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Love Radiance Intention Experience 23
Monday, September 7, 2009



As we learn to trust and follow our intuition, we are learning to open and strengthen our individual channel so we can bring more power, creativity and love through us. When we come together in a relationship or in a group, each individual channel becomes part of a bigger channel. A group channel is created which is powerful than any of us individually can be."

"When many bodies and minds are willing to surrender, open up, and grow, these combined energies create a very strong, open structure that allows a lot more energy to come through from the universe. The process intensifies tremendously and everyone gets a powerful hit of the energy, which is capable of pushing each of us to the next level of our growth. Even though we may all be in somewhat different places and going through different things, each person receives the inspiration, the support, the push, or whatever is needed to enable them to take the next step on their journey. A group channel can open us up to a deeper level of awareness, and in the process we share more of ourselves and find that we are healed of things that have held us back.

Shakti Gawain, Living In The Light

* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience

Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for September is:



On an apparently seeming platform, all of us have three states of Consciousness: waking, sleeping and dreaming. In these states we go through many physical, emotional and intellectual experiences. Often not realizing that these conventional states and the arising experiences within them only provide us with limited potentials and possibilities in the living of our lives. However, the Real-Experiencer is different from all of them, and that which is behind all of them. The reality is this, in true essence, we live in this world but we are not of this world.

Transcendence is going beyond what appears real to that which underlies the seemingly real. What underlies all that is happening and that which is behind what we see is the ultimate reality and is the process of reaching 'Self-Transcendence. This process puts us in a new reality of unlimitedness and we become a part of the Universal-self that pervades everywhere and is essentially Truth, Freedom, Awareness, and Joyfulness. What we see all around us from the living of our lives is that we are lost in the roles and forget who we intrinsically are.

Self-Transcendence is going beyond all of them and seeing what is making them happen. What is behind them and what makes them tick is definitely a higher dimension than what we are used to in our third dimension of body, senses, mind and intellect. Crossing all these boundaries and limited potentials in our three conventional states (waking, sleeping and dreaming) is a clear indication of entering higher dimensions of higher realities. This shift in consciousness results into infinitely higher potentials and possibilities inherent in a fulfilling life that we all inherit. Of course, bringing spark and enrichment back into your life. In this process, it is important to realize that we cannot afford to be negligent in maintaining a good working state in the physical-self and that which what we use to manifest what we deeply aspire within only helps in making the Self-Transcendence' more reachable for us.

Life's Purpose

Our life was divinely given to us to explore and keep exploring in the above direction until we find it individually and collectively, and Be it. We need to bring this true essence back into us and amongst us, and to fulfill the purpose of our being here on earth, as well as to know and be the true identities that we are. We may enjoy tremendously the physical, the emotional, the romantic and the intellectual. But these are being experienced in a limited and temporal way. And it so happens that we can easily lose track of the highest reality (of the Self) by not paying our full attention to it. Neglecting the key links keep us from joyfully connecting in the real living of our life experiences relevant to our work, relationships, comforts and services, etc.


It is important to recognize that all of this is happening for us to become more aware and more responsive to the situations in all the three states mentioned above. No one is free from these situations. The more the situation is severe, the more opportunity to gain more awareness and more strength. This is a process of self-growth and moving towards Self-Transcendence. Although no one is looking for painful experiences with a view to grow, it happens and we have no choice but to respond.

Its also encouraging to realize that when the situation becomes too strong to bear and too difficult to respond positively, then letting go, and asking for some special help is spontaneously responded to, as the help appears in one form or another. And acknowledging thankfully such divine response promotes more help to come during the course of time, more so when it is urgently needed and asked for. Hence we all need to see where we are and where we are going and why? In this self-inquiry, needless to say, self-awareness is absolutely essential.

