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From: Bruce Schuman
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Subject: Universal Alignment - powerful image
Date: January 15, 2014

Just discovered this image today. I love this --

This is like -- the next step up from Axis Mundi

Yes, it's the vertical axis -- but it's also the horizontal axis

But then -- it's layers and levels of fractals...

In the bottom half of the diagram -- there is a series of levels, each one of which is 1/2 the height of the preceding level -- and this bifurcation goes into levels within levels within levels -- presumably down to infinity.

So -- the entire thing is like an "alignment cascade" -- descending from the Absolute One -- at the "top" or "highest" (most inclusive) level -- down through an indefinite/infinite number of sub levels -- down to "the local point" -- the individual human being.

For me -- this diagram carries a powerful capacity as an "alignment instrument" -- just as the author/creator of this image (who made this? I found it on Facebook with no attribution) suggests that "awakening to universal truth in the context of the collective" involves maintaining a high degree (or "perfect" or "absolute") alignment.

This is the integral cascade that can hold "all things" in unity -- including "all beings" -- and "all ideas".

This is the core of the bridge-building model we are exploring. Let's get our tree set up -- and then show how every religious doctrine is a set of guidelines for aligning the human spirit perfectly with the whole.

Every major religion is doing this -- in many cases, I think it's true -- "through a glass darkly". But we don't have to condemn or criticize those religions just because they don't fully see this alignment issue. Let's be humble. Maybe they can show us a thing or two as well.

But this "alignment instrument" is powerful and in its way, perfect. "This is us" -- as we form the unity Barbara Marx Hubbard is talking about when she says

"I think this process is a natural step in the way nature forms whole systems, where every part is so deeply connected to all others, as in a living body. It intensifies our love, and our spirituality, causing a quantum jump in consciousness and capacities. It is a systemic shift from Me to We to A New Whole."

I did find this image on her Facebook page.

"The more important it is to make sure that every aspect is in alignment"

This image shows us how to do this -- in this "step-down of levels" from the Universal and The One, to the Local and the Particular....

This thing we are doing -- we connect, maybe a bit roughly at first, through resonance -- and then we calibrate, we attune -- and we perfect this attunement, we perfect this alignment -- with respect to all others in the alignment ("all my relations").

This is a supreme networking principle. Maybe this image was put on the net by the lady with the Facebook page called Heart Centered Network

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