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Weaving a World that Works

The phrase "a world that works for everyone" is often credited to EST founder Werner Erhard. It's a strong idea that makes sense to a lot of people, and there are idealistic and activist groups all over the world that echo this phrase.

But it's interesting to take the idea one step further, into a concept that might have been initially expressed in the early days of the women's organization "Gather the Women". This group was in part organized by computer activists, and their conference theme in 2003 was "WWW - Weaving a World That Works".

For internet visionaries, this idea remains an inspiration, and it suggests a possibility for volunteer organizing that might become astonishingly influential if we can get it off the ground.

A Vision of Teamwork and Collaboration

Here's a strategy for idealistic world transformation that could work:

  • We refine and polish our core agenda - what we propose to do, how we propose to do it, why we believe it will work. We make it simple, believable, credible. We get behind it. We work out the details. We refine it down to less than a page of simple text - maybe just half a page. We make it direct, simple, clear, and activist. It's strong, it's clear, it's persuasive, it's magnetic. People get it, and they say yes...

  • As we continue to unfold and refine this integral agenda, we are naturally led to make contact with individuals and organizations in every sector described in in our mission - religious, spiritual, wisdom, philosophical groups - in all their implications for world transformation. There are individuals and organizations all over the world today, in each of these sectors, that are reaching for one another, and looking for ways to exert transformative influence. One of our objectives is to reach these groups, and help interconnect and inspire them.

  • As we continue moving in this direction, we continue to present this core vision and thesis to people - to people from any cultural or demographic group or organization we find interesting. We listen to them all. We learn from them all. We assimilate energy and insight from them all. We continue to refine our agenda, and we draw them in. We excite their participation. And we begin to attract volunteer outreach workers with instincts to expand this vision in every direction.

  • Our holistic integral vision shows how these groups can relate to one another. We can see how the pieces fit together. Our vision shows how each of these groups brings a critical piece of a larger "puzzle". Each of these groups is a factor in the total spectrum of human understanding, and each one is needed and plays a important role, each with its own community and constituency.
Entrain Existing Motivation

  • All over the world, there are existing groups advocating for particular facets of this larger agenda. These groups have a vision, an idea, something they are pushing for, that is often very consistent with our vision - and could be understood as an aspect or dimension of it. No one person, no one group, can hope to acheive mastery on every specialized skill and helpful advocacy position that is called for today. Our mission is to contact these groups, express our appreciation and respect for their work, and invite them into our larger transformative resonant field - wherever possible linking them to other participants anywhere who share part or all of their motivation. In this way, we can create a truly holistic and integral forcefield for constructive social change - in a form that takes on all the issues, that touches all the bases, that draws together all the constructive creative force for social change...
Community Weavers

  • And the role of our volunteers - imagine a network of 50 or 100 or 500 visionary volunteers, who are excited about this integral agenda, and who want to be part of making it come true in the world. These might be people with basic internet and personal skills, and some free time available for volunteering. Maybe they are retired or senior people, maybe they are people with special challenges who might be less mobile but have a passion to contribute - who find the time to sit at their desk for a few hours every week - making phone calls, sending emails, researching internet sites - and essentially "making cold calls" to invite organizations and people from everywhere to consider becoming involved in our large-scale project.

    We create tools for them, support them, encourage them, come up with creative ideas for them. And the energy snowballs...

  • A network of volunteers - "community weavers" - working when they have the time, working with templates we offer them or improvising within limits as guided by the spirit. This could work. Get 100 people spending a few hours every week, sending out basic visionary material explaining these ideas, making phone calls, contacting local groups and leaders in person, inviting participation from hopeful and idealistic groups and individuals everywere - and we could "build a mighty wave" for integral spiritual transformation.

This is simple. It's intuitive. It's natural. It's organic.

This could work. It really could.

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