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From: Fred Meagher
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Date: November 10, 2014

In ‘Journey to Save planet Earth’ with Lester Brown at the root of demonic disinfotainment is accurately attacked.

Mr. Brown has defined the core of our current mass media/political/cultural delusions regarding wealth creation as a cure for what is killing the entire planet; money as a goal in itself disregarding the context of its creation; money as a means to survive our own greed is indeed the cure. Maintaining eco-equilibrium long enough to produce a viable technical society that can be global without destroying its basis, is far from the ‘be fruitful and multiply’ that dominates the ill-informed and promotes climate change denial. To continue to defer the bill for our life style demands without full costing added to our accounts will bring a due date of apocalyptic consequences. Our current political situation between the informed and the denialists nihilists is also a media problem; to me; much more than an economic one. To inform those who by fear bury their heads in ‘business as usual’ in hope the real world is due to end by ‘Gods Will’; and so all effort to extend the life of civilization is demonic science; is the first step to establish the price and tax controls Mr. Brown demands. Hijacking the World Wide Web by media savvy youth must come first. Art can move the masses far beyond the reach of science and politics. The uses of what is now psychological warfare via advertising can be turned to uses beyond disinfotainment; the inaniation of the entire population in mindless consumerism.

To implement Mr. Brown’s plans requires a re-education of the world population via the Internet. To grab the attention of the mythologically dominated of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in their collective denial of science requires an approach using the imagery of religion. STEM trained thinking cannot replace the deep insight of an Arts and Humanities education. STEAM with the A as Arts and Humanities allows a freer comprehension not as easily manipulated by disinfotainment, as is the current crop of educated Western intellectuals. The War God of the Middle East will kill Us All if We let It.

With gods like these who needs demons?

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