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Love Radiance Intention Experience 33
Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Matter is the Vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher plane for manifestation of Spirit and these three are a Trinity, synthesized by Life which pervades them all.
The Secret Doctrine, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


The point to be grasped is that through humanity on the physical plane, the nature of reality will be revealed; the true and the beautiful will be manifested; the divine plan will eventually work out, and that energy be transmitted to all forms in nature which will enable the inner spiritual reality to emerge.
Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic


The true work will be carried forward (the work of spiritually welding the world into a synthesis and the production of a recognized brotherhood of souls) only by those who refuse to be separative and whose words are watched so that no evil is spoken; these are the workers who see the divine in all and refuse to think evil and impute evil; they work with sealed lips; they deal not with their brothers affairs, nor reveal that which concerns them; their lives are colored by understanding and by love; their minds are characterized by a trained spiritual perception and that spiritual awareness which employs a keen intellect as the corollary of a loving spirit.
Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic

* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for July is:

Our Nature Is Perfect, But We Are Not


"Our Nature Is Perfect, But We Are Not; at least not yet perfect, but we are works of art in the making into the perfect reflection of the Self as the Self, a mirror reflection of the God that is in us, in everyone, and all around us. Any moment in life in which a person finds out the Truth, once and for all, of whom they are and where they are, is the moment of Self-realization and a great break-through (i.e. Ah-ha!). As that's the moment that sets us in motion to move towards Being that which we intrinsically are perfect in our original nature. However, we are not currently experiencing that state of Ever-Present Awareness due to certain reasons. This month's theme is geared towards finding such moments of perfection and maintaining as such. Let's then proceed to examine ourselves, transform and cultivate ourselves to experience the maximum possible potential of life, which is perfect in its intrinsic essence.


There may be many ways to look at this important Self-Perfection Project. However, in the context of looking at the whole picture, it may be prudent to examine in a way that makes sense and that with which we feel comfortable. With this approach in mind, let's then look at the following areas that are so pertinent and transparent to us:

- Perfection is Wholesomeness: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and universal, offering full potentials and joys in life. Imperfection means just being a part (not full) of the wholesome being that we all naturally are; utilizing only limited potentials with their deep impacts of the ups and downs and the melodramas of life.

- Main characteristics of Perfect Nature: Truth/Freedom, Tranquility/Peace, Awareness (deep inner knowing), Love and Joyfulness. Regaining the original nature brings us closer to live our lives accordingly. As whatever we are inside, that's what happens outside in the world we live in.

- What is the mind and its nature? Mind is just thoughts, emotions, feelings, and the biggest melodrama of life. It can be the best friend and it can be the worst enemy. Depending on how we train it to shift from disturbance and restlessness into Peace and Stillness. The best news is that it can be tamed to merge into the Self as is, and when that happens, it turns out to be our best ally.

- Spirit/Self: Everyone is a part of God (we are One in all), blessed with the perfect nature (as above). In stillness we experience the Presence of God as Spirit/Self and connect with all beings and all things. The more we are aware of this reality and the more we move towards it, the more we begin to regain our lost heritage of the original intrinsic perfect nature.

- Ego: Everyone is separate with their own selfish interests. Primarily dug into the physical "I, me and mine, one of the greatest obstacles in being the Original perfect nature that we are. The other major obstacles are over-indulgence in the material world, attachment, anger, greed and fear.

- How can 'ego/separation' be transformed steadily to keep moving towards the Spirit and regaining our original Nature? How can the internal Oneness of the Spirit (in stillness/peace) be balanced/dovetailed with the external behavior (right in the middle of the material world) to manifest outcomes from the mode of the common perfect thread of the Self? As a result, maintain reveling in our intrinsic joy and Oneness (of the Self) through our authentic thoughts, feelings and actions. We will begin to experience this transformation as we go through the "Process" as described below:


