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Love Radiance Intention Experience 25
Monday, November 9, 2009



The moment we realize that what we hunger for is God-realization, our life takes a radical turn towards peace and unconditional joy. Ellen Grace O'Brian


Truly the most powerful purifier on earth is the knowledge and experience of the evolving human spirit that dwells within every person. As a full-blown fire burns the woods to ashes, so does the fire of enlightenment and knowledge reduce all the obstacles that stand in the way of human development to ashes. A person who consistently practices meditation of the Self (i.e. meditating on one's own identity with that of the Source---child of God) experiences the spontaneous flow of enlightenment and awakening in the course of time. Bhagvad Gita 4.37/38

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Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for November is:

Planting The Inner Enrichment


People are in such a rush these days living on the fast track, talking fast, eating fast, and moving fast. Given our current pace, we barely have time to relax and cultivate relationships with our spouses, children, friends and nature, much less with ourselves. Cultivating or planting the inner enrichment simply means enhancing or bringing forth the qualities in us that open and move us forward to fulfill our lives in a more wholesome way. If we observe around us, both outwardly and inwardly, no doubt the human being is going through a process of evolution that cannot be denied. We all want to find a way of living that allows us to emerge as whole. The trick is enjoying the process along the way.

Inherent Authenticity

The seers of life have concluded that when we direct our attention and energies outward, we lose a sense of wonder, beauty, and magnificence within us from which happiness, joy and peace originate. By beginning to slow down and to redirect our energies inwards and cultivating our inner enrichment, we can ultimately change our lives and enjoy our life in a healthy, balanced and wholesome way. Being calm brings clarity, richness and divinity to our lives.

The Predominant Attitude

Fulfilling our lives wholesomely, now and in the future, very simply means a healthy shift in our attitude. Attitude is an individual mental state as to how we see things and how we respond or react in a characteristic way to a stimulus (as an object, person, concept, or situation). It indicates an individual mode of conducting oneself in a certain fashion (i.e. modus operandi). Its between the physical-self and the higher-self (Spirit) of a person. As such, it has an important bearing how effectively a person is in touch with the real power within the individual. In other words, if and when we are looking at ways and means to bring peace, love, joy, abundance, freedom and fulfillment in our lives, then we have to analyze our own attitude. This applies to our lives in the present as well as to the future that seems to be going through great evolving strides.

Cultivating the Essential Qualities

Now is opportune to look at some of our essential qualities; what they are, what they can do for us in our lives, where we are and how we can practice them consistently. In this context, the seers of the Truth have surmised that:

Acceptance with Openness and Present Moment Presence (PMP) spontaneously trigger peace and the Real Enjoyer in a person.

This simply means that we have to understand and cultivate the following essential qualities to enjoy our lives on an ongoing basis:

Acceptance: This is recognizing in a mode of awareness the reality as it is and coming to grips with it. Accepting is accepting the self, as we are, the family as they are, others as they are, situations as they are and being responsible for responding to these situations accepting the divinity and spiritual power in us that sustains us. As well as accepting that others have the same divinity in themselves. Accepting is trusting in self and is primal ---Trust sustains life as Sustainer. After accepting and responding to situations at level best, as prompted in the stillness by the inner Director, its freeing and peaceful to let go and let It orchestrate the dance of the universe.

Openness: This implies being free from any preconceived notions or barriers. Its not being closed-minded or obstinate or stubborn about a viewpoint. It is rather looking at the reality of the moment in a detached mode and becoming aware of the truth as it is. It permits accessibility to new thoughts, emotions, information, experiences and approaches. Although openness is a tremendous quality, it must however be used with full awareness, by letting this openness establish itself in a mode of truthfulness and operating from that powerful mode.

Positivism: This is a state in which we are positive. Indeed, most of the successful people are those with positive attitudes. It is remembering always that positive is the triumph over negative forces. Optimism and enthusiasm for what we are doing translates into a positive attitude. Positivism implies utilizing all material resources effectively by aligning them to support the inner prompts in any given situation.

