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Love Radiance Intention
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Love Radiance Intention Experience 37
Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Tell me: Ill forget
Show me: I may remember
But involve me: and Ill understand

As you learn to accept the brightness of who and what you are, you will then begin to understand your deeper nature, which is both light and darkness. Do not fear your shadow side, for the shadows are what give you depth, experience, and wisdom, and they provide opportunities for the expression of fantastic creativity in how you live your life.


Genuine seeing is a process of awareness that does not depend on visual proof for validation.

* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for November is:


1. Introduction

The Light we are referring to here is the "Inner Light" which is synonymous with "Deep Inner Knowing and Awareness. It could also be called observing, reflecting, realizing and being the Truth. Some deeply spiritually inclined people call it "Spiritual Enlightenment. Call it whatever you like, basically we are talking about something that enlightens or deeply informs what Truth is (not what it intellectually should be). Experiencing the Light is the conscious perception or apprehension of reality or of an external, bodily, or psychic event. It is thus directly observing and realizing facts or events or the totality of facts or events. Something personally encountered, undergone or lived through. And sharing the light is partaking of, using, experiencing, or enjoying the Truth with others. In other words, to observe, realize, Be and reflect or use in common with another or other loving souls abiding in the Self and helping others to do the same.

2. Two Ways of Experiencing and Sharing The Truth/The Light

The Truth/The Light is mirroring right in front of us all the time. It is Oneness in the sense that we are all beings/and things as One; same physical bodies; same aspirations for happiness/joy, same Source from where we all have come and to whom we will all return. But for one reason or another, many of us seem to ignore or pay no attention to the light. As a result of this ignorance, we go through conflicts, struggles, discords, wars and many miseries in one form or another. Turning our attention towards the all-pervading Truth/Light, we can reverse the discord into pleasant and splendid human experiences fulfilling our lives. Thus it boils down to the reality that we do need to experience this Light/Truth in this life and share the same with others. So that we can keep on lighting one candle flame with another candle flame; and keep repeating that. Thus contributing to the circulation of positive, peaceful, joyful energy and enhancing it all the time. Now here are two ways of doing so.

2.1. Attitude of Pure Love, Compassion, and Kindness

The whole universe is connected with the divine thread of pure unconditional love. Love is natural to all of us. But we are used to conditional love most of the time. It needs to be purified and can be done by relinquishing our attachment to the outcomes of our actions. This doesn't mean we give up the intention to create our authentic desires. It simply means we give up attachment to the result. It is based on the resolve not to rigidly impose one's views on how things should be done. Thus participating in everything with detached involvement, doing things with full devotion-compassion-kindness. And finding intrinsic security ensuing from the unattached/free-floating participation and letting the Universe look after its orchestration. At the same time, remaining open to infinite choices as they are shown by our deepest-selves. When we step into the field of all possibilities, we will experience all the fun, magic and splendor of life.

2.2. Practicing regular Stillness.

Stillness is another name for "Oneness as it connects with all That is. It is in this mode, one goes through the authentic experience of peace, love, awareness, freedom and joy, as it gives our spontaneous experiential awareness the most powerful purifier at work on earth and everywhere else. Simply speaking, it is the knowledge and the experience of the evolving human spirit that dwells within each person. Such enlightenment reduces all the obstacles of the mind and intellect (i.e. overindulgence in sensual pleasures, anger, greed, attachment and ego, false pride, etc.). A person who consistently practices meditation of the Self, experiences the spontaneous flow of enlightenment and awakens into the Light through the course of time. This experiential Truth is immortal.

By regularly enriching oneself as above, one not only becomes a mirror that reflects the Light, but also becomes the Light in the course of time. Thus pouring forth in and around the sacred Light of Love, it can enable one to develop the real way of overcoming the discord of the outer world. And enjoy life filled with many splendors in all the directions North-South, East-West, here, there and everywhere. Noting clearly that by consciously adopting this process, one also develops spontaneously forgiveness, gratitude and patience. Then how could anything of discord touch this person? Never!

"I am a mirror for the light of truth. The clearer my mirror is, the more light I reflect to illuminate the darkness."