Based on the above explanation, the process consists of knowing and being the "I am That I am. I/The Self am the Truth/Freedom, I am the Way, I am the Light and I am the Life. Emphasizing that "I" is the Spiritual "I" not the physical "I. And firmly reminded that I am not the student of the Truth, of the Way, of the Life and of the Light; rather I Am That in the Now (not that I will be so some other time later on). Since our original perfect nature as described above is that of Truth/Freedom, Tranquility/Peace, Awareness (deep inner knowing), Love and Joyfulness, we will be wiser to use a three-way approach that is completely in sync with all these essential ingredients of our Perfect nature as below:

1.Truthfulness:This is concerned with knowing the reality or the truth at all times with whatever we are dealing with. To know the Truth, we need to observe in an unbiased manner and note the facts as they are (not as they should be). Once we know the truth as truth, our Inner Power of the Self is spontaneously activated to guide us in our inner silence. It is only a matter of doing as directed (from within) and letting go. By so doing, we are living with the Truth. This simply means we are living with God, as "Truth is God.

2. Awareness:This is consistently knowing our current state and checking it against our Higher Spiritual Nature. Are we operating from the free powerful zone in which we are completely free from toxins such as fear, anger, pride and ego that are commonly known for holding a person from moving ahead in life. Are we using our Inner Power to manifest what we are aspiring? Are we using it respond to all of lifes situations? An affirmative (yes) answer means awareness, and negative (no) answer simply means ignorance rather than awareness. An aware person turns negativity around to positivism without any delay.

3.Peacefulness:To know our heart-felt aspirations, to manifest them and to respond to various situations at all times, we must cultivate calmness or quietness in us. If we are not calm and quiet, we shall be reacting and the results will not be totally satisfying. With this proven strategy that works for sure, once we start to put into practice even for one important goal or situation, we will start to experience the magic of our inner power of the Self; our intrinsic perfect nature. Then gradually and consistently we keep expanding its application to all our goals and situations in life. Experiencing in real life that each succeeding step is leading up to its fulfillment, embracing back that we intrinsically are: perfect in nature in the context as defined above.

Practice Points

1. Regularly practicing silent moments daily that brings intrinsic unity, love, peace and clarity in us and removes the superficial separation on the surface. The meditation given at the end can help us tremendously in this direction.

2. Practice Awareness to balance the subjective interior (of the Self) with an objective exterior (of living life) both on an individual as well as collective group/society basis. Placing us in the mid-point starting position (from where the individual evolution starts) and keep moving circularly to embrace the wholeness of life. This way, the internal and the external will keep on merging with themselves.

3. Let's frequently remind ourselves daily about our original Nature by at least the following "I AM" affirmations right here in the Now and Forever:

- I AM That I am (integrally in physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and universal being).

- I AM all the Peace of My Being.

- I AM the working Awareness/Presence (in all I do).

- I AM perfect Divine Love (that connects me with All).

- I AM the Healing Presence (for ongoing health-realizations).


Find a comfortable place where you can have your back straight but relaxed. Observe your breath, which is your life force (Prana) energy in you for a few minutes.

Slowly bring your attention towards your toes and start to focus on your body parts slowly with your attention moving upwards part by part. Accept every sensation as IS without any comparison of good or bad. Be at the middle of your forehead and affirm a few times;I Am That I AM. In my intrinsic-Self, I am always an Infinite Being. I am All the Peace of my Being. Enjoy the communion with your True Nature as you affirm for a few minutes.

Now bring your attention on your peaceful and calming breath and observe. Repeat silently the sound of SO on inhalation and HUM on exhalation with feelings that God and I are One. I am Omnipresent; I am Omnipotent (One with God and ALL). Affirm that I am peace, awareness and joy. Feel what you are affirming. Stay there for five to ten minutes or as long you would like to. Realize the Truth behind your own presence. In essence the Spirit/Self in me is my link with the Supreme-Spirit (i.e. God); the Source of All That is. This is perfect in its nature. "I AM THAT I AM" is its mighty presence in me for Now and For-Ever.

Make a commitment to your self to practice this meditation every day and ego consciousness will start to dissolve on its own with the course of time.

* * *

With Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

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