"The Tibetans have a practice where, on the outbreath, you are actually supposed to mix the mind with all space, or mix the mind and sky. This means, when you breathe out, you simply feel your separate identity going out with the breath and then dissolving into the sky in front of you – dissolving, in other words, into the entire universe. It's very powerful."
Grace and Grit: Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber - Ken Wilber
Gathered and organized and introduced by JoAnn Kite
Take a few minutes to click through and explore this revealing masterpiece of visionary spiritual synopsis

Martin Israel

1 "The growth into the fullness of our own being is a growing into a progressively greater knowledge of the being of God."

2 "This is man's end – to worship God and to enjoy Him forever."

3 "Love is the most exalted knowledge, for it is unitive."

4 "This is the splendid vision of the mystic, that God is in all His creation, and we, in union with Him, can participate in the transfiguration of matter."

5 "The unique identity of each person (and created object) is never impugned or obliterated. On the contrary, it is confirmed and glorified in the eternal presence of which it is both an integral part and a universal whole."

6 "God reveals Himself to us in all guises provided we have the courtesy to pay attention."

7 "In or through His Spirit, God makes His immanence, or indwelling nature, known to us."

8 "Interpenetrating and transcending the world of phenomenal life there is an order of being that both sustains life and draws it to its final destination. The order of being of which I speak is all-embracing, having no finite parts, and neither beginning nor end. It embraces every created object."

9 "Faith is implanted in the spirit of man."

10 "The journey downwards into our own inner nature is the way to God….In this realised divinity there is eternal joy."

11 "We know most of God when we know ourselves best. It is the movement towards self-knowledge that brings us towards a knowledge of life."

12 "Love makes no demands, neither does it look for results. It is unaware of itself in its concern for the other, and its recompense is helping the beloved to be more fully himself."

13 "In the spiritual life you are confronted by a psychoanalyst who is your own soul guided by the Holy Spirit. When we are most abject we are also most receptive to divine grace."

14 "When we know ourselves we begin to live with meaning and purpose. The world expands, and our hearts respond in joyful radiance. This is the life abundant which alone is worth having."

15 "God is defined as that which is."

16 "All creatures live in psychic communion."

17 "Real freedom is far from being a condition in which we are in absolute charge of ourselves according to the personal sefishness we exhibit. It is a state of willed discipline to the highest we know, a knowledge that is innate in the soul, and which, through the gift of faith, is made manifest in our lives."

18 "Love is the keystone of the arch that joins the soul to God….in its working lies the meaning and destiny of all created things."

19 "The free will does not go into a state of restful oblivion and wait for God to do everything….The free will brings the personality under the direction of the receptive soul, so that the inner voice can make its wordless message felt."

20 "This is the deeper significance of the evolutionary process, that the human creature might re-establish communion with the Creator as a fully responsible agent infused with the power of God."

21 "Growth into the fullness of life is a graduated exploration into the meaning and power of love."

22 "That we are all members one of another is certain in the experience of the true self. For my identity, though unique, achieves reality only in relationship to the whole body of mankind. Thus the soul is, unlike the outer personality that encloses it in form, never circumscribed or alone. It is in psychic communion with all other souls and in spiritual communion with God."

23 "To know your true self is life's quest. When it is known, you have indeed grown into life."

24 "Love is not an emotional response or a feeling. It is a state of willed tranquility in which we can absorb the personality of the other individual and give of our very being to him."

25 "The great discovery that lies in promise for us all is the realisation of our true identity, that within each of us which is authentic."

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When someone hurts someone we love, our first instinct is to attack them back, that is not who we are... We need to learn to listen to our spirit and not our minds...

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Dreams are the things That makes up REALITY ?

Kuan Yin (as Channeled by Lena Lees & Transcribed by Hope Bradford)
Friday, June 10, 2011
Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin

"A helpful mindset is simple-living and high-thinking”, continues Kuan Yin. “Science is constantly evolving. There are now recyclable batteries, ink cartridges, etc. Keep up to date on the latest technologies. Be aware, set examples and create trends that will positively influence people’s lives and the environment. As I said earlier, however, this is also a discussion about love and developing a greater capacity to love. It can help everyone. We’re all one huge family, a great continuum. Don’t underestimate the power of the love created in your homes and families. This love has an immense potency, the power to influence other’s lives in a positive way.”-Kuan Yin

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Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul

Recently discovered this site through Circle Connections and thought others might like to know of another resource where inspirational quotations offer much "food for thought" insofar as the quotations are accompanied by Soulistry Soul-Questions ... questions which encourage one to go-within and reflect on the quotation from a variety of perspectives. The Soulistry book has just been released and is available on Amazon.com as well as other online booksellers and local bookstores. Thank you for helping me to share news of Soulistry (full title of the book btw is "Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality").

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Dear Bruce: What a remarkable synchronicity it is, to open up this page, and find several amazing quotes from the much-beloved ecospiritual community of Findhorn! This is just another "coincidence" for me, as part of a seemingly-ongoing set of experiences regarding Findhorn and the Nature Spirits. Thank you for including the Spirit of Findhorn on your website! ... By the way, I have been trying to log-in to my page, so that I may update my email address, but am at the moment unable to do so; as of last week, I haven't been able to access my Gmail account, and have set up a new Gmail address: roslynrus33@gmail.com . I shall send you an email directly regarding this. Many blessings, Roslyn.

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At Samantha's Spiritual Gathering the mission and purpose is to empty the chalice/temple (self) of all things co-mingled on the Earth plane with earthly people and to Allow the self/being on all levels, to fill up with the Spirit of the Divine Creator... that Spirit which is enmeshed, saturated, and intertwined with your Spirit. Bringing that Spirit down into the Chalice of your beingness...your physical body as well, helps everyone to be empowered through their own Spirit guided by the Divine Creator of many names. The Global Network is a Gathering, sharing Spirit to Spirit and I am humbly grateful to partake in sharing from my space of Spirit. Thank You, Samantha Paitakis

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Thanks for being here. Many blessings to you, and may the wind of spirit always be at your back. And thanks -- to JoAnn, for the stunning work she has done here in gathering this vision.