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Love Radiance Intention Experience 27
Wednesday, January 13, 2010



"Know that the power and the comprehension of the human spirit are of two kinds: that is to say, they perceive and act in two different modes. One way is through instruments and organs: thus with this eye it sees, with this ear it hears, with this tongue it talks. Such is the action of the spirit, and the perception of the reality of man, by means of organs. That is to say, that the spirit is the seer, through the eyes; the spirit is the hearer, through the ear; the spirit is the speaker, through the tongue.

Therefore it is evident and certain that the spirit is different from the body, and that its duration is independent of that of the body; on the contrary, the spirit with the utmost greatness rules in the world of the body, and its power and influence, like the bounty of the sun in the mirror, are apparent and visible. But when the mirror becomes dusty or breaks, it will cease to reflect the rays of the sun." by Abdu'l-Baha (Baha'i World Faith)


You Can Do It And You Are Doing It

There is no stress or strain in nature: a seed goes through its full cycle, it does not have to do anything, and it just allows it all to happen. When a snake changes its skin, it slowly wiggles out of its old one. A bird cracks open its shell and emerges completely transformed, it grows wings and can fly - it is free, free, free! That is what is waiting to happen to you. A new freedom, a new joy, a whole new world is waiting to open for you when you are willing to move out of those restrictive ways, thoughts and ideas and be transformed. You can do it and you are doing it. It is all beginning to take place. Guidance from Findhorn

* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for January is:

Renewal All The Way


In this new year of 2010, 'NOW' is the most opportune time to renew ourselves all the way. So the unlimited potentials that are lying dormant within us are realized and utilized, only if we have a longing desire and earnest striving to discover them. We have magic inside us, a divinity. We can use this opportunity of being here to use the direct way to tap into the highest possible potential in whatever time we have left. We are not just an isolated entity restricted to a small corner. We all are rather a part and parcel of the Universal Energy that maintains the whole universe. We can feel inter-connected with all the beings and the things. With this connection all the barriers of religion, culture, past conditioning, conditional love, jealousy, fear and insecurity starts disappearing on their own. This connection revitalizes and brings forth newness to one's life. Are you ready for this renewal all the way?

A new eye, a new ear, a new heart, and a new mind!

Make the soul more present in the outer world. Or be "in this world, but not of this world."


It is important to be vigilant and aware all the time that a smaller picture of the scenario keeps us small. A bigger picture makes our vision bigger. We need to know our position in the totality. Once it is known, we behave accordingly. We are an integral part of the Infinity. Let's recognize that connection and conduct ourselves accordingly towards setting the renewed foundation for the direct connection, so that we can move ahead smoothly in the journey of life. Let's now begin the New Year with fully renewed inertia and keep going with this play of Consciousness.

Requirements for the Renewal

There isnt an education, age, sex, color, and culture or looks requirements. In a general way the requirements are the same, which is essential to complete any work, task, or any goal. Expressing these general identifiers in a crisp and crunchy way, we need the following ingredients to complete our goal as identified above:

- True Intention: A simple intention is not good enough to generate the spirit of action. One may have a good intention to do something but if it is not further inspired from within, it does not go that further.

- Enthusiasm: When there is a deep inner yearning for the same intention, we become completely enthused with that. We need to have a soul-felt aspiration to help us get started in the real sense.

- Decision: The quality of decision will affect the strength of the self-effort and that in effect, will determine the success of our project or the goal we have decided to pursue.

- Self-Effort: It is a serious attempt to follow and achieve our particular goal or aspiration. In this case of Renewal all the way, we are primarily aiming to have a direct connection/experience of the Inner Power, the Spirit/the Self, and Its universal connection with all That is. This is the time to resolve to move, in this right direction, and continue to move.

- Attitude: It is a modus operandi, the mental position with regard to the action, the state or the fact. The most desirable kind of attitude we want to have has the following characteristics:

Trusting in the Self and the Supreme Self

Open (free from past conditioning) and Optimistic

Positive (powered from within)

Accepting (acknowledging the reality of the power within and of the situation as it is and not as it should be)

Heart-felt (aligned to the Inner Call, needing no defense)

Enjoyer (I am here to enjoy life. I will turn around all situations in a way that I am prompted to do and spontaneously enjoy it!)

Renewal Evaluation

Now you just relax and be silent. Take each requirement as explained above and rate yourself on a scale of one to ten. Be honest with yourself and just note for the time being where you are. Keep mental note of your personal and private score and that is the first shot of your personal portrait with regard to your alignment with the Self in you. Now that you know a certain part of you, it is important to learn and practice to go within yourself for renewal all the way.

Practice Points

Basically we are talking about wearing God's lenses to look at the reality in all things we are involved with even the minutest particles/atoms. Put in our simple terminology, the message is that of the ever-lasting underlying Godly support/sustenance in all the things/beings we interact with. As well as that of a "Detached/Impartial Observer" and going further in the living of our lives from the realities observed as such. In this mode, constantly engaged in soul-inspired action, established in the happy medium between two extreme and opposite points of view and constantly rejecting every form of conditioning. In all hostilities, established in the neutral position, yet endowed with compassion and consideration for all. Remember always; it is not what the world throws at you, it is what you do with it...thus remain unaffected by the worldly melodrama.


With our last theme in December we pondered on "Who are we" and "Where are we going and Why, these questions are leading us to the renewal all the way in the New Year 2010. A new ear, a new eye, a new heart, a new understanding, being in this world but not of this world. Lets absorb this new understanding through meditation where our deeper soul hears this message and we become that.

1. Sit quietly with back straight on the floor or a chair with closed eyes. Looking within by being fully present there. Start to hear the natural rhythm of your own breath in and out.

2. Becoming one with the flow of your own breath, experience your deeper presence with your deeper Self, a quiet place within where thoughts are loosing its affect. All there is silence. Start to observe your natural flow of breath from nostrils to navel and navel back to nostrils. Become one with this flow.

3. Breathe into your toes and observe the energy line flowing from toes towards the base of your spine and be there at the powerhouse of your divine energy which sustains us.

4. On exhalation start to repeat OM vibrations which are flowing from the base of your spine towards the crown of your head and visualize a golden light moving upwards. Repeat this for a few minutes.

5. Stay at the crown of head and feel communion with the Supreme energy by being one with it.

6. Truly feel the Supreme energy showering a new understanding and a deeper clarity. Absorb it through your own visualization. Feel as if you have a new eye, new ear, and a new heart to see a total bigger picture with God's lenses. Feel as you are living in this world, but not of this world.

7. Simply observe it and be there for few minutes. Truly feel in the year 2010, there is a deeper knowledge, which has now dawned on you. When you are ready, open your eyes.


As you spend time in your Self-reflection, Self-meditation and Renewal all the way, see your Self-expanding. You are the soul, and through which you are the seer through the eyes, the hearer through the ears, the speaker through the tongue. You are the soul, now you can be the soul, and we support you and support each other in this process. And if you are prompted to have any dialogue with our group during your reflection, feel free to do so. We are always here and welcome everyone as we unfold together.

Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

* * *

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

Love, Peace and Joy to the World!

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