"By creatures we can raise ourselves to a knowledge of God." Richard McKeon, introduction to St. Augustine
Selections From Medieval Philosophers - Richard McKeon, editor and translator
Gathered and organized and introduced by JoAnn Kite
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Thomas Moore

1 "Having its own origins, educated by no one, without a mother, calm, nameless, having many names, living in fire: that is God." Lactantius (300 ad)

2 "We can glimpse God in the electric beauty of nature and art. That is how I became aware of the 'Thou' in nature on a day in Galway when I was lifted out of my usual state by the simple shimmer on the sunlit sea."

3 "Opening up the pores of sensation – or the doors of perception, as Blake called them – we might sense more in the world than can be seen with the literal eye. We might perceive the world's beauty, its presence as a whole and in parts in relation to us, and our family relationship to it. We might sense a stirring there, a spark – a scintilla, the ancients called it. We might sense, as Meister Eckhart said, an eye looking back at us as we look into the world."

4 "God is in the flutter of the butterfly and the sweet aroma of the honeysuckle, in the steam rising from the pot of potatoes on the stove and in the smells and sounds and passing light in every room of the house."

5 "I am aware that my choices and experiences come from such a deep and mysterious place that even in the most concrete and timebound moments I am more than I could ever imagine myself to be. The eternal plays a constant role in my everyday life, and so it takes no intellectual stretch to imagine immortality."

6 "A truly ethical decision, large or small, releases me from my imprisonment in self-interest and allows me to glimpse the eternity of the self."

7 "Prayer…is grounded and completed in an openhearted engagement with the world."

8 "Meister Eckhart describes prayer at its best as a sinking down into 'God's dearest will', a lovely phrase which of course can be taken naively but might also be understood as the affectionate and benign source of our lives."

9 "The old paradoxes express God's nature better than any plain statements. God is greater than great, smaller than small. God is the most transcendent being and yet the most intimate. God is beyond any image I might have and yet requires the best of images."

10 "The secret of finding the sacred in ordinary life is not in applying moralisms and ideologies to current affairs but in grasping the inherent profundity and indeed spirituality of every situation."

11 "We are born with the seed of belief buried deep inside us. Over the years it may go through many different external forms, but it is profoundly personal and not consciously chosen. It is inseparable from our angel, the guiding presence that Heraclitus said is our character and Wordsworth pictures as a star."

12 "In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says, in a phrase that inspires me in many different ways, 'Split a piece of wood and I am there.' When I literally split a piece of wood and smell the pristine aroma of the virgin pulp, I know that once again my senses have detected the presence of God. I also find there my original self and my entire world in microcosm."

13 "God far transcends reason, but he is well embodied in the sensuous world. To know the creator we have to know creation firsthand and not through the secondary means of logic."

14 "I simply trust the impulse to pray. It is strong and sometimes overwhelming. Besides, people all over the world pray. It is clearly a natural instinct and therefore can be trusted as valuable."

15 "The eternal quality of the most ordinary things allows our souls to enjoy the eternity of a moment in time….Everyday life is porous, full of holes that open onto the sacred."

16 "He who Loves feels love descending into him and if he has wisdom may perceive it is from the Poetic Genius which is the Lord." William Blake, 'Annotations to Swedenborg's 'Divine Love and Divine Wisdom'

17 "We pray because we can stretch beyond our narcissism, knowing that our life is a grace and that the mysteries we are born into ask for acknowledgment."

18 "God who is unnameable is not for that reason abstract. If God is in the heart of things, we can relate to him personally either in direct dialogue and prayer or through the medium of life and the world."

19 "I don't know how other people are, but I am always talking inwardly to presences that I take as real – my dead grandparents, an animal, existence itself, or no one in particular. I find myself in the midst of that otherness and I talk to it."

20 "He (Christ) shows a way to reimagine existence radically where we come into this world not to defend our egotism and separateness but to express our commonality with nature and with other human beings, where we are not anxiously trying to improve and succeed but rather embody the eternal realities of beauty and love."

