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Love Radiance Intention Experience 31
Monday, May 10, 2010



I am  the cry of every human being; I am That - the cry of every personality, who realizes selfhood and uses the personality in order to express the will of the indwelling entity, the true person. I am that I am  the cry of the individual soul as it is lost in the whole and realizes its oneness with the soul or self of all.
Alice A. Bailey, Treatise on White Magic


Look at your rational doubts more closely. Behind the doubt stands a doubter, behind the doubter a thinker, behind a thinker a speck of pure awareness that must be conscious before any thought can arise. I am that speck of consciousness. I am immortal and immune to time. Do not just speculate, judging whether to accept or reject. Dive inside; peel away the layers of doubt. When we finally meet, you will know who I am. And then our immortality will be not simply a notion but a living reality.


* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for May is:



Having gone all the way towards our Self-realization and Connection, regarding which many themes have been presented earlier here at our forum, it is now the appropriate time to unite the Self-expansion of ourselves with the Source of all of us and with all that is making this universe. Realizing clearly the Truth that when it happens (or initially, as it begins to happen) we effortlessly connect with all of creation and with all the planets. This then enables us to relate ourselves to all others through a common thread of the Spirit and Universal Consciousness, as all of us are strung like jewels in a necklace with this universal thread of the connecting Consciousness Energy that we don't normally see or might not even be aware of, but its there for us to experience for the wholesome enhancements in our lives. Hence honoring the Unity with God and All that is over division (created by a limited mind-set) is not only essential but also extremely important for our life fulfillment and freedom from fear, worry and sorrow.

Simply put in a nutshell, this is about realizing and experiencing the Presence of the All encompassing infinite Protective and Supportive Power in all we do and all we interact with, from micro to macro levels. And while accepting and honoring the Presence of this Infinite Power, we also need to translate Its Presence in our thoughts, feelings, emotions, action and interactions. In so doing, we first accept ourselves as we currently are, accept others as they are and accept the situations as they are without any comparisons and complaints. It does not mean submission to any one of them. Its rather seeing how we can move forward from our current state to a better life in every aspect. For things to mean something tangible and to move forward positively and optimistically with life in a wholesome way, this honoring has to be done from our deepest authentic-selves; with the utmost respect, devotion and trust. So that transformation could take place from where we are now to the highest possible potential available to all of us. Thus we move forward in alignment with the higher goals and our aspirations as prompted by the deepest Inner-Self (i.e. Self-Connection, Oneness, and Unity-Consciousness). Letting the past be transformed with the new light or the new Self-Awareness emanating from deep contemplations of the Inner-Self and where it is taking us. There is a simple process that we can follow for all the above to happen and to manifest in the living of our lives, as it brings us tremendous experience of joy and life-freedom forever. Here is the process:


1. Allow yourself to feel the Presence of the Cosmic Protective Power within every bit of your being and around you. And keep at it consistently.

2. As It is always there eternally, honor its Presence with full respect, faith and feelings.

3. As God is within us, there is no gap between God and each one of us individually. "God and I are One." Have this deep knowing-feeling.

4. Let yourself experience this Presence in the day to day living of your lives. Don't try to rationally understand it. This is beyond the intellect. In fact intellect is supposed to follow it and manifest its prompts.

5. All sickness, restlessness and discomforts are signs of self-disconnection with That ever-protective Power. This is being forgetful and negligent about our real SELF-identity. This is darkness. What we need is a shift in Consciousness from darkness to light. Authentically allow yourself in this process and decide to move in this most sublime direction without comparisons and complaints to make the step unconditional.

6. There is no other way but to reconnect and experience Its Presence; top to toes and toes to top all the way. In thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and inter-actions. It should be all there collectively.

7. When there is complete experience of this Unity, then all your thoughts automatically manifest themselves as they are God's Universal Orchestration's Ever-Present Power's thoughts. You think with the Oneness, it just happens, with all the kingdoms; seen or unseen. The whole Infinity opens up for a person who is deeply interested to unite with this eternal Truth, as such.

Relevant Questions and Answers

Question 1. What are the greatest barriers, which stand in the way of honoring the Unity with God and All that is?

Answer: The most significant barrier is the ego/the intellectual challenge, which stands in the way of letting the connection happen between the physical-self, the Higher Self and the Universal-Self. The second barrier is the illusion that we are just the physical-self and nothing beyond it. The third big barrier is the past conditioning and lack of courage to come out of the past to explore the highest possible potential available to all of us. The fourth one so common, of course, is that of procrastination (i.e. I will do it later on...sounds so familiar).

Question 2. How do you overcome the barriers?

Answer: The first step is to resort to an unbiased understanding of the Reality/Truth of the higher nature of the individual indwelling spirit, and the Universal Spirit that pervades and protects all God's unique creations at all times in all the planets. The second step would be to make a firm courageous decision to move in that direction Now (not later on). Needless to say the third step is to move ahead and start bringing in the inner power of the deepest higher Self/Spirit in our day to day living of our lives. Once that begins to happen, then we fearlessly move into deeply honoring the Presence and Protection of the infinite cosmic universal energy behind all we see and don't see in all the creations of God in all the planets; humans, animals, trees, plants, minerals, air, water, earth, moon, sun, stars, the whole solar system and many other unknown creations that we don't see.

Question 3. Having done all the above, then what happens?

Answer: Once a person experiences this Truth of Self/God as explained above, then this wisest divine personality never falls into delusion. Through this Truth, she/he will begin to see all beings and things in her/his Self and in God at the same time...all interconnected. The whole infinity opens by itself to this person; unlimited energy, unlimited resources, unlimited knowledge/information and unlimited potential of all that is available here and there; everywhere and at all times.

Now here is the relevant meditation that is very helpful towards the ongoing steady realization of all that has been said above:


Find a quiet place and sit comfortably with back straight by drawing your whole attention inwards. Observe the flow of your breath in and out. Stay there for a few minutes until you feel one with your breath.

Repeat the vibrations of Om on exhalation for a few minutes and bring your attention in the center of your eyebrows. Observe your inner peace and silence. Affirm, My true nature is peace, love and harmony.

In this peaceful state feel the presence of God within. Affirm, "God and I are One. In your deep feelings feel His presence as a Cosmic Protective Power in every cell of you and around all you. Truly feel each cell is healthy and this Cosmic Power is healing you as it flows through you all the time. Bring your attention into a deeper cellular level and experience its healing taking place in your physical, mental, emotional and intellectual levels.

Feel God's subtle energy flowing from top to toes and toes to top. And now feel It's presence in your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and interactions. Imagine that after doing all your actions you are offering everything back to God and free yourself from attachments and expectations. Feel a sense of deep freedom within.

Affirm, I am One with God, I am One with everyone I am interacting with, I am One with every living being as God's energy flows in everything and everyone. Experience complete unity while affirming with your feelings. Honoring the Unity with God and All that is.

Stay there for as long as you want. When you would like to come out of the meditation, observe your breath in and out and open your eyes.

* * *

With Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

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