"We do know that, being everywhere and everything, God is necessarily in man, and that He IS man."
The Great Secret - Maurice Maeterlinck
Gathered and organized and introduced by JoAnn Kite
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An overview of humanity's nature and destiny.

1 "The more we observe how the microscopic world of living cells and bacteria interact with the macroscopic world of the planet, the clouds and atmosphere, winds, tornadoes, ocean currents and the great wild jungles, the more our vision shifts to one of a total and wondrous whole – a living organism."

2 "It is easy to forget that man has taken a look at his home from the outside only in the last twenty years and the profound and almost mystical effect upon the astronauts has been embraced by the species as a whole. We can see our planet as an exquisite, luminous, living globe hanging undivided in the silence of space. The testimonies from space bring home with a fresh impact just what a rare and precious opportunity of life we share within the planet as one whole ecosystem and us as a part of it."

3 "In reality there is only the Beloved, only loving." Meher Baba

4 "The real is ONE. It is a unity, non-dual and whole."

5 "The One, the Beloved, is both the seeker and the sought."

6 "In the beginningless beginning there is timeless, spaceless, dimensionless, all-pervading eternal and infinite 'Oneness'".

7 "There have been…individuals who have stumbled across an evolutionary threshold into what they see as the true evolutionary goal of the species. These pioneers have returned from their expeditions with maps and routes to the natural state of man and have shown where we originally came from, who we are and where we are heading."

8 "Each one of us who takes on the quest to understand ourselves could add something to the whole 'field'."

9 "Any who have entered higher states of 'Oneness' or the scientist who sees the universe as a holo-movement are right, nature is not separate or segmented in any way: it is a seamless and continuous whole."

10 "When one organism succeeds in an environment, it sets up a resonance, and similar organisms, either in the near vicinity or even in geographically far-removed locations, resonate in sympathy."

11 "So we say deep down the consciousness of mankind is one. This is a virtual certainty because even in the vacuum, matter is one; and if we don't see this it is because we are blinding ourselves to it." David Bohm

12 "The whole nature of being is really becoming; a moving flow which continually reproduces itself, a perpetual recreation and transformation."

13 "Crisis can be seen as a positive aspect of change."

14 "The Hindu sages inform us that existence is all 'Leela' – or God's infinite play. The essence of this divine comedy lies in the self-forgetting. By becoming a separate wave, God is playing hide-and-seek with himself. The play revolves around the exquisite piquancy of the 'remembrance' – that moment when God comes rushing around the corner and catches sight of Itself in the mirror. The final aim of evolution is for existence to re-awaken as Primal Consciousness, having tasted the novelty of creation, the restrictions and the sufferings from the contraction and the ultimate beauty of that image in the mirror. Evolution is simply the way back home."

15 "The hologram (Greek Holos-gramma, 'the whole message') can offer useful insights into the nature of what is felt to be the undivided wholeness of reality. This analogy allows us to comprehend a single, coherent and flowing whole which contains both consciousness and the external reality as we experience it."

16 "As consciousness moves upward from sense to spirit it becomes the spiritual heart of pure intuition. And it is this heart which finally unites with the One."

17 "Everywhere on Earth, at this moment, in the new spiritual atmosphere created by the idea of evolution, there float, in a state of extreme mutual sensitivity, love of God and faith in a new world: the two essential components of the ultra human. These two components are everywhere in the air…sooner or later there will be a chain reaction." Pierre Teilhard deChardin

18 "A new world is born. It is not the old world that is changing. It is a new world which is born. And we are right in the middle of the transition period, when the two overlap, when the old is still all-powerful and entirely controlling the ordinary consciousness. But the new slips in, still very modest and unnoticed – so unnoticed that externally it disturbs hardly anything…for the moment, and is even absolutely imperceptible in the consciousness of most people. But it is working, it is growing." The Mother, disciple of Sri Aurobindo

19 "New pictures are gradually emerging of a reality which might be synchronous, or a constantly shifting holographic mosaic. The phenomenal world could be more like a vast thought field, which changes depending on how we look at it. Reality has been elevated from that of a fixed and static noun to a fluid, living verb."

20 "In the world of the mystics there are some profound and beautiful maps which appear not to suffer from the ravages of time. Here we find a host of ancient and modern disciplines as widely different as Taoists, Gnostics, the Sufis and the monks of Zen. This diverse spectrum of human experience has been handed down through living teachings and scriptures with an admirable thoroughness. They all, of course, differ in details, yet the major landmarks and the terrain are uncannily similar."

21 "The overall data processing capacity is doubling every three years and if this rate is maintained, the complexity of the world network could approach the order of magnitude of a human brain in the number of its interactive processes or connections. In biological terms it is not unreasonable to conclude that human beings might well be the Earth's way of gaining global consciousness."

22 "Look at yourself with clear eyes and the rest will take care of itself."

23 "A disciple once asked Ramana Maharshi why he didn't preach his message to the world. He replied, 'Have you not heard of the saying of Vivekananda, that if one but thinks a noble, selfless thought even in a cave, it sets up vibrations throughout the world and does what has to be done.'"

24 "The undivided wholeness of existence is a holographic pattern of matter, energy, movement and space-time. Each locality of space, however tiny, contains…the pattern of the whole."

