"God reveals Himself to us in all guises provided we have the courtesy to pay attention."
Summons to Life, Contemporary Christian Insights - Martin Israel
Gathered and organized and introduced by JoAnn Kite
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Virginia Hanson and Rosemarie Stewart, editors

1 "The instinct to progress to a better state of affairs, or a more ideal situation, is more than a human hope; it is an urge rooted in the primeval purpose of life….Man, despite all frustration and denial, is ever responding to newborn purpose, a new day, a new age, with new hope eternally springing in his breast – all of which testifies to an obligatory impellent latent in him, as well as in every other living thing, to achieve the perfect state." James Perkins, American commercial artist, 'The Rhythmic Return to Equilibrium'

2 "Each fleeting moment can be seen as an integrated whole of which we are a part." Laurence J. Bendit, 'Karma and Cosmos'

3 "Nobility, in the deepest and truest sense of the word, is the capacity to serve the purpose of a Greater Whole-in-the-making." Dane Rudhyar, composer and author, 'The Transformation of Karma into Dharma'

4 "To the one who has the eyes to see, London, Los Angeles, and Paris are just as spiritual and holy as Varanasi, Mecca and Jerusalem." Laurence J. Bendit, 'Karma and Cosmos'

5 "All necessary forces are available to each of us; being essentially divine, we can summon to our assistance the powers of divinity at any time we will. These powers of divinity are essential aspects of our own nature, not a part of life outside ourselves." Clarence R. Pedersen, 'The Source of Becauses'

6 "Everything has an inner balance and truth and harmony; everything, in its true nature, reflects that perfect equilibrium at the core of all creation." Virginia Hanson, 'The Other Face of Karma'

7 "Deliverance is to be sought within. Our powers lie there, enticed forth by circumstances arising all about us. Life is the Teacher." James S. Perkins, 'The Rhythmic Return to Equilibrium'

8 "This Cosmos is a Whole, including everything from the very greatest to the most minute." Laurence J. Bendit, 'Karma and Cosmos'

9 "Bringing together the laws of science and the truths of mysticism, Integral Philosophy contemplates the cosmic whole as a superorganic unity and self-harmonizing system of divergent forces." Haridas Chaudhuri, 'The Meaning of Karma in Integral Philosophy'

10 "Innate in all evolving life, is the eternal attraction toward attainment of archetypal perfection. This will-to-perfection is imperative in evolution, having been ceaselessly active throughout the universe from the beginning. It provides the orientation that guides Nature in the slow evolution of all forms and species toward their fulfillment." James S. Perkins, 'The Rhythmic Return to Equilibrium'

11 "At times it may appear we are chosen by our thoughts or emotions, but this is only because we have permitted the mind or the heart to move without conscious direction, a choice which can be reversed whenever we decide to determine consciously what thoughts will occupy the mind or what feelings will be harbored in the heart." 'Karma, The Universal Law of Harmony', Quest 1984, foreword

12 "True freedom does not mean absolutely arbitrary action or irrational choice….Rightly understood, freedom means our ability to act and live in the light of our own human essence, the inner light revealing the purpose of our being as a unique mode of manifestation of Being, a distinctive creative center of the cosmic whole." Haridas Chaudhuri, 'The Meaning of Karma in Integral Philosophy'

13 "Existence operates in terms of wholes – in terms of organized systems of activity and consciousness – which are all lesser wholes within greater wholes and at the same time greater wholes encompassing a myriad of lesser units. At the physical level we see the holarchic series: atoms, molecules, cells, living organisms, planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc. Each new class includes a myriad of entities of the preceding class and is itself one of many components in a still more inclusive class." Dane Rudhyar, 'The Transmutation of Karma into Dharma'

14 "Choice – self-conscious choice – is a specifically human capability; to abrovate our right to choose between alternatives, even the right to say no to all choices, is to forfeit some part of our humanity." Joy Mills, foreword

15 "Ever turn away from the imperfections of your neighbour and centre rather your attention upon your own short-comings in order to correct them and become wise." H. P. Blavatsky

16 "Through harmony every living thing in Nature is flashing its meaning in the total scheme of life." James Perkins, American commercial artist, 'The Rhythmic Return to Equilibrium'

17 "There is perfect justice throughout the whole universe." Laurence J. Bendit, 'Karma and Cosmos'

18 "Victor Frankl, in 'Man in Search of Meaning', points out that the inalienable freedom to choose one's attitude of mind persists, even in a Nazi prison camp." Laurence J. Bendit, 'Karma and Cosmos'

19 "A creative acceptance of life's patterns can grow out of an alert awareness of the eternally constructive purpose in the universe." James S. Perkins, 'The Rhythmic Return to Equilibrium'

