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The world is discovering a new basis for community and shared understanding. Emerging as a deeply instinctive response to intercultural encounter and diversity, people are learning to build tender and wise relationships in ways that span and transcend the ancient basis of division among diverse social groups.

This "coming together" can take different form in different situations. For some people, with less attachment to specific ideas or religious traditions, this process may seem simple and natural. For others, with a strong commitment to a specific belief system, this process of convergence into a shared understanding may be more difficult. But we are discovering that anyone can enter into this process, regardless of their tradition or culture. All the greatest and most honored religious traditions of this planet point towards this wordless and unnamed common ground, where human beings can innocently share the fruits of their understanding. Our convergence project is driven by this instinct, and an unfolding and increasingly conscious awareness everywhere that the foundation of our shared humanity can be known and experienced in ways that honor all the diverse traditions.


Developing harmony and spiritual attunement in a diverse group context
We are beginning to explore the possibility of entering into a kind of shared or group spirituality, that is not based on ideological agreement or "believing in the same things" (because in many cases, we do not) -- but in adopting a spiritual attitude or "posture" that tends to open individual people to the presence or awareness of divine energy. Based on our experience, we sense that this approach can lead individual people into attunement with their own divine nature, and, when adopted by a group, can lead to a shared or group attunement.

Co-creativity and the future
One motivation for exploring this possibility is our belief that the best ideas for our shared and collective human future should and can emerge from a "co-creative" process, that brings every interested person into a collaborative process that is led forward by divine experience and grace. Can and should spirituality be a contributing factor and source of guidance, as world civilization moves forward into a new global century? We are supposing that the answer should probably be "yes", and we are looking for wise and graceful ways to make this possible.

After years of study and experience, one central idea regarding collective spirituality is becoming clearer. We call this idea "resonance", and its essential idea is a energetic connection between people that emerges and becomes strong when spiritual attunement is in focus.

Our agreement
The experience of resonance within a group is amplified and strengthened when members of the group are sensitive to one another, and follow a practice of "sacred listening". To strengthen this process, and make it clearer, we are beginning to develop a "Resonance Agreement" between our members, inviting everybody to check off principles and practices they agree with or accept. As this project expands, we will be exploring ways to introduce this agreement into the world as a fundamental basis for community development and creating peace in the world. You can learn more about resonance by clicking here.


This set of options is emerging through suggestions from our participants, and through insights gained from our pimary sources.

In the context of my spiritual relationship with people (check options with which you are comfortable):

1. I agree to honor silence and time for reflection.
2. I will honor the presence of other people and listen carefully to what they say.
3. I agree to allow one person to speak at a time, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity.
4. I agree to be honest, truthful and open, within the limits of confidentiality and discretion.
5. I agree to suspend status. Everyone is an equal partner in the discussion.
6. I will listen to understand, not to agree with or believe.
7. I agree to honor confidentiality. What is told to me in confidence will remain private.
8. To insure that I am sensitive to what is actually said, I agree to listen without judgment.
9. When I am listening, I agree to suspend assumptions and listen accurately.
10. I agree to speak from my own personal experience and not merely of what I have read or been told.
11. I will speak for myself and not presume to speak for others.
12. I will ask clarifying questions if I do not understand.

Report from the Convergence is sponsored by the Interspirit Foundation
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