3. Process

The process of experiencing and sharing the light is simple. First to experience it deeply, one must consciously and silently allow and feel the Presence as well as the Protection of this light within one's heart, which is the hub of the sacred love flame. Then allow this flame to enlighten every cell of the being and feeling that a new intrinsic person is reborn in the image of God essentially Truth-Freedom-Awareness-Bliss. Be in this experiential awareness as the candle itself. Now to share it (i.e. light other candles), consciously let this love flame expand to all the elements (i.e. air, water, earth, fire and ether), to all the beings and to all the things in the Cosmos. Feel connected in the essence that we are all One, here, there and everywhere. As if, all there is, is Consciousness. Thus experiencing the light within and beyond everywhere in all That is. In this spiritual connection, letting this pure Consciousness ascend and ascend to a zone of stillness in the void somewhere in the space (i.e. no definite physical location) in the Infinite. Here feel-realize in the total peaceful stillness that the intrinsic Spirit and the stillness is one in the same. In this realization of Truth-Freedom-Awareness-Bliss, receiving infinite light energy from the original Source (i.e. God) and getting spontaneously attracted and uplifted in the Loving Light of God; our Real Home; from where we all have come and to whom we all shall return. After having this indescribable experience in the lap of our Mother-Father God, lovingly take permission to return and descend to your body consciousness in a rhythmically slow manner. And be back on earth to do all things lovingly and with awareness with the underlying essence that we are all spiritual beings having human experiences...we are all One, and all is available to all. Then why conflict?

4. Practice Points

All of us have the potential to cultivate the ways described as above. The following points will help us in the process as such:

- Regularly meditating; at least once in the morning and once at night before going to bed.

- Being open, aware and present in the moment.

- By being compassionate, kind, loving and patient, we rekindle the connection.

- Accepting people as they are and by practicing non-judgmental/detached participation attitude.

- Knowing and feeling the divine trust within us and linking it with the primeval trust of the Universal Energy that orchestrates the dance of the whole universe.

- Being truthful and honest with ourselves and with others.

- Rendering selfless service according to our unique talents.

- Devoting conscious self-efforts to keep the spark alive and addressing those forces which weaken the spark.

- Observing in silence/stillness and accepting the reality of our current state with regard to the above mentioned points. And taking corrective actions as prompted from within.

- By expanding our love to the universal love through transmitting love, peace and joy to the universe, and experiencing universal Oneness. Honoring the sacred place in all in which the universe dwells, in which there is peace, love, truth, light and peace.

- Associating with spiritually inclined people. And keep rekindling the flame within and beyond.

- ...And so on...

5. Calling upon Divine Help

In the process of our self-efforts towards realizing the purpose of our lives being here on earth, we will need Divine/God-help many times to arise when we find difficult to move forward. In this context, please be fully assured, Divine/God help is always available just for simple authentic heart-soul felt calls to show you the way and to protect you. This is the most beautiful generous gift we all have from our Source/God. Please make use of it, as an innocent child needing help and it will be there. Just be alert and be responsive to continue the infinite ongoing journey and remain synchronized with all That is. Then, why quit or complain? Just Be, and keep we keep growing in Unity-Consciousness together.


1. Sit quietly with eyes closed and with back straight. Watch your breath going in and out. Visualize inhaling pure loving energy and exhaling negative energy. Do this for a few minutes.

2. Imagine the pure loving energy flowing from your toes towards the base of your spine.

3. Feel your own powerful dormant energy flowing upwards toward the middle of your chest at the heart center. As you affirm, feel that in essence I am a Pure loving energy. I am compassion. I am kindness.

4. Invite Cosmic light/energy into your heart and feel this sacred love flame expanding in your heart and in every cell of your body.

5. Now consciously let this love flame expand to all the elements (i.e. air, water, earth, fire and ether), to all the beings and to all the things in the Cosmos. Feel connected in the essence that we are all One, here, there and everywhere. Experience the light of pure love and compassion within and beyond everywhere.

6. Imagine lighting the candle of love, peace and compassion with everyone around you and expanding into the whole universe keeping in mind that we all are connected with the divine thread of unconditional love. Be there as long as you want.

7. When you are ready to come out of the meditation, bring your attention towards your breath, as you feel the light of love in each breath in and out, open your eyes.

* * *

With Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

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