20 "The universe turns as one (which is the root meaning of the word 'universe') and we all live in one element." Virginia Hanson, 'The Other Face of Karma'

21 "Nothing is separate from anything else, and every conceivable entity, micro- or macrocosmic, is related to every other entity at all levels. The basic fact of existence, at any level our minds can imagine, is not only the interrelatedness, but the interpenetration of all there is." Dane Rudhyar, composer and author, 'The Transmutation of Karma Into Dharma'

22 "If we learn how to consciously cooperate with the creative force of planetary evolution as it is shaping up with the passage of time, mankind's age-old dream of the kingdom of heaven on earth, i.e., an internationally unified world order controlled by the power of truth, justice and love, can inevitably come true." Haridas Chaudhuri, 'The Meaning of Karma in Integral Philosophy'

23 "We (may) aim at a petty end quite aside from the public good, but our act arranges itself by irresistible magnetism in a line with the poles of the world." Ralph Waldo Emerson, 'Compensation'

24 "All form part of the One Life and there is nothing outside it." Arthur Robson, 'Infinite Continuity in Multimillionfold Diversity'

25 "Man holds in the depth of his being a profound spiritual potential, a divine spark for endless perfectibility." Haridas Chaudhuri, 'The Meaning of Karma in Integral Philosophy'

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What a lovely group of amazing work. Thank you for this.

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I would like to contact Richard Roberts to ask permission to reprint the cover art from his Tales for Jung Folk on our website. We have a spiritual astrology section, and this would be a great addition to it--as an personification of the energies of Saturn. Can you help me find Richard? Many thanks, Betsy Caprio, D.Min.

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When someone hurts someone we love, our first instinct is to attack them back, that is not who we are... We need to learn to listen to our spirit and not our minds...

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Dreams are the things That makes up REALITY ?

Kuan Yin (as Channeled by Lena Lees & Transcribed by Hope Bradford)
Friday, June 10, 2011
Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin

"A helpful mindset is simple-living and high-thinking”, continues Kuan Yin. “Science is constantly evolving. There are now recyclable batteries, ink cartridges, etc. Keep up to date on the latest technologies. Be aware, set examples and create trends that will positively influence people’s lives and the environment. As I said earlier, however, this is also a discussion about love and developing a greater capacity to love. It can help everyone. We’re all one huge family, a great continuum. Don’t underestimate the power of the love created in your homes and families. This love has an immense potency, the power to influence other’s lives in a positive way.”-Kuan Yin

june maffin
Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul

Recently discovered this site through Circle Connections and thought others might like to know of another resource where inspirational quotations offer much "food for thought" insofar as the quotations are accompanied by Soulistry Soul-Questions ... questions which encourage one to go-within and reflect on the quotation from a variety of perspectives. The Soulistry book has just been released and is available on Amazon.com as well as other online booksellers and local bookstores. Thank you for helping me to share news of Soulistry (full title of the book btw is "Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality").

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Dear Bruce: What a remarkable synchronicity it is, to open up this page, and find several amazing quotes from the much-beloved ecospiritual community of Findhorn! This is just another "coincidence" for me, as part of a seemingly-ongoing set of experiences regarding Findhorn and the Nature Spirits. Thank you for including the Spirit of Findhorn on your website! ... By the way, I have been trying to log-in to my page, so that I may update my email address, but am at the moment unable to do so; as of last week, I haven't been able to access my Gmail account, and have set up a new Gmail address: roslynrus33@gmail.com . I shall send you an email directly regarding this. Many blessings, Roslyn.

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At Samantha's Spiritual Gathering the mission and purpose is to empty the chalice/temple (self) of all things co-mingled on the Earth plane with earthly people and to Allow the self/being on all levels, to fill up with the Spirit of the Divine Creator... that Spirit which is enmeshed, saturated, and intertwined with your Spirit. Bringing that Spirit down into the Chalice of your beingness...your physical body as well, helps everyone to be empowered through their own Spirit guided by the Divine Creator of many names. The Global Network is a Gathering, sharing Spirit to Spirit and I am humbly grateful to partake in sharing from my space of Spirit. Thank You, Samantha Paitakis

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Wonderful to find this site, via the Wisdom Page! We have a perpetual calendar with the same kind of quotes which you & your viewers might enjoy. Makes a great gift for under $20! And there's an daily emailed version (for free) which accompanies the printed one. Keep up the good work. You never know who's being inspired by your beautiful site. I know I was!

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i have liked tha way the book changes peoples minds

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Let Synthesis be!!

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Good work, The guidance and the transformation of the soul... The light of initiation... Thank...

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It is a wonderful work! thank you

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Bruce Schuman
Monday, May 18, 2009
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Thanks for being here. Many blessings to you, and may the wind of spirit always be at your back. And thanks -- to JoAnn, for the stunning work she has done here in gathering this vision.