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  Michael Ellis
Intro / Bio:Dr Michael Ellis is a medical doctor, futurist, and peace worker, living in Melbourne Australia, where he practices Integrative Medicine. He has a special interest in mind/ body medicine and in optimising the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual. He founded the Global Peace Centre in 2009 and New Paradigm Journal in 2006 Dr Ellis organised a conference at Deakin University Melbourne on “Shaping the Future”in November 2012. Key speakers included Mr Philip Wollen AO, Dr JJ Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak of Academy for Future Sciences as well as Michael Jackson (Futurist) As Co-Executive. Producer of “Shaping the Future Global”, in December 2012, ,he interviewed key international experts and luminaries on topics relating to Global peace, Spirituality, sustainability and healing. This was conducted over a two weekend period , on live internet streaming. The Co-Producer was Steven Zuckerman.

He is in the midst of writing the book called Exploring the mind of GOD - crossing the final frontier. This brings together a new vision of humanity transcending the current modes of how we see and calibrate ourselves as we move into a reassessment of who we really are and our connection with the living universe. It covers medicine, healing, geopolitics and our deep connection with the field. Excerpts of this book is also being blogged

He loves The Great Galah Story, is a wonderful funny book . It expresses the concept that that the greatest unfulfilled potential on our planet is the human mind and yet we treat each other as commodities, collateral damage and data for economic rationalism rather than real people The Great Galah Story Gallanstein. The Elder has a great story for us all to identify with. The Galah is a bird which is much misrepresented. It’s always been our battle cries of the "Free the Galah Movement" that we wish to free the Galahs, -- free them from their cages, persecution and misrepresentation of them by the human beings. We have a story here that starts in the mists of time and represents courage, heroism and compassion which even human beings can comprehend. This bird called Grayling, as Gallanstein. The Elder said , has a great story for us all to identify with. It was narrated by the great Gallanstein himself, pecked in perfection on pristine parchment.Please find the link to this book below:

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