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From: Bruce Schuman
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Subject: Ascension Current
Date: December 9, 2013

Dear Ram --

Just wanted to briefly respond to your question -- regarding any possible "difference" between these emerging ideas on "alignment", and what we have have discussed or reviewed in previous conversations, particularly on the "Oneness" page.


In very simple terms -- I don't think there really is any "difference". I am just supposing that "the path to achieving oneness" emerges (or can emerge) through alignment. In your below list, I think this approach goes with your concept of "walk into it". For me -- moving forward in life through a gradual/incremental process of "alignment" is how I "walk into oneness". I think it could be said that everyone does that, in their own way.

But let me add -- that we have had some big complex conversations on this Alliance web site -- already, even though we are just beginning. And as Starr* has noted -- it's easy for this good material to get lost. This site is full of nooks and crannies now -- things get scattered and misplaced and hard to find.


So -- as a way to counter this confusion -- this new "comment stream" feature offers some options that I think make it much easier to review what we have already done.

There are some sorting features that make it possible to display selected content -- including "all the posts from the Oneness page".

I expect to add a new more features to that framework -- but right now, if you go there, select the "Page" option, then select the "Oneness" page, you will see that 60 messages have been posted there (there's 92 on "What is Integral" and 47 on "Sacred Activism"). You can see them all through the Comment Stream. Select the "full format" option (shows the entire message instead of the first 500 characters), and if desired, select "show 60" messages -- and you can see all the messages we posted during that very busy period. I will probably add a few more features to that system, to make it more powerful and more useful (change the sorting order, change the threading, etc). But if we want to review everything that was said on some theme -- this feature might make it very easy. Using this framework, you can see it all on one page.


What I am doing now, to advance this general cause -- is gathering up a hundred thoughts on this theme of alignment -- or, more particularly, "Axis Mundi" -- the "Axis of the World" -- which, I suggest, IS "the same thing" as the Hara Line -- the alignment of chakras -- the central energy current of the human spirit -- which when overlapped or "congruent" is the basis of Namaste -- and is the basis of the Oneness that can be developed among individuals in a group -- indeed, in a very large group....

All of this -- proceeds by a process of "alignment". Just keep adjusting your personal energy field, though an incremental exercise of karma yoga -- you move a tiny increment towards your center, I will move a tiny increment towards my center -- you move a tiny increment towards me, I move a tiny increment towards you -- all of this controlled and guided by the single universal standard of absolute truth that is this Axis Mundi -- the axial connection of the individual to the Absolute One.


The power in this "shift" movement -- is that it is or should be possible/feasible to coordinate this shifting process at a large scale --converging many souls towards a common universal (and absolute, since grounded in Oneness) standard.

This is a stunning thing -- if it comes together.

I do sympathize with Peter Daley when he expresses his concern that in this project we might drown in wasteful verbiage. Excessive wordiness IS a problem, that we are all struggling with. Overload is our biggest challenge. So we have to work together to synthesize something simple and clear -- and for me -- it looks like this "alignment" (or "axis") concept is the way to get there. It's a straight-line path, from wherever we are directly to the heart of the Great Central Sun. As we keep inching along, I'm doing what I can to rake all of this stuff in to one neat pile. We might get the entire concept clearly stated on just a couple of pages. Thanks for your patience, and if you get a chance, try exploring the options on the comment stream page.

--- On Sat, Dec 7, 2013, Ram Varma wrote ---

Dear Bruce, et all,

While I am glad to note the crystallization of your efforts towards the " Ascension Current", I am just wondering how does it differ from the Essence of the "Oneness Page" that we started to dialogue about immediately after the establishment of this forum? Ascension simply means ascending the four lower bodies; physical, emotional, intellectual and memories. To me, both of them aim at realizing the Unity-Consciousness and manifesting the Ascended Qualities/Virtues in the living of our lives; individually and collectively. Whatever name we want to give it, let's give it. But let's focus on Peace, I AM Presence and Freedom.....proclaiming our original inheritance of "Eternal Bliss" as the life's true destiny. In over-simplistic way, all it needs is a simple exercise in one's own silence/peace from the perceived reality of body, senses, mind, intellect and Spirit of a human being:

1. What I am NOT from the above combination?

2. What I AM from the above combination?

3. Contemplate on what you really (really) are.

4. Walk into it.

5. Experience it.

6. Just Be.

One can not help but note clearly that in Spirit, we are One, shining forth brilliantly. Distributing Divine Love by way of comforting, protecting, serving, healing, understanding and so on.....; here, there, every where. Ascended and really ascended both in Self-Realization and in its manifestation in terms of abundant life in all respects and for all.

See how it goes with you.

With Love and Gratitude........Ram


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