Action Points

All states of consciousness including being awake, sleeping and dreaming experiences can be further elevated to experience higher dimensions of Consciousness through the utilization of 'self-awareness' and self-directional' skills. These skills are related to the individual Self that sustains, oversees, directs and experiences the wholesomeness of being a human. This Self is completely independent in the whole being and that's the highest Truth that we need to realize and practice throughout all our experiences in life and at all levels. To travel that far back home, let's reflect on this pathway for meaningful ongoing growth:

1. Decision Making and Determination

Nothing is going to happen without a firm decision to know the truth and to perform our duties and play our roles with this truth while journeying back to from where we all come and to where we all go. The results will happen depending upon where we are in a scale of 1 to 10. Keep moving towards 10. To bring about changes in our lives, we need to consistently pay attention and focus on what our true intentions and aspirations are. We need to keep working towards this discipline.

2. Developing the Art of Effective Thinking

We are the creators of our own thoughts in the sense that we pay more attention to those thoughts that are in line with our duties, sublime aspirations and inner movements towards reaching our highest possible potentials and possibilities. Similarly, discard or pay much less attention to the other thoughts, which are constantly draining us and are not in sync with what we deeply cherish.

3. Dealing with Stress Level

Remember, stress is the pressure divided by the inner strength. The pressures in worldly situations keep arising and we have no control over the situations arising in all the three states of consciousness. However we have great control by way of our inner strength. To keep our sanity, stay balanced and cool, we then need to consistently increase our inner strength. This can be done in an ongoing basis by regularly doing breathing exercises and by practicing to enter your inner silence, which is absolutely stress-free and joyful.

4. Arise, Arise and Arise

While we are treading our journey of the higher Truth, we are bound to fall a few times along the way. Keep fully determined that we have to arise, arise and arise, as that's the greatest glory in the human journey. Again your inner silence is quite handy to guide you on what to do and how to arise. In turn this calls for listening to one's real self in one's own silence. Be still and know, and Be that which we are, this is where all the answers lie of course.

5. Remembering our Real Identity

It is important to remember always who we are intrinsically. In this constant remembrance we will also understand and experience what detachment, discernment and Present Moment Presence is. Hence we need to practice the art of detached observation, and seek to discern the lower from the higher. What is self-serving and what is soul-inspired? Between the two extremes, staying in the middle position and being alert to what the detached witness is, brings us to 'Self-Awareness' in our day-to-day living.

6. Living our Unique Purpose in Life

This simply means finding meaning and fulfillment in unique ways that are natural to you. How do we best serve and contribute to the world? Thus making a list of our unique talents and ask daily, "How can I serve? How can I help? Thus rendering selfless service in an ongoing basis.


1. Find a comfortable place where you can sit quietly for twenty minutes. Close your eyes with your back straight but relaxed. Watch your breath coming in and going out for a few minutes, and feel the free flow of your natural breath, experience being fully absorbed in it.

2. As you are watching your breath, feel your abdomen rising and falling. Feel your inner presence that is watching your breath, and connect with it.

3. Slowly feel you are going beyond your mind, thoughts and emotions. All there is this inner presence, which is divine in its nature, and you are connected to it. Become one with it.

4. Feel the presence of the divine energy, which sustains you starting from your toes and moves slowly upwards towards the base of your spine. Feel the reservoir of energy, which is stored there, and be fully present with it. Visualize this energy in a form of golden light that starts to move upwards from the base of your spine to middle of your eyebrows.

5. Stay there and be fully present with it. Feel the inner presence going deeper and deeper.

6. Feel total peace, joy, harmony, love, and silence. In this silence and stillness, know who you are. Intrinsically you are a divine loving being and feel that you are becoming more aware of everything around you and visualize responding to all the situations from this connection.

7. Once you are connected with your True Self within, feel its not dependent upon anything or anyone. I am complete. I am sufficient. I am in the world but not of the world.

8. Enjoy this experience within your self and become one with it. When you are ready to come out of it, observe your breath and gently open your eyes.


On this transformative path of Self-Transcendence, we need to regularly check how we are doing. Observe in your own silence the reality, and become aware of the steps that are needed for further progress, as this is a very powerful self-help exercise. If in this process, you are prompted to share your experiences with other members of the group, please feel welcome to do so. Please remember clearly who you are (in reality) makes a difference for yourself and the world around you.

With Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

* * *

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

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