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Tracy Harris
Thursday, March 6, 2014
Being Radiant

What a lovely group of amazing work. Thank you for this.

betsy caprio
Tuesday, December 17, 2013
center for sacred psychology los angeles

I would like to contact Richard Roberts to ask permission to reprint the cover art from his Tales for Jung Folk on our website. We have a spiritual astrology section, and this would be a great addition to it--as an personification of the energies of Saturn. Can you help me find Richard? Many thanks, Betsy Caprio, D.Min.

Kathy Cholod
Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Vancouver, BC

We have a new book "The Coming Interspiritual Age" By Kurt Johnson and David Ord. Its a book you will want to read. If you are interested in the Intersprititual Movement this book is for you. go to http://www.geoffreybraxtonlittle.com/

Amy Shearer
Thursday, September 12, 2013
Canada Abbotsford

When someone hurts someone we love, our first instinct is to attack them back, that is not who we are... We need to learn to listen to our spirit and not our minds...

Pono Nicole Stadler
Wednesday, October 17, 2012
PONO Switzerland - Hawaii

ALOHA :-) how can i get in touch with the author richard roberts book of tarot and revelations? any suggestions welcome, it?s on family matters!

Maria Estrada
Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do you know where can I find books from Agnes Sanford in The Netherlands? Thanks for your help

Willem Peter Hartgring
Monday, November 21, 2011
The Dator Formarum Foundation Utrecht, the Netherlands

LS, I would like to contact B. Borchert personal. Would you know how? Kind regards, Willem Peter

Friday, September 23, 2011
none Al

Dreams are the things That makes up REALITY ?

Kuan Yin (as Channeled by Lena Lees & Transcribed by Hope Bradford)
Friday, June 10, 2011
Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin

"A helpful mindset is simple-living and high-thinking”, continues Kuan Yin. “Science is constantly evolving. There are now recyclable batteries, ink cartridges, etc. Keep up to date on the latest technologies. Be aware, set examples and create trends that will positively influence people’s lives and the environment. As I said earlier, however, this is also a discussion about love and developing a greater capacity to love. It can help everyone. We’re all one huge family, a great continuum. Don’t underestimate the power of the love created in your homes and families. This love has an immense potency, the power to influence other’s lives in a positive way.”-Kuan Yin

june maffin
Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul

Recently discovered this site through Circle Connections and thought others might like to know of another resource where inspirational quotations offer much "food for thought" insofar as the quotations are accompanied by Soulistry Soul-Questions ... questions which encourage one to go-within and reflect on the quotation from a variety of perspectives. The Soulistry book has just been released and is available on Amazon.com as well as other online booksellers and local bookstores. Thank you for helping me to share news of Soulistry (full title of the book btw is "Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality").

Roslyn Rus
Monday, June 21, 2010
Toronto, ON Canada

Dear Bruce: What a remarkable synchronicity it is, to open up this page, and find several amazing quotes from the much-beloved ecospiritual community of Findhorn! This is just another "coincidence" for me, as part of a seemingly-ongoing set of experiences regarding Findhorn and the Nature Spirits. Thank you for including the Spirit of Findhorn on your website! ... By the way, I have been trying to log-in to my page, so that I may update my email address, but am at the moment unable to do so; as of last week, I haven't been able to access my Gmail account, and have set up a new Gmail address: roslynrus33@gmail.com . I shall send you an email directly regarding this. Many blessings, Roslyn.

Samantha Paitakis
Tuesday, February 9, 2010
IlluminatingSpirit - Samantha Spiritual Gathering Westhampton, NY

At Samantha's Spiritual Gathering the mission and purpose is to empty the chalice/temple (self) of all things co-mingled on the Earth plane with earthly people and to Allow the self/being on all levels, to fill up with the Spirit of the Divine Creator... that Spirit which is enmeshed, saturated, and intertwined with your Spirit. Bringing that Spirit down into the Chalice of your beingness...your physical body as well, helps everyone to be empowered through their own Spirit guided by the Divine Creator of many names. The Global Network is a Gathering, sharing Spirit to Spirit and I am humbly grateful to partake in sharing from my space of Spirit. Thank You, Samantha Paitakis

cynthia f. davidson
Sunday, January 3, 2010
Touch Stone Center retreat sanctuary Rhode Island

Wonderful to find this site, via the Wisdom Page! We have a perpetual calendar with the same kind of quotes which you & your viewers might enjoy. Makes a great gift for under $20! And there's an daily emailed version (for free) which accompanies the printed one. Keep up the good work. You never know who's being inspired by your beautiful site. I know I was!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
health zambia

i have liked tha way the book changes peoples minds

Joseph Gagliano
Sunday, November 1, 2009
buenos aires - argentina

Let Synthesis be!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mrs Frankie Grod
Sunday, September 13, 2009
chez frankie Ottawa

Good work, The guidance and the transformation of the soul... The light of initiation... Thank...

marieta wybo alfaro
Thursday, August 6, 2009

It is a wonderful work! thank you

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bruce Schuman
Monday, May 18, 2009
Interspirit Foundation Santa Barbara CA USA

Thanks for being here. Many blessings to you, and may the wind of spirit always be at your back. And thanks -- to JoAnn, for the stunning work she has done here in gathering this vision.