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 Mr. Gerald Dillenbeck
Intro / Bio:The value of our exhalation, however vast, is always, even at its culminating capacity, at least a bit less than the value of our inhalation. If that ceases to be true, then we no longer exist as a separately incorporated entity.

It is when our freedom to be united is overwhelmed by our freedom from each other that we are most close-topographically, claustrophobically, caged.

Imagine a conversation between Thomas Kuhn and Julian Jaynes, facilitated by Buckminster Fuller. Kuhn leads us back in time to the primordial P.I.E. evolutionary root of metric value, as "pi". Jaynes reminds us that our earliest mathematician/philosophers would not have recognized a concept of "Core Vector," or "Boson" as an entity distinct from our global metaphysical, and "essence", root, either as a species, or as an intrinsically connected planet. Together, they will enthusiastically achieve consensus (where "3", act as one) that, at least historically speaking, the forgotten metric assumption in today's Millennium Challenge is that Non-Polynomial Time emerged out of Polynomial Time, so whether or not P=NP depends on whether you are calculating in P.I.E., or in A.D. In P.I.E., today's "space" = (0), and "pi" = "1" complete Core Vector, and (0) = 1 = Yin/Yang, as understood in any one rational human moment. This sounds familiar to Fuller...perhaps something to do with William Thurston's Geometric Manifolds. Could we have come full circle, historically speaking? If so, does that once again pose the prospect of re-valuing "pi" as "1", in a Yang/Yin-to the 3rd power-based Universe=+1.

I am hoping to work with diverse others to find CQI-standard ways to research, by applying, what heuristically goes by the name of the Transpositional Analogy Community-Building Conjecture.

This Theory is geometrically Value-based on the evolutionary assumption that Yang-function (Euler scaled) is Yin-function equi-valent when Yang/Yin is as above, so that we follow William Thurston's core-vector value of (0), inclusive of Trinitarian-structure Information-bits, where "1", "0", and "-1" are perpetually and mutually defined as Prime-"0"-based in any rational, Polynomial (Real)-function (P) = Non-Polynomial (Virtual/Cognized)-function (NP) Universe.

As a Communication/Information-Transfer Theory, it is seductively informed by Dr. Robert Norton, especially "Communication & Consequences: Laws of Interaction" with David Brenders, 1996, Queensland University of Technology, Australia. In summary, "Transposition" is defined as the iterative feedback cycles between two or more cognitive Universes. From A, to C, and back again to A is the most simple Relationship-based iterative cycle.

Transposition follows the communication system not only as simply as the mutual back and forth of A and C. It also looks at the transfer of Information Values as part of a potential environment culminating in a mutually-transformational cycle. (For why this confluence-pattern-search is intrinsic to the evolution of species, see below.) Norton and Brenders call this "enthymematic structure." In choosing that unfortunate name, perhaps they were confusing function, with form.

Yes, this is an Information transaction. But, more significantly selected for by historical/cultural memory-confluence, under ideal transliterative circumstances, a transformational cycle may ensue. Double (mutual, cooperative, "sym"-functioned-as-binary) cycles from A to C to A' to C' (where A' = A+1P) have the potential to fuse, exciting self-perpetuation and revolutionary expansion, so that, If A+C, then B=True, and what was (0) Information becomes a cognitive Universe of (A+B+C) = (+1=(0)=(-)1).

A Community-Building application of this Theory would be illustrated when we might aspire to learn to learn to learn cooperatively. The Information-values optimize when iterative cycles are highly confluent, and the only discernible stress to the system is born by the e-based iteration synapse. Rather than a "Double-Bind" Theory; this is it's Transposed Corollary, the "Doubly-Free" Theory, if you will. Thomas Kuhn refers to such speciation-communication events as "Scientific Revolutions." Individuals with this aptitude have been diversely referred to as polypaths, polymaths, interspiritualists, geniuses, schizophrenics (although this strain of communication patterns includes significant levels of dissonance as well as unusually high levels of trans-boundary synaptic memory), perhaps High-Functioning Autistic Spectrum Disordered, mystics, prophets, witches, doctors, medicine people, elders, etc., etc., etc.

Julian Jaynes influenced a few of his Psychologist colleagues to listen carefully to what we could learn from the History of Science and from their own split-brain research. In his bicameral application of the above theory:

The Right-hemisphere is older, Yin-based information, capable of receiving only that Information with resonant-structured frequency patterns of emotion (the Value of goodness) and frequency proportion (the Value of beauty). Genetic (RNA) structure across many species supports the idea that RNA is 4-functioned, apparently 1 symbol for each of 4 dimensions, inclusive of Time. According to this amplification of Jaynes' historical and psychological observations, the Left-hemisphere emergence is the primary human speciation event, in which DNA-rooted range-diversity, mapped (see Greggory Bateson) onto RNA species-"goodness/beauty" exegetical faith, evolves toward experiential confluence. Evolution is species learning to test for "Truth" by comparing A (experience) onto C (Right-brained confluence patterns) to discover, in each species' (or individual's) "moment", +1, or (0), with (0) defined rationally, as above. If "B," then "A," and "C" are both "1". If one or the other is (0), then "not-B." No Prime Relationship means dissonance, lacking sufficient rationally-based Information-value to "sync".

I think this systems analysis theory is not only STEM value-significant, (and of disproportionately high value to the thriving of our planet, with its diverse species, most certainly inclusive of our own over-abundance) a Transpositional Analogy Supervenience Conjecture (ie, A Peacock, Willem Drees) has optimized cultural applications, potentially infusing each of our Western and Eastern religious paradigms with richly fertile unity-through-aesthetic-diversity mutual Enlightenment. Anything more than a cursory glance back at our shared P.I.E. language/cultural roots (see Wiki RE "P.I.E." and aboriginal wisdom) has persuaded me, for one, that, indeed, our Left-hemisphere research is within species-sight of recognizing that Yang/Yin = 1/0 = +1 in any P=NP moment.

In other words, if you synchronize the octaves in Thurston's 8-fold rational geometry (see Wiki, Geometrization Conjecture, for example), with Buckminster Fuller's "Underlying Order in Randomness", Table 227.01, p. 59, Synergetics, 1975, and Norton and Brenders' Laws of Interaction, Table 11.1, p. 227, 1996), they might remind you, as they do me, of Ptolemy's "Tetrabiblos." For example, "Most events of a general nature draw their causes from the enveloping heavens." (1:1)

Where: "events" = Yang Language "general nature" = optimized goodness/beauty function "draw" = Bateson's "map" "causes" = holographic-analogic cognitive memory-patterned structure "from" = Polynomial Universe assumption of internally linear-Time perspective restricted (experienced moments are "string"-organized "enveloping heavens" = exterior Boundary-patterned 8-fold infrastructure = Higgs Boson (inside-equipoised Prime-Relationship view) using octaved metrics. As within, so without: P=NP.

Gerald Dillenbeck, M. Div., MPA more parts of my still-continuing journey on

Gerald Dillenbeck

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