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 Mr. Ram P. Varma
Intro / Bio:My name is Ram Varma, from Toronto, Canada. I have been at UCS for quite a few years. Core to Core relationships/interactions is my much cherished key modus-operandi. All is One. There is no separation between us; parts of the same Whole/One. I have been sharing and facilitating the same intrinsic Essence of "I AM" for many years. And celebrating the glories of One Divine Love that unites us all. As and when the debris that we have been carrying in ignorance are being washed out by the DIvine Light, and we begin to flow with the momentum, acceleration and beauty of the Divine Flow, we are effortlessly wrapped up with the Truth of the Purity and Perfection of the Universal Spirit. And we are all individual spirits; parts and parcels of the same One from where we all come and to the same One we all merge with.

Each individual Lifestream has Divine Will, Divine Wisdom and Divine Love embedded at the altar of our Hearts. As the darkness of ignorance begins to evaporate with sacred fire, self-efforts, and Divine Grace, individual Consciousness begins to expand, expand and expand. Its dazzling splendor then begins to shine as the intrinsic Interspirit Alliance.

May we all bathe into this liquid light of Divine Love and bask into the mothering and caressing rays of Divinity and Inter-Connectivity available to all of us at all time every where!

With Love and Gratitude......Ram

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New:Sunday, September 22, 2013
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