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The Integral Vision
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"The Evolutionary Voice"

Our intention is to transcend differences that divide us – race, religion, politics, beliefs, culture – to acknowledge, experience and honor the essential bond that unites us all as one interdependent organism. We also intend to evolve in both consciousness and action so that each of us learns to perceive the whole, relate to others in wholeness, widen our definition of ‘we’ to be all inclusive and become evolutionary leaders for a peaceful, holistic, sustainable world.

Evolutionary Leaders for their 11/1/11 Worldwide Meditation

We are identifying major themes -- "segments" or "sectors" or "dimensions" or "influences" -- which are coming together through this converging process. For now, we have identified 5 major areas we want to talk about, and a growing number of other themes or subjects that are also bringing their contribution and tending towards the integral convergence.

These major themes are

There are many other related themes that are influencing this process - and which we expect will influence us, among them including
  • Indigeneous spirituality and wisdom
  • "Group process" -- circles, theories and visions of democracy, mediation, dialogue, Appreciative Inquiry, World Cafe, Open Space
  • Cross-correlation of multiple perspectives on issues
  • Depth psychology and studies of mythology
  • Epistemology, semantics, theories of language
  • Ideas and experiences regarding "resonance" in group process
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Vision of community
  • Interfaith - relationships between religious traditions
  • Mystical symbolism and its interpretation
  • Right brain / left brain
  • Ideas and vision of universal yoga-- ideas regarding chakras and energy and alignment
  • Alternative healing, mind/body psychology
  • The "spiritual but not religious" movement
  • Women's groups and circles
  • Divine Feminine
  • Conscious Evolution
  • Resonant alignment of individual and group chakras
  • All forces related to globalization
  • New ideas on economy and cooperation, the "cooperative" movement
  • System theory, cybernetics
  • Visions of electronic democracy
  • Science and religion
  • Religion in politics
  • "SynCon" - "Synergetic Convergence"
  • New models of democracy and self-governance
  • Unity in diversity
  • Healing power of sound
  • The many and the one
  • The great chain of being
  • Co-creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Visions of center, coordinate systems and axes, Axis Mundi
  • Concepts of self-realization and collective realization, group resonance, "planetary pentecost"
  • Synergistic integration
  • Internet power and an emerging new potential for teamwork and collaboration
National and global crisis - tending to drive creative thinking and the search for new solutions and "outside the box" ideas
  • Financial crisis
  • Ecological crisis -- global warming, extinction, pollution
  • Governmental gridlock
  • Weakness or collapse of traditional sources of ethical guidance
  • Over-population
  • Social fragmentation, political gerrymandering
  • Interreligious warfare and religious extremism
  • Lack of resources -- water rights, water availability
  • Global "oligarchy" -- domination or rule of the world by a small vastly wealthy elite
  • Nuclear pollution
  • Terrorism
  • War, anger, raging human karma
  • Failing or collapsing infrastructure
  • Social problems, including education, obeisity, drug abuse, sexual abuse and trafficking
  • Converging in many ways, and led by inspiration and all these and other influences, a new "People's Movement" can emerge
  • This movement will involve local groups and internet groups
  • This movement will be informed by a very broad array of sources
  • This movement will embrace specialists with expertise in every particular issue affecting social welfare
  • This movement will find ways to approach complex and divisive issues in balanced and holistic ways
  • This movement will come together in ways that help thousands or millions of people enter into a process of Weaving a World that Works for Everyone
  • At the core, this movement will involve a profound and brilliant new spirituality, influenced by all these factors
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