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Love Radiance Intention Experience 22
Friday, August 7, 2009



When large numbers of men and women can so act, then the human family will enter upon its destined work of planetary service. Its mission is to act as a bridge between the world of spirit and the world of material forms. All grades of matter meet in the human, and all the states of consciousness are possible to them. Humankind can work in all directions, and lift the subhuman kingdoms into heaven, and bring heaven down to earth. Alice A. Bailey


Religion is when we believe in someone's else experience and Spirituality is well, how can I have this experience myself. Deepak Chopra


The world that we have made so far, as a result of level of thinking, has created problems we cannot solve at the level of thinking at which we created them. Albert Einstein

* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for August is:

Unity of Science, Spirituality and Religion


We must first define what religion, spirituality and science is. In this context, we can have an overall synopsis of all three of them as follows:

Religion is a---structure---concept---belief---ritualistic---limited---civil---not fully open---judgmental---comparison with others; ours is the best---conformity---form/symbol---medium or indirect experience---preparation in some way for spirituality.

Spirituality is intuitive---an art---unlimited---supreme energy---no concept---no structure---no conditioning---freedom---completely open---all are the same---infinity---non-judgment---direct experience---non-conformity.

Spirituality puts one in touch with what one truly is, free, aware and blissful. It leads towards the realization of the higher nature, be established in that, operate all activities from this mode and then let the Supreme Energy look after the outcomes of all one has done. Whatever a person does, it is all a dedication to God. This dedication brings us the tremendous experience of joy and life-freedom forever.

Science is intellectual---heavy on the intellect---the mind---external knowledge---research---the powerful part of internal research is missing---three major kinds of researchers: professional researchers, business researchers/analysts---household researchers for dealing effectively with day-to-day life situations---outcomes based on whatever we find and understand from external resources---libraries, internet search engines---many other limited data collections---lots of assumptions and perceptions---could be biased and partially correct---generally not consulting with the inner source or energy that sustains our external resources.

Theme Synopsis

This theme is concerned with how best the intellect and intuition can be effectively utilized and united to reach the whole truth (i.e. both external and internal) and optimize our multi-potentials. By going through the external route only, we are missing many powerful discoveries that keep both external and internal elements connected and interwoven in the primeval web of the universal orchestration. Thus we can tap into vast unexplored areas by linking the external research with our powerful link of our inner resources.

In this regard, we can utilize Albert Einstein's passionate curiosity of knowing and utilizing "something behind things, something deeply hidden having a tremendous place in our day-to-day and moment-to-moment research, knowledge, or breakthroughs which we are basically seeking all the time. As we move towards this aspiration, we are basically talking about realizing a unified wholesome person in us, and utilizing this person not only in our special research projects but also in our day-to-day lives.

We do realize in the process that there is a common thread of sustaining energy that holds and binds together all the contents and beings of the universe. In our external research and exclusive focus, we lose sight of the huge available potential in the field of pure potentiality waiting to be tapped and utilized in the service of the entire human race. Thus becoming a wholesome person in all we think, feel, do and enjoy (together). By doing so, we align with the universal power that orchestrates the dance of the whole universe (i.e. manifests everything in the universe).

Becoming a Wholesome Person

To become a wholesome person, first of all, we need to surrender the most common illusion of our belief that we are just body, senses, mind and intellect. In fact, we are not what we physically seem to be. We are what sustains and maintains these faculties and that is the Spirit, the creating energy in us. Surrendering of the illusion simply means offering the physical self in service of the higher self. The stronger is the connection, the stronger is the manifestation of all our intentions, desires, goals and researches. This art like any other art, can be learned, cultivated and put to use to make our lives comfortable, peaceful and fulfilling. Without this connection, one is just leading ones life in a limited, hollow, fearful and frustrating way. Having a trusting, open, positive, accepting and enjoying attitude, one can come out of past conditioning and learn this wondrous art that enhances the beauty and enrichment of our lives.

Practice Points

1. The most important and central point centers on learning and practicing to listen to yourself. Listen to that which speaks in the silence of your spiritual heart (Be still---let it flow---listen to it).

2. Befriend intuition, nature and love with creativity of intellect. Listen to the other sources of information including people you interact with. Internalize it to see further what the inner guide is saying to you. Make your final move based on what your inner-self is saying to you as you are dedicating it to the Universal Orchestration.

3. Make a point to thank and adore the sustaining energy within and beyond you always. Meditate on your identity with that divine energy (i.e. the Self) and be ever devoted to the Supreme Source from which all things come and to which all things go back. Develop this feeling and awareness on an ongoing basis, attracting the all-inclusive infinite blessings in all the areas we are involved with in the living of our lives.

4. Practice acceptance of reality at any given moment (i.e. Present Moment Presence), respond from the inner source and let go of any attachment to the outcomes of our actions.

5. Practice giving and receiving unconditional love, selfless service (according to your unique talents) and continue with an attitude of openness, positivism, forgiveness, clarity and joyfulness.


1. In a quiet place sit comfortably with back straight. Relax your body and mind by bringing your attention from the outer world to your inner world.

2. Observe the flow of your incoming and outgoing breath for a few minutes and feel connected with the energy of your breath.

3. Breathe into your toes and feel the presence of energy which is flowing from your toes upwards into the legs towards the base of your spine and feel the reservoir of pure potential energy lying dormant there.

4. From the base of your spine visualize golden light rising upwards towards the middle of your eyebrows.

5. Feel a golden shining star as your True Self radiating peace, love, joy and harmony in each directions. Feel completely free from fears, anxieties, attachments and experience your own natural state of being with a deep sense of freedom.

6. Send Oms vibrations a few times and affirm, I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the intellect. In reality I am a divine source of energy which sustains me and I experience that I am part and parcel of the Supreme Energy which connects me with everyone and everything in the whole universe. Stay there for a few minutes.

7. When you are ready to come out of the meditation, gently open your eyes.


Consistently observe yourself in your own silence and how youre doing in all the above areas. Make consistent efforts; of course with awareness, to keep progressing in the right direction and keep arising when you just happen to fall temporarily. And if you are prompted to have authentic dialogue with our group members, please feel free to do so.

With Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

* * *

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

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