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Love Radiance Intention Experience 32
Tuesday, June 8, 2010



The major keynote of every single planetary initiation, even to the very highest, is RELATIONSHIP. What other qualities may be revealed to the Initiate on other Paths we know not, but the goal of all endeavor upon our planet, is right relations between humanity, and between humanity and God, between all expressions of divine life, from the tiniest atom up and into infinity.
Alice A. Bailey, Serving Humanity


Two directions in which the soul looks constitute the world of its spiritual experience and the object of its aspiration. Let it not be forgotten that the spiritual human being, the solar Angel, has also its goal of endeavor, and that becomes the predominant impulse once the subjugation of the vehicle in the three worlds is brought about. Just as the fully intelligent human being can only begin consciously to function as a soul and contact the kingdom of the soul, so only the fully active and dominant soul, in which the buddhic principle is potentially controlling, can begin to contact the state of pure Being in which the monad or spirit eternally rests.
Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic


* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for June is:

The Universe Is As It Is, Am I That I Am?


This title inquiry in full is, "God is as God is, the Universe is as the Universe is; Am I that I Am? The whole universe is a manifestation of the Self/Essence of God. So I am, so you are, and so everyone else is. However, there is no individual 'I' acting and thinking, only a higher power of the Supreme-Self/God which is responsible for all the activities of the world. The universe is working divinely in a way as it is designed to be, maybe even in an incomprehensible way for most of us. We are given that the 'I' (i.e. me as Self/Spirit) is in the center of the universe is a part and parcel of the Universal-Self, both the same (like mother and father, like children) in their intrinsic nature of real free existence, deepest intuitive knowing/awareness and joyfulness (i.e. peace, love, joy and freedom). However, our life experience is not the same. There is a gap between these opposite poles of life; real-living and Real-I am. God is saying, "I am that I am; why are you not that which you are? What happened and why are you not being that which you are. So that in the play of Consciousness or the orchestration of the universe, you play your role as you were designed to play. I see that the design is original but its working has been manipulated somewhere by your own doing. Find that out and fix it." This is the divine call to all of us.

The above simply means that there is One Omni-potent power that underlies all the elements sustaining and orchestrating all beings and all things in the universe. With this true in-depth original knowledge, where then is the room for complaining, comparing, making judgments, worry, fear and sorrow. This simply means that this ever-present awareness intrinsically knows (really knows) what to orchestrate, when, how and where. With this unchanging eternal reality, the main question for living our lives from this viewpoint is: merely an intellectual exercise to believe it as an inheritance from our ancestors? Or are we individually aware of this immortal Truth in our thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors and actions?

What is "Am I that I Am?

The purpose of this knowing-feeling is to be in sync with the Higher Power as mentioned above. This is the divine state (of existence-knowledge-bliss). Being in this state, one is no longer deluded and aspires to know what action can this person do and dedicate in the overall universal orchestration and not from any selfish motive. And in the process be also fully convinced within the deepest self that ultimately it is the Source that is the prompter as well as the sustainer of such soul inspired actions. In this knowing and doing context we then need to be absolutely sure that:

-- Am I being friends (really friends) with that universal orchestrating Awareness/ power to know and perform my role in the total creation as such?

-- Am I being present with the Ever-Present Awareness to do and dedicate; I mean really present in a wholesome way; physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and universally?

-- Am I absolutely clear now what my role is and how to go about it? And realizing clearly that the real absolute doer is the Ever-Present orchestrating awareness/power and I am an instrument used to contribute something positive/divine that jives spontaneously with the universal creation. By so doing, I am a part and parcel of the creation. All that matters is mindfulness, total awareness of oneself including that of one's mind. The awareness is the direct insight into the whole of consciousness, of all that's happening and the totality of mind.

Thereafter, it is just a matter of motions to do as directed from within the deepest self, letting it go as an offering into the universal orchestration. And being free thereafter as ever ready for the next ongoing moves as such.

What can truly help us to get back on track?

Verily there is no purifier on earth equal to knowing the Self and abiding in the Self. Those who are aware of the Ever-Present Freedom (of the Self) around us are truly free in essence (Being aware of the immortal awareness as is). Freedom in real life is being free from inner toxins such as attachment, fear, worry and sorrow. As the presence of such toxins causes continued disturbance(s) in life and freedom from them sets us on the pathway of ever-cherished freedom of soul. Once there is openness and full true determination to see this spiritual freedom, the Self shows the way uniquely according to where a person is on the ongoing journey of life. Once we acknowledge and accept that we are the indwelling Spirit in our bodies and part and parcel of the Universal Self, this reality spontaneously prompts us to think, feel and perform in terms of the intrinsic freedom/Truth we are. If we don't, we will choke. Thus it is a matter of starting the journey with earnestness and the Self-freedom is already waiting for us to "Just Be. Stop seeking and start being" is the mantra towards this eternal truth and freedom; present as always is. Please let's let it happen to us.

Practice Points--How I can Be that I am?

This includes knowing of the Self and abiding in the Self as said above. Until we allow ourselves to authentically move in this direction, it is not going to happen. And as a result we will continue with all the unrest and the challenges of the worldly melo-drama. We need to come out from our holes created by our own ignorance and egoistic tendencies. Now (not later on) is the time to join our presence with the Presence of the universal consciousness by committing ourselves to do the following self-enhancing/connecting activities on a daily basis:

- Take time each day to remain silent and just be natural as you are. A few minutes of daily meditation and frequent communion with the Nature is very helpful in the self-reconnection.

- In my own joy and peace of "Just Being" I join my own silence with the Ever-Present peace/silence around me. Similarly I expand my self-awareness to join with the Universal Awareness that orchestrates the dance of the whole universe. And keep becoming more and more in sync with the Universal Consciousness as is and being One with it over the course of time.

- In the daily meditation, see how this simple technique helps you in the context of this month's theme. Just visit each major part of your body (at least visit seven energy centers as shown in the meditation below) and go for in-depth focus in three stages. First just focus with "OM" as universal vibration on each area of visit, then go deeper (and deeper) into it and feel the energy that underlies it. Then join your presence in full with this energy. And experience this unity-consciousness; first on the visited area; then all across the body. Then later on, it can be expanded to full universal consciousness by going beyond the body consciousness.

- Just to save my energy from wasteful activities, I will also continuously refrain from passing judgments on others around me. I just keep myself aligned with all That is.

- Selfless service according to one's unique talents.

- Reflecting "I am"-ness in my relationships. When we individually take authentic responsibility for a relationship, we do whatever is best to be done unconditionally from our side without expecting anything in return from the other side. However it is seen that with this ongoing relationship modus operandi (working mode), Nature prompts the other person to take responsibility as well. Consequently, single-sided initiative in a relationship quickly transforms into double-triple sided relationship. This authentic breakthrough over a period of time can then be gradually expanded to other areas of relationships such as relationships with work area teams, with social and support groups, and in the long run with society as a whole.

- Accept the situation as it is presented to you (by the Ever-Present Organizing Power of God). Take full responsibility to respond to it authentically.

- Accept the inner power of the ever-present spirit in you and respond to the situation as it guides you to do. As listening to the intuitive prompts in one's inner silence is the real essence of receiving the ultimate guidance and following it in daily life to consistently keep alive the flame of peace, love, awareness and joy. Thus it is important that we do our level best and let it go as the final move. And let Nature look after its outcomes.

- Reflecting in communications: As directed by the Self, by the Self and for the Self. Meeting in the gap of that neutral zone where there are no opposite parties or view points.

An Important Question and Answer:

Question: What is my position in the bigger picture of Infinity? How can I understand and feel that position so that I operate from that position?

Answer: From the relevant facts briefly described above, it is quite clear that we all are parts and parcels of the Supreme/Universal Energy that sustains the whole universe. We are not just small entities sticking out in some small remote corners. Rather we are linked to all the beings and all the things. However, to understand this true identity, we need to first understand and feel that we are in reality an indwelling spirit (i.e. Self) in our physical selves. Once we have understood this part, it would be easy for us to expand our understanding into the Universal-Self and recognize our inner-linkages with the universe as a whole as in the bigger picture.

Now regarding the second part of the question, "How to understand and feel that position and to operate from that mode?" There are many ways to do that but the best way is that which suites us uniquely and that works for us. We have given many meditation techniques in the monthly themes (including this one). They can be practiced as recommended. Please also note the important relevant steps are also explained above in item #3 (-In the daily meditation) for ready reference. As a general understanding a combination of meditation and selfless service (according to one's unique talents) is a proven way. There are many people who have dedicated their efforts in this direction and seen some fantastic experiences for being present with the immortal Infinite Ever-Present Consciousness as such.


Relax yourself and sit comfortably. Draw your attention inwards and feel the presence of your own breath flowing freely, deeply, rhythmically without any resistance.

Quiet your mind and feel thoughts are coming to an end while you watch the flow of your breath in and out.

Breathe into your toes and feel energy flow moving towards your hips into the base of your spine and feel the reservoir of energy there. Repeat OM vibrations at this first energy center, Root Chakra and feel this powerful energy sustain you and it is the same energy which sustains the whole universe.

Imagine the powerful energy awakening and moving towards the genital area, Sacral Chakra and feel the power of joyful and open relationships. Energy is flowing without resistance. Repeat OM vibrations.

Energy is rising upwards to third energy center around your navel, Solar plexus Chakra and with Om vibrations feel the energy of your own strong authentic will power.

Feel energy rising upwards towards the middle of your chest and feel with Om vibrations the power of your own divine unconditional love, which orchestrates the whole universe.

Energy is moving upwards to the Throat center in the center of your throat and feel communicating with clarity and confidence. With OM vibrations feel communicating with authenticity.

Energy is flowing in the center of your eyebrows. With OM vibrations Just Be and repeat I join my own silence with the Ever-Present peace/silence around me. Feel and experience unity consciousness. I am the same energy, which orchestrates the whole universe.

Imagine energy flowing towards the top of your skull, Crown Chakra. In silence experience that One Omni-potent power that underlies all the elements, sustaining and orchestrating all beings and all things in the universe. Go beyond the body consciousness and feel there the only one divine energy everywhere.

When you are ready to come out of the meditation, observe your breath and feel the presence of the divine energy in each of your cells and open your eyes.

* * *

With Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

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