21 "Every human life is a profound mystery. Deep and invisible currents make us who we are, and the world around us is full of secret intentions and laws."

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What a lovely group of amazing work. Thank you for this.

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I would like to contact Richard Roberts to ask permission to reprint the cover art from his Tales for Jung Folk on our website. We have a spiritual astrology section, and this would be a great addition to it--as an personification of the energies of Saturn. Can you help me find Richard? Many thanks, Betsy Caprio, D.Min.

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We have a new book "The Coming Interspiritual Age" By Kurt Johnson and David Ord. Its a book you will want to read. If you are interested in the Intersprititual Movement this book is for you. go to http://www.geoffreybraxtonlittle.com/

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When someone hurts someone we love, our first instinct is to attack them back, that is not who we are... We need to learn to listen to our spirit and not our minds...

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Dreams are the things That makes up REALITY ?

Kuan Yin (as Channeled by Lena Lees & Transcribed by Hope Bradford)
Friday, June 10, 2011
Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin

"A helpful mindset is simple-living and high-thinking”, continues Kuan Yin. “Science is constantly evolving. There are now recyclable batteries, ink cartridges, etc. Keep up to date on the latest technologies. Be aware, set examples and create trends that will positively influence people’s lives and the environment. As I said earlier, however, this is also a discussion about love and developing a greater capacity to love. It can help everyone. We’re all one huge family, a great continuum. Don’t underestimate the power of the love created in your homes and families. This love has an immense potency, the power to influence other’s lives in a positive way.”-Kuan Yin

june maffin
Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul

Recently discovered this site through Circle Connections and thought others might like to know of another resource where inspirational quotations offer much "food for thought" insofar as the quotations are accompanied by Soulistry Soul-Questions ... questions which encourage one to go-within and reflect on the quotation from a variety of perspectives. The Soulistry book has just been released and is available on Amazon.com as well as other online booksellers and local bookstores. Thank you for helping me to share news of Soulistry (full title of the book btw is "Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality").

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Dear Bruce: What a remarkable synchronicity it is, to open up this page, and find several amazing quotes from the much-beloved ecospiritual community of Findhorn! This is just another "coincidence" for me, as part of a seemingly-ongoing set of experiences regarding Findhorn and the Nature Spirits. Thank you for including the Spirit of Findhorn on your website! ... By the way, I have been trying to log-in to my page, so that I may update my email address, but am at the moment unable to do so; as of last week, I haven't been able to access my Gmail account, and have set up a new Gmail address: roslynrus33@gmail.com . I shall send you an email directly regarding this. Many blessings, Roslyn.

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At Samantha's Spiritual Gathering the mission and purpose is to empty the chalice/temple (self) of all things co-mingled on the Earth plane with earthly people and to Allow the self/being on all levels, to fill up with the Spirit of the Divine Creator... that Spirit which is enmeshed, saturated, and intertwined with your Spirit. Bringing that Spirit down into the Chalice of your beingness...your physical body as well, helps everyone to be empowered through their own Spirit guided by the Divine Creator of many names. The Global Network is a Gathering, sharing Spirit to Spirit and I am humbly grateful to partake in sharing from my space of Spirit. Thank You, Samantha Paitakis

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Wonderful to find this site, via the Wisdom Page! We have a perpetual calendar with the same kind of quotes which you & your viewers might enjoy. Makes a great gift for under $20! And there's an daily emailed version (for free) which accompanies the printed one. Keep up the good work. You never know who's being inspired by your beautiful site. I know I was!

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i have liked tha way the book changes peoples minds

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Let Synthesis be!!

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Good work, The guidance and the transformation of the soul... The light of initiation... Thank...

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It is a wonderful work! thank you

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Bruce Schuman
Monday, May 18, 2009
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Thanks for being here. Many blessings to you, and may the wind of spirit always be at your back. And thanks -- to JoAnn, for the stunning work she has done here in gathering this vision.