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Love Radiance Intention
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Love Radiance Intention Experience 30
Wednesday, April 7, 2010




Soaring upward, Such discords of vibration.

Fervent flutter of wings, Reaching for the sky, Striving against the wind.

Then  the realization.

Swirling of symphony, Counter vibrations, Creating the sound

That equalizes the whole.

Harmony in motion.

By Charlene S. Noto 2005


* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for April is:

Living the Original Way of Truth-Awareness-Joyfulness


Real wisdom lies in knowing and doing the Truth as is (not as it should be) in any situation. Remaining always aware of this truth is central to living our lives in a fulfilling way: physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. This truth has been known to the humanity for a very long time. However, it seems to have been buried by centuries of misdirected conditioning, superstition, ignorance, as well as our society's and the ones before us, in overindulgence of material wealth and sensual pleasures. Yet it is not lost, as it is recoverable and can be reclaimed. We consistently need to remember our intrinsic nature of Truth, Awareness and Joyfulness. We are entitled to reclaim this original inheritance until we spontaneously and naturally feel TAJ (Truth, Awareness & Joyfulness) and utilize it in our day-to-day living of our lives. One must cultivate a habit of engaging the attributes of one's lower nature---body and senses/mind and intellect---according to the direction of the Higher Self (i.e. indwelling Spirit). In this context; first it is important to know (really know) the pertinent process, which does not entail any religious, philosophical or physiological connotations by choosing his/her own unique ways of embracing it. The three steps process to reach the above noted highest possible potential is as follows.

Three Steps Process

1. Embracing the Freedom of Truth:

Acquiring and embracing the freedom of truth has to do with getting to know who in truth we are truly meant to be, and to just be that.

Accepting reality as it is, not as we have willed and wished it to be.

Controlling our thoughts because we become what we think.

Listening to our inner voice as it whispers when we are still.

Being responsible for the quality of our lives.

Following our heart/soul from the choking grip of negativity.

Acting on the insights/intuitions given to our full capability, then leaving all outcomes of our true actions to the divine orchestration of the Universal Divine Spirit that prevails all the time everywhere at all times.

Simply relying on our lower nature to solve the problems and adversities of our daily life will yield temporary surface solutions at best.

Real solutions can only be had with the help of the greatest purifier (the Self) that we all carry within us.

Recognizing and experiencing the truth as such will set us free.

2. Developing Ongoing Unrestricted Awareness:

Exploring and discovering unrestricted awareness has to do with being open to the wisdom of those who have traveled this path before us.

Understanding the total canvas of earthly life, as it is lit and shaded: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and universal influences.

Understanding the many influences that life brings to us through different situations.

Understanding how and what we are influencing in life (i.e. responding to situations) ourselves through our ability to create and manifest.

Understanding that in painful situations, we can make a conscious choice to go beyond the pains by rising up in Consciousness in a meditative way. Then returning with renewed energy and awareness as to what to do under the circumstances. Thus utilizing the Truth of resurrection and ascension (of Spirit) in day-to-day living.

Recognizing that the apparent adversity always is a catalyst for spiritual healing and growth.

Abandoning attachment to self-serving expectations.

Analyzing and going beyond the intellectual conceptualizations and at the same time making sense and feeling good about these realizations.

Clarifying and dissecting problems we are facing into assignments for our bodily attention and calling for help from the spiritual arena.

Once our part is done in the best possible way and we are satisfied that we have exhausted the capabilities of body and mind then putting it to rest.

Being genuinely aware of our spiritual connection most certainly results into forthcoming direction towards solutions from our Higher Self.

Practical Awareness thus leading to in-depth real knowledge and experiential understanding as applicable in the day-to-day living of our lives.

God is the one to be ultimately relied upon (realizing from no-answer situations of life). Dedicate your being to God. Surrender completely to God. Those who know of God's support are forever free from fear, worry and sorrow.

Lasting joy and life-freedom forever comes from your doing things as a dedication to God.

3. Entering Peace and Infinite Bliss:

Entering the realm of peace and infinite bliss is the ultimate purpose of life and the supreme gift open and accessible to each one of us.

Once stepping into this arena, experience the infinite delight in the flow of unlimited energy and vitality ebbing in and out of the body.

In this state, effortlessly floating on the river of universal power and love.

Finding contentment and joy in everything he or she does and experiences.

Becoming spiritually aligned and unified with the Divine Almighty, "I AM" and being freed from struggle and adversity.

Becoming the source of inspiration and motivation for others.

Recognizing that persistent meditation and unconditional surrender of oneself is essential to reach this state of peace and bliss.

Having a firm connection with the Infinite Universal Energizer is absolutely a prerequisite for reaching out this regal plateau.


When in perfect alignment, one does not see any difference only unity in this and that, as all is One. Otherwise one must downgrade one's perception as being on the intellectual level. When connected with the higher self, Truth flows and one knows it and checking with authorities becomes superfluous. "Truth is God, Mahatma Gandhi declared. That means that Truth and God are 'One. It is also said that to know oneself in the context as explained above is to know God. The inference is self-evident: We are all spiritually joined together and to the Supreme Authority in an infinite Unity that sustains us, caresses us, enjoys and exalts us. All is possible if we only acknowledge our connection and manifest our noblest aspirations.


Knowing the truth in the moment through silent detached observations.

Listening to the inner voice and being guided by the Silent Self.

Authentic Communications skills.

Authentic Relationships skills.

Authentic Presence in the moment.

Rendering selfless service to the community according to individual's unique talents.

After doing your level best in everything you do, letting go and not being attached to the outcomes. Doing things as a dedication to God and feeling the joy and life-freedom forever.

Regular Self-observations of how one is doing in all these important areas and developing Self-awareness of the truth as is in every moment of life.

Giving your self a pat on the back for doing all or parts of the above. However recognizing that one can fall down from such high plateaus at times. When this happens, just be aware, arise and move forward and continue the journey of the process as explained above on an ongoing basis. This is living our original essential nature of Truth, Awareness and Joyfulness.

Please note: pointers with respect to the above practice points are provided in the earlier themes. They can be refreshed at your will by visiting our LRIG website: Please start your self-development program by picking up some pointers that are unique to you.

They will connect with the other points during the course of time. So please don't be under pressure to start with all of them at the same time.

Now here is a relevant meditation that should be continuously practiced as a part of the three steps process.


1. Relax your body and sit comfortably with eyes closed and bring your attention towards your breath and feel the life force energy flowing effortlessly. Observe for a few minutes until your mind is calm.

2. Feel the natural flow of your breath from nostril to navel and navel back to nostrils and gradually experience your inner stillness and silence.

3. Bring your attention towards your toes and feel the subtle energy flowing towards the base of your spine. Be there for a few minutes and feel your divine energy ascending upwards in the middle of your eyebrows.

4. Observe your inner silence and stillness without a trace of disturbance. In essence "I Am That" and realize this. Stay there for a few minutes.

5. Realize that in challenging and painful situations I always have a choice to make conscious decisions, which bring me peace. In reality I am not pain, I am not the challenge and I have a choice to go beyond them in my day-to-day life. Feel and know this.

6. Take your attention towards the crown of your head and be in that space. Keep on rising up and feeling boundless flows of energy in all directions. As if all there is, is Consciousness/Energy and nothing else. In the midst of this energy, feel comfortable and settle down. Now visualize that you are in the realm/paradise of peace and infinite bliss where Self to Self  unspoken - communications is the connecting medium. In this connection with the Self, feel the divine connections with all that is, is a reality. All is accessible in this infinity zone that has infinite information, infinite resources, infinite energy and infinite love and so on, as all is infinite. Stay there as long as you would like to.

7. Bring your attention down towards the middle of your forehead and feel that I have returned with renewed energy, truth, love, awareness and joy. Guiding and responding to situations from this renewed connection, thus utilizing the Truth of resurrection and ascension of Spirit in day-to-day living. Feel this energy flowing down towards your toes and back to top. When you are ready to come out of the meditation, gradually open your eyes.

* * *

With Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

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