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Love Radiance Intention
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Love Radiance Intention Experience 28
Thursday, February 4, 2010



"There is something divine in every person. Its presence is a blissful magic; and its absence is a deprivation of life's profoundness. What is it? It is unconditional love! One's openness to giving and receiving love, free from any conditions attached, can do just wonders for everyone. It gives an ecstatic experience of united celebration. This is a powerful experience of co-partnership as well as the beginning of the process of Self-expansion into oneness with the Universal Energy. Allow it to happen to You!" Anonymous


"Unconditional love dissolves all separateness. As you learn to love yourself and others more, you increase your vibration. Your energy takes on the smoother, finer vibrations of the higher dimensions and you become your Higher Self. By Sanaya Roman

* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for February is:

Living One Vibrational Energy


February can be and is used as the month for many as a way to rekindle the 'element' of love that brings human relationships in togetherness. LOVE, as we already know has many meanings, has many levels. Our group was founded and rooted in love, and today our group radiates this energy that keeps us together and moving forward.

Love is healing, creative and has a way to bring a sense of calm and peace into the midst of chaos. Love can be exuberant, energetic, playful and sensual. Love is where the heart is, and love is where we feel at home even if we are in unfamiliar surroundings. Love can bring two strangers together seeming like two old friends. Love is a wellspring of unlimited potential. Love is all encompassing and love leaves nothing and no one out. Love is the extended hand to help whenever/wherever needed. Love is acceptance, understanding and unconditional. Love can be strong, surviving what seems the most unbearable of circumstances. Love is what binds our existence and without love we would be devoid of our potential. Even love can be found in the darkest of places. If there is a heart beating, the potential for love is there. Even the tiniest flicker can turn into a blazing fire.

If it is true love, the way will be the way without attachment and possession, but in freedom, freedom for all. Love can have an iron will but be malleable in transition. Most of all, love has no fear. Oh sure, love is unknown territory, a query that prompts us to move ever onward, forward and towards this very unknown we seek through this fair and elusive love.

In Our Own Self-Awareness

We find that Love, Light (i.e. Awareness) and Laughter are the cornerstones of living our lives fully from what we intrinsically are. Our lifes work as the soul, and in our own Self-awareness is to cultivate love, light and laughter into our daily routine.

Everyday we are set with challenges; challenges that can seem insurmountable to us at any given moment, and these are the ample opportunities to use love as a means of understanding, light for bringing clarity, and laughter in the face of what seems horrible. Indeed nothing can be so horrible if one can find the opportunity to bring a smile or laughter into the fray of tragedy. With our childlike exuberance, wanderlust and awe, everyday we are given the opportunity to realize some potential, to open ourselves to some unlimited possibilities that surround us. And no matter where we are, no matter how simple or difficult they might appear, if we are able in our own self-awareness to maintain this childlike innocence and not influenced by any particular person, ideal or system, we find we are more than capable of seeing the beauty in all things and are open to the world as it unfolds before us.

We dont have to struggle anymore with dichotomy love/hate, light/dark, and laughter/tears. If we are going to live with dichotomy and label things as they are or how we interpret them, no need to struggle with them. As there is more of a need to be aware of what we are doing, why we are labeling, and how this effects us as a whole. We are individuals but we are more similar than we give each other credit for. There is innate goodness in everyone, it comes from the fact we are unlimited beings with vast unlimited potential.

When we arrive in this world, we are a pure channel of information to receive and to give, unfortunately we are born into a world that is not yet completely on the same page in self-awareness. Until this happens we are asked to work/play as hard as we can. The world is our mirror reflection, and in this world as within us, we see and observe all kinds of things; and again we label this thing as beautiful and magnificent or that thing as ugly and cruel. If we find this dichotomy in the world, most likely this dichotomy/conflict still exists in us. Dont be upset by this, dont find this a reason to give up hope, dont find this a reason to take a break or sit this one out, and definitely dont find this a reason to abandon your dream for your Self and for the world.

Love, Light and Laughter is in you in this very moment!

Living Love Magic (Practice Points)

1. Take the opportunity this month and as often as possible, to find out how to enjoy the magic of unconditional love in the day-to-day living of your lives. Ask yourself how does unconditional love affect those around me, including myself? And how is it fulfilling my life?

2. Learn to cultivate and enjoy the rewards of your Unconditional Love. Where do you see the unconditional side of love beginning in you?

3. Is this Divine Love radiating light in you? Are you experiencing The Self to Self, Self to Universal Self and Self to the Supreme Self/Source, Self-Expansion!

4. Regularly get in touch with your reflections as the individual person connected in unconditional love. You can do this by meditation (like the one provided below), or by spending time doing what you love or spending time with whom you love. Go outdoors and simply enjoy the natural world, dont allow yourself to get pulled and pushed in any one direction other than the one that allows you to take your time to enjoy the outdoors slowly and quietly within yourself. What feels good to you and do this!

5. Ensure conscious efforts to live in the present moment and to keep the spark of unconditional love alive. Also addressing those forces, which weaken the spark. The forces that weaken the spark are expectations, fear and insecurity. And maintain a steady enthusiasm to keep expanding your love to the universal love, through transmitting love, peace and joy into the universe.


1. Close your eyes. Bring yourself to a calm state by withdrawing your whole attention from the busy world and busy thinking. Be with yourself like a clean slate.

2. Start to watch your incoming and outgoing breath, which is becoming calmer, quieter and rhythmic. Watch peace entering into your breath. Be there for a few minutes.

3. In this state of being, observe the energy underneath your body flowing freely. Tap into this energy in silence and stillness. Notice, this energy has no affect on you no matter what is going on in your outer life. This energy is flowing like a river in you without resistance. Enjoy the flow for a few minutes.

4. Gradually feel this energy, its essence peaceful, loving, forgiving, compassionate, accepting and full of empathy. It judges no one, puts no one down, does not separate you from anything or anyone, instead it unites you. It welcomes everything and everyone with an open heart.

5. Feel this deep love in your whole being and visualize this love outpouring into everything you are involved in. Pouring out for every individual you are interacting with. Visualize I am bringing the light of love into my challenging situations and handling them from love and see the results coming out with the same flow of love and peace.

6. Experience the energy of unconditional love giving and receiving in action. From there emerges the awareness; I am a channel of love and awareness. My pure nature is love, peace, harmony and awareness. Stay there as long as you would like to.

7. When you are ready, gradually open your eyes and see everything around you with a new love, light and awareness.

* * *

With Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

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