This practice does more than anything else to remind people we're all born whole and fully equipped to eradicate gender inequality so that home and family life can be happily instructive. That one improvement to humankind's current situation is the most potent way I've found to help individuals discover the deity within self and others earlier than typically happens. And that's great for maximizing service opportunities and useful skills of all beings who labor to make life on earth a more joyful and less traumatizing experience.

I heard about Interspirit through participation at UBRON's Forum. UBRON is short for "the Urantia Book Readers Online Network. It's comprised of folks who understand and agree that religion is (or at least should be) personal, inevitably results in improved social service, and that the existence of God is discoverable by said loving service and exercise of Reason.

Interspirit's membership requirements impress me as better than UBRON's, in that it does not demand constant exposure to dangerously antiquated English usage. No one on this planet, or off it, needs to suffer the consequences of one more human mind being programmed for human superiority or male supremacy, which is what romanizing English does. As the altruistic cannot abide this, and conditions of our times are calling for more altruism, I foresee a steady influx of UBRON's and other groups' finest joining forces here through the years to come; and it'll be a good thing all 'round, I'm sure : )

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New:Thursday, September 19, 2013
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