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Date: Sun, Jan 12, 2014, 9:58 AM
Subject: News 24 - Theology of Circle

Though the Interspirit Alliance, we are beginning to explore a simple and visionary theology based on the principle of circle.

We are seeing this emerging concept as a fundamental integrating principle for spirituality and religion everywhere, and a key to interconnecting all phases of human communal life.

Evolutionary forces influencing this process include

  • Everything known or said about the "Perennial Philosophy" -- the traditional core principles of universal religion as scholars and mystics have understood it for hundreds or thousands of years

  • The global circle movement -- often led or inspired by women, generally consistent with ancient indigenous circle principles, but taking shape now in many contexts and entering the modern dialogue in influential ways

  • New internet and social media applications that interconnect hundreds of thousands of people around common factors or interests -- one of which is "Circle" --

  • A crushing political pressure emerging (in the USA, and possibly elsewhere) from our so-called "divided nation" and a national governance that is very often in paralyzed gridlock, unable to respond to critical issues


Through the interspirituality movement, we are exploring and unfolding the mysteries of universal spirituality -- seeing something simple at the center of all spirituality -- and possibly a kind of axis or bonding agent that bridges interconnections between all (or most) major world religions.

Here in this Interspirit Alliance, we are looking at the ancient concept of "Axis Mundi" -- the axis or tree of the world -- something like "the trunk of the tree of world religions" -- from which all religions can be understood to branch.

What seems to be emerging now, with increasing clarity and direct simplicity, is the simple idea that all facets of spiritual and cultural life can be interconnected through these basic principles. Maybe what we are starting to do -- is explore the evolution and realization of a "circle alliance" process -- intended to interconnect thousands or millions of circles -- each one existing for its own reasons -- and each one acknowledging in its own way the balancing and aligning principles of Circle and Center.

We're starting to ask these questions now. How do you personally relate to circle? How does your group relate to circle? How do your theology and your deepest beliefs relate to circle?

We are starting to see a universal center -- a center present everywhere -- in every individual -- and in every group that honors the principle of collective center -- of circle -- and it is becoming clearer that circles everywhere can be connected to one another through this common center.


As we clarify these questions, we are looking for simple basic points of connection. We want to link to you -- through our common center. We want to hear your point of view, and balance it with our point of view. We want to enter into a new transforming collective/communal spirituality -- and we want to explore the emergence of a new spirit-led "transpartisan" all-perspectives politics -- that is capable of taking on every issue facing local or national or global civilization, looking for balanced conclusions and policies that are led from the Center of the Circle by the power of grace and wholeness.

This seems feasible. The energy is growing all around these possibilities. The conceptual structure and principles are becoming clearer. The collective appetite or "market" for this kind of universal connection is growing -- and seems increasingly natural and obvious to younger people who have lived their entire lives in a connected and diverse world.


Maybe it will be knocking on doors. Maybe it will be some kind of buzz or magnetic attraction. We do need a leading conversation from visionaries and theologians, who can help us authenticate this vision in particular contexts. We're looking at a time-tested universal principle -- but how does it work for you, and what would it take for you to be comfortable interconnecting with others around this principle?

What does it take to create or invoke "agreement"?

Can we intentionally convene our wholeness or resonance around this guiding principle -- and what would it take for you to step into this, and say YES, this is me, this is my dream, this is my prayer, this is my heart, this is my life...

* * *

This energy, I think, is coming. It's around. It's pushing, it's throbbing, it wants to be. It says yes, "center everywhere" -- that makes sense, I want to be there. That's us. That's me....

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