Present Moment Presence (PMP) Practice: PMP means being fully present in the moment and enjoying it. This practice is focusing on ourselves and the people we are interacting with, as with the activities we perform in the moment. In other words, perfect synchronicity and authenticity between the doer (the subject), the doing (the adverb) and the deed (the object).

Triple Reminder

There are three important things to always remember and practice:

1. Our wholeness includes our physical-self (body, senses, mind and intellect) and our higher self (the indwelling spirit and its connection to the universal energy). Always using our whole being in all we do.

2. All of us are an integral part of the infinite energy, resources, knowledge and love. Let's recognize the direct connection and conduct ourselves accordingly.

3. We are all here to perform various roles and enjoy them. Also clearly remembering that intrinsically we are not the roles, we are their performers in essence. With an open, positive, accepting, connecting and enjoying attitude we have the full potential to make this journey of life a wonderful human experience for all of us. No one has to lose. We can all be winners. Let's do it together.


The authoritative sources emphasize that the best way to move towards the highest possible human development is to be consistently in touch with the indwelling spirit. Real knowledge beyond intellectual comprehension dawns on a person when he or she is consistently remembering and focusing on the Self. All inner toxins and other obstructions automatically start to disappear when the individuals attention is regularly focused on the most powerful purifier, the Higher self. In the course of time, the intuitive knowledge starts to flow, dawning effortlessly, and the blessed person flows spontaneously with it in a humble, polite and joyful way. In this experience, the whole personality starts to unfold itself to completely new dimensions of the Self and the Supreme Self (i.e. God). This is the beginning of a new life for that person and it is in this state, the world we live in starts to offer its splendors spontaneously and effortlessly. This is setting the stage for flying with joy Now and in the Futures to come.

Breath for relaxing and centering the mind

We will spend a few minutes first to work on our breath, the vital energy force in our body. Take a long deep breath where we breathe deeply from the back of our throat in Ujjain breath (the force of the breath is at the back of your throat) by filling the lungs with oxygen and taking the air all the way down into your abdomen and then exhale deeply in the same manner, from the back of your throat. Repeat this for three minutes. You will feel a deep sense of energizing energy flowing with deep relaxation.

Now you are ready for meditation.

1. Bring your awareness towards the back of your nostrils and observe the sensation of your breath cool on inhalation and warm on exhalation. Do this for a few minutes and feel becoming one with your breath.

2. Observe your full breath moving now from nostrils to abdomen and from abdomen back to nostrils. You may visualize first and then you will feel the energy of your breath moving in this manner. Do this for a few minutes, as you get fully absorbed in it.

3. Take in a long deep breath all the way down towards your toes and on exhalation visualize lines of energy flowing from your toes towards the base of your spine and from there all the way towards the middle of your eyebrows.

4. Stay there and visualize your divine energy flowing around this area, affirm: I am fully present with myself. As you feel your inner deep presence, affirm: I accept my self as I am, I accept everyone as they are, and I accept every situation as it is without judging it or trying to change it. Feel deep contentment within.

5. Affirm: I am open to everything and attached to nothing. Visualize being open and positive about everything around you and feel a natural flow within, without any resistance.

6. Visualize a golden star radiating light, peace, love and harmony from your eyebrows moving into all directions. Enjoy your true essence, truly who I am. When you are ready to come out, observe your breath and open your eyes.


With deep reflection placed upon the Self you will find the power to bring this inner being outwardly into the outer world expressing beautifully the true inner divine being breathed into a world as the Self, and as it is within the world, and as it is within the universe, and as it is within the whole. In your constant and consistent effort devoted to your divine self you will be interacting with the rest of the divine world as it truly is, and not harboring a self held illusion. Be as you are, and if you are prompted to have authentic dialogue with our group members, please feel free to do so. We are always here and welcome everyone and everything as it is unfolding before us.

Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

* * *

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

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