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Love Radiance Intention
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Love Radiance Intention Experience 35
Tuesday, September 14, 2010



"I am a child of light. I have come into this world of darkness where there has been much abuse and very little forgiveness. But I am a child of light, and I walk on this Earth with my light and I hold it dear. I will not let go of it for any reason. It is my gift to this Earth. I know the Earth is in trouble and has had and continues to have great pain. That is why I came here, for the Earth has been in darkness and I bring my light. I am a child of light, and I bring my light to this Earth. It is my gift. This light will enable the Earth to heal because it reveals what needs to be healed. Every time my light shines and sees pain, I will not run away from it. I will continue to shine my light and my love in myself and on myself until I heal and am no longer afraid. And then I will share what I have learned with others. One at a time we shall heal this Earth." - Merlin


"You must not judge others, and let them not judge you. Look at everyone and love their right to grow. Love their right to be. Sometimes you must let them grow and be someplace else. Love them so much that you don't interfere. Love them so much that you don't try to change them. Live the Loving Law of Allowance and bless those who cannot live within that allowance. Let them find their own allowance, be it a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker. Let everything change, let everything grow, let everything be; there is nothing more to prove. Don't worry about who did what to whom. Don't worry about what you can do to force change. Live change, and others' round and about will have to change."  Dr. Peebles


* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for September is:

Love and Unity in Action


We were all created to be completely loved and completely lovable throughout life. Love in itself can heal, renew, harmonize differences, make us safe and bring us closer to ourselves, to others, and to God. Love based on the experience of Spirit/Self returns us to our true nature of Truth, Awareness and Joy. Divine Love in itself connects us with all that is (i.e. unity-consciousness). In this mode we are devoted with common purpose for life service. First, to know that our true Self is spiritual, and second is to express our unique talents as our contributions to the universe, and third is being of service to all humanity. Thereby proving to ourselves and to the universe that we have become like God from whom we have all come and to whom we all return. Now let's explore how the process works.

Code of Conduct

1. In Love: As love is a gift, it has no special conditions and is free from anticipation. When we feel love, we simply act on it, speak with our heart, are truthful and remain open. We are straightforward, genuine and unbiased in all our dealings. We feel the inner rhythm of intrinsic stirrings, allowing them to guide us. Let the joy of our loving company flow through the beings that we are.

2. In Unity: We love, conversing with the pristine part of our soul and connecting with the purity of others. Caring for the honor of all beings, as they are members of the One God family. Anchored to what is real, secure in the Self and open hearted. Seeing to the heart of the matter and staying with what's real and keeping ones' life simple.

In accordance with the above mentioned guidelines:

Level 1  (I): I honor the place in me in which the entire universe resides. Then I honor the place in me, in which is love, truth, light, peace and joy. I truly feel that I am a part of the Supreme divine energy that flows through me in the form of Spirit. I truly feel love deeper in myself, in the light of peace and joy.

Level 2  (You): I honor the place in you in which the entire universe resides. I honor the place in you, in which is love, truth, light, peace and joy. I truly feel you are also a part of the Supreme divine energy that flows through me and in you in the form of Spirit. I truly feel you are love, truth, light, peace and joy.

Level 3  (We): you, all others and myself. When we are in that place of divinity in us, and when I am in that place of divinity in me, we are ONE. When we are all One, then we are spontaneously One with each other and with God from whom we all come and to whom we all return.

Challenging Situation

The above-mentioned reality is an ideal love-unity scenario. However, as seen many times a love-unity person has challenges with immediate family members and friends when they work only from a strong ego base. Ego causes separation, and we are talking about unity. This is similar to a 100/0 percent love relationship situation where a fully loving person gets zero response or close to it. There exists a great confrontation in this area. Positively looking, such an adverse situation is fertile ground for moving forward with mini-steps at a time. We need to be working with our love-unity consciousness all the time. The feeling that the family members are supposed to look after each other with honesty and special tender care is considerably hurt. This loving soul must understand that it is not that Nature wants to pay back in the opposite way; goodness with terrible frustration. In reality, such hard times are a test of one's real position relevant to love and unity. This is all a play of consciousness, and we are supposed to keep rising up the ladder with determination, strength and God-help. This divine help button is always available to everyone just for the asking (really asking). Seek guidance in your frequent silence for direction on what should be done to respond to ego in a spiritual way. Generally speaking, it comes to sending loving/healing vibrations and being gently alert to what comes back. To know how to respond again and again to grow and rise up from frequent falls. Over time and with consistent co-partnership, determination and ongoing renewed strength, the equation begins to change for the better. In such cases, we do need to go to the place where this loving soul should totally forgive them and not to expect anything in return from them. But keep sending them loving vibrations and letting it go. Then Nature will look after itself and healing will take place in the course of time. Just being patient and alert to respond in a positive way is always helpful. Its a slow process, but works for sure, more so when it is done in co-partnership with God. Being with God/Spirit, by God/Spirit and in God/Spirit. Can you imagine the unimaginable transformation that takes place with this positive spiritual attitude? In practice this attitude takes a person to higher and higher altitudes of life. Try this tested reality and be amazed at the unexpected results for yourself.


The pointers for the first three questions are: We all are Spirit in which is part of the Divine in us and this unites us. When we feel the Spirit in us going beyond the ego (where most of the people are) only then we feel the unity. That is why when we meet people with the same wavelength; we feel a deeper connection with them. What do we do about the Spiritual unity: I don't hurt in anyway, and I respect them as I respect my own self, I help them in anyway I can because I see myself in them. I care for them as I do for myself.

The intrinsic answer in all situations would be that Love is a beautiful bond, which unites us all and gives comfort, care and heals everyone. We feel when we share love with others especially towards those who resonate with us on the same wavelength; there is a deep sense of unity and fulfillment, which is beyond words can express adequately. A good example could be what mothers feel for their children. What do you do about love? Love is here to give unconditionally. There are some who will benefit from it, and there will be some who will not notice at all. Our nature is love so we keep on giving love to others bringing much needed unity in action.

Relating all the levels in our thoughts, feelings and actions, we all need to check with ourselves in our own silence and see what we can do in each of the following areas for our ongoing Self-development:

What do I think about Love? (First at my own individual level, then with all others and last but not least with God.)

What do I feel about Love? (First at my own individual level, then with others and last but not least with God.)

What do I do about Love? (First at my own individual level, then with others and last but not least with God.)


What do I think about Spiritual Unity? (First at my own individual level, then with others and last but not least with God.)

What do I feel about Spiritual Unity? (First at my own individual level, then with others and last but not least with God.)

What do I do about Spiritual Unity? (First at my own individual level, then with others and last but not least with God.)


Since this exercise is basically soul-searching and connecting at all levels, it will be more meaningful if we relate as suggested above, and come up with our own ongoing unique self-development plan. Clearly acknowledging that we do aspire to feel our spiritual nature and experience our unconditional love for us individually, collectively with others and with God. Thus being Love and Unity in action. The following meditation in this respect helps considerably in this sublime direction.


1. Find a comfortable and quite place with your back straight by rolling your shoulders for a few times up, back and down, then try to sit in this position with your eyes closed.

2. Bring your whole attention towards your natural flow of breath (life force energy) flowing effortlessly in and out. Stay there for a few minutes and feel very relaxed.

3. Affirm that I am a peaceful and loving being. As you say this silently feel it. Experience that your true nature is loving and peaceful. Stay there for a few minutes and enjoy it.

4. Realize that everyone else is peaceful and loving as well. In love and unity I am connected with everyone and everything around me. Experience this in your silence.

5. Feel your intrinsic nature of being as one with your Self, others and God. Experience your Spiritual connection and its expansion everywhere. Be there for as long as you would like to.

6. Now visualize and feel that your Spirit is in action with all your dealings and interactions with the world. See your Self in everything and everyone. Realizing that within all of us there is a quiet place where the entire universe dwells. Honor this place in all of us, in which there is love, light, Truth, peace and joy.

7. Feel we are all one and experience the Love-Unity Consciousness.

8. Visualize working in the world from this love-unity as you slowly come out of the meditation.

* * *